Chapter 40 I Will Never Let You Go

Ye Xiangwan walked out of the operating room without thinking. There were three floors from the ward to here. The distance was less than 200 meters, but there was a gap between life and death.

When Qin Xia saw her, he burst into tears. Ignoring the knot between them, he hugged her and cried loudly. She was so weak that she couldn't push her away.

Zhu Minglun's parents were sitting in a chair, powerless, desperate and irritable. Ye Xiangwan had experienced it and never wanted to do it again.

Ou Zhiyuan followed her and said, "Look, he killed himself."

Ye Xiangwan couldn't react at all. There was only one thought in his head. How could he die? She had yet to spread her hatred towards him, and he had not yet given her a grim ending. The fruit of their evil relationship was still growing in their stomachs.

He created a mess, and he's going to die? Where in the world is such a good thing?

"Shut up!" Qin Xia scolded Ou Zhiyuan. "He's doing this for me, for us -"

"I was locked up for ten years, and I finally got out, worked hard to change my identity, and finally found Ming Lun and big brother. He didn't hesitate to help me. He didn't hurt anyone -"

Ye Xiangwan staggered. He hurt her.

Qin Xia grabbed her arm and said, "Xiangwan, he just wanted to protect you at first, break up with you temporarily, and don't want Li Yun to go crazy and hurt you. You have to understand him -"

She shook her head, unable to understand. How could this man leave her alone and take risks on his own?

"He told me he would marry you as soon as it happened."

He was really confident. After hurting her like this, was he sure she would marry him?

Wang Shikai was very defensive against li yun after he found his third wife last year. Li Yun had long wanted a divorce, but he couldn't leave naked. She's got a plan to use Wang Wenwen's marriage as an excuse to split the shares and target the Zhu family. "Ou Zhiyuan suppressed his emotions and said," people have already turned you upside down when you don't know. When Zhu Minglun realized it, he broke up with you immediately. But if you can't see through it, why do you keep pestering him?"

Ye Xiangwan slowly turned his head and looked at him, unable to say a word.

"I'm a fool, too. As soon as Wang Shikai came to me, I gave you up. Who knew they would set up such a scene to deal with you?" Ou Zhiyuan was filled with remorse. "If I had known this, I would never have let you get involved, far away -"

Ming Lun later said that since he was already involved, he might as well do something about the contract. He went to talk to Wang Shikai himself, and Wang Shikai agreed. He wrote down the terms and conditions to pass the dna test so that the daughter of his Wang family blood can inherit the shares. "Qin Xia said fiercely," you don't have to think about it. He owes us both mother and daughter. We should pay him back. Without me, without my prescription, how could he be today?"

Ye Xiangwan stared blankly at the light at the door of the operating room. He had done so much behind his back, why didn't he say a word?

"He could have done it slowly, but he was in a hurry. He said you're pregnant, you're going to have a baby, and you can't let you -"

Ou Zhiyuan complained. "He went too far on his own -"

Qin Xia immediately said, "Xiangwan, you have to trust mom. Ming Lun doesn't want you to miscarry. He and the whole hospital have made it clear that he won't operate on you. He also cooperated with the police. He pretended to be a kidnapper to kidnap you in plain clothes, but he was actually collecting evidence. Don't worry, Li Yun and Wang Wenwen will definitely be locked up. You're fine, we're all fine, only Ming Lun -"

As Qin Xia cried, the two old men in the Zhu family couldn't help but start crying. Ye Xiangwan's stomach tightened, and she took two steps forward. Zhu Minglun, if you die, you will not be spared if you go to hell.