Chapter 42 Can't Let Go

Zhu Minglun realized that the crisis had come after the second last date with Ye Xiangwan. He took her home and found a van following her downstairs. After taking pictures of her with him, he left in a hurry.

Ye Xiangwan was a lawyer with a tough temper and had offended many clients. He was a little worried that he would be retaliated on purpose. After he told her to get out of the car, he immediately followed her. The driver of the van was very good at driving, but he was caught up to the level of a professional racer.

He saw the van enter the door of wang's medicine and immediately knew that li yun was behind it.

The zhu and wang companies are the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Haicheng, because there is no competition in the direction of medicine, but often cooperate. The Wang family had proposed several marriages, but they were blocked by his excuse of being busy with work. They didn't expect that Ye Xiangwan was the one who had the idea.

Zhu Minglun felt that this matter was not handled well by himself, so he went home to discuss it with his parents. He did not expect a guest to come.

Ever since he was very young, his mother had often said that he had a lost distant aunt, a medical genius, but he was emotionally slow. She seemed to have fallen in love with a married man when she was very young. Her mental world collapsed and she disappeared for nearly 30 years. I didn't expect her to change and reappear.

Zhu Minglun had always known that Li Yun, the hostess of the Wang family, was not a regular businesswoman. She had also dealt with some things with the help of the gray power in her hands, but she did not expect to hear such a horrifying story from Qin Xia.

Qin Xia looked at him seriously and said, "Ming Lun, you have to be careful. Whatever Li Yun likes, she will get it no matter what. I was locked up by her for ten years, and my daughter was taken away. Now, she's interested in you and your company. Be careful -"

He was very careful, and immediately found someone to do a reverse investigation, which shocked him.

Ye Xiangwan was an independent modern woman who pursued career and life success. When he was with her, she was the first to take the initiative. He didn't refuse. They had been together for half a year, and he liked this kind of relationship, but he was a little dissatisfied - she was a determined unmarried person.

Zhu Minglun's family was normal and healthy. Although he was relatively cold, he had requirements and expectations for marriage. He was willing to be with Ye Xiangwan, and marriage was the prerequisite. He was shocked to find out that she was unwilling to marry.

Now, after getting the information from the Wang family, he was afraid that he would implicate her, but he wanted to get rid of it and be with her.

For this reason, he did not hesitate to break up with her on the last date."

As he had expected, Ye Xiangwan did not agree to the breakup. Her expression and expression showed her unwillingness and sadness. As he endured not comforting her, he worked hard to prepare for his time with Wang Wenwen.

Li Yun did have a very close plan. She found out that Ye Xiangwan was with him, dug up her background, and immediately planned the ridiculous divorce. Wang Shikai was as weak as ever, and he struggled to gain the trust of both mother and daughter.

Many times he drove past Ye Xiangwan's house and wanted to go up and see her and ask her how she was doing. When she texted him to propose, his blood was boiling. He wanted to answer a good word and ran to her. But he couldn't do anything. Wang Wenwen looked at him to death, and the police also advised him not to act rashly until he got the final evidence.

He endured watching her sad, watching her being bullied by Li Yun's thugs, watching ou zhiyuan approach her, and finally breaking up with him at the engagement party.

She broke the glass and said she would never love him again, or it would be the same as the glass. He was terrified and told himself that even if he was crushed to pieces, he should bear it. Xiangwan didn't know anything. What did it have to do with her?

At the last minute of the plan, the cooperation between the two companies began. Wang Wenwen's shares had to be transferred and registered. He finally got what he wanted. At this time, Xiangwan told him that she was pregnant.