Chapter 41 Debt

Ye Xiangwan stood in front of the operating room in a daze until Ou Zhiyuan pulled her to sit down. She looked at him blankly and said, "Zhu Minglun, is he really going to die?"

Ou Zhiyuan nodded and said, "Don't worry. No matter what he does, I'll take good care of you and the child."

She smiled miserably. "Senior brother, I can't bully you like this."

His eyes were bloodshot. "I'd love to."

Ye Xiangwan stopped talking and looked down at the cold tiles. A drop of water fell on them and broke into eight pieces. She raised her hand and touched it, only to find that her face was full of tears. She took a deep breath and leaned her head against the wall, letting the sadness drown her, unable to breathe.

Qin xia brought two old men from the Zhu family over and knelt down without saying a word. "Xiangwan, ming lun is an only child. It's uncertain whether he's alive or dead. You're the only one left. You must -"

Ou Zhiyuan said, "Get out -"

"Xiangwan, think about how Ming Lun loves you. Think about how much you used to like him." The two old men said urgently, "As long as you keep this child, we will agree to whatever you want."

She let them hold her legs, tears rolling down her eyes, and she said, "You really give me everything?"

"Yes!" The gray-haired old man was about to face the pain of losing his son, so he could not control the future.

"That's good." She took a deep breath and choked, "Give me Zhu Minglun and ask him to say sorry. He hasn't apologized to me for what he did to me -"

As soon as she said this, everyone's hearts trembled.

Qin Xia couldn't help but hug her again and cry, "My child, we're all sorry for you -"

Ye Xiangwan could not hold his breath any longer, and a choking sound came out of his throat and eyes, and then he burst into tears.

Ou Zhiyuan looked at her for a long time. The despair and sadness, whether he was there or not, could not be comforted.

The lights in the operating room went out and the door opened. A few doctors came out with exhausted faces. Everyone gathered around them and looked at them anxiously. They said solemnly, "The blood has been changed three times. The wound has been stitched up, but the person hasn't woken up yet. He must be sent to the icu for observation for three days and be safe -"

It wasn't a good result, but it saved four people.

Ye Xiangwan looked at the doctor, laughing and crying. "He's not going to die, is he?"

The doctor was forced to say reluctantly, "We still need to observe -"

"Is he not going to die?" Ye Xiangwan raised his voice.

"Maybe, look at the late recovery -"

"I said, is he not going to die?" She raised her voice again. "Are you not going to die? Tell me! You're a doctor. How can you not be responsible for what you say? Yes, no, no -"

Ye Xiangwan's mood was at its peak, and it wasn't until Qin Xia saw that she was too excited to pull her apart that the doctor breathed back and said, "Half the chance."


She had not eaten for a day, and when she woke up, she accepted the xiuluo field. Her spirit was tense until now, and she could not hold on any longer, and she fainted again. She tried to wake up, but her body fell uncontrollably. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the door of the operating room open and a bed carriage with white sheets pushed out. She knew that it was her debtor who was sleeping unconscious on it, and she had to hold on and collect the love debt bit by bit.