Chapter 43 Can't Let Go

Zhu Minglun had fantasized about his marriage and family many times. If he had a child, the boys would be like him, and the girls would have Xiangwan's eyes. He liked to see her full of energy and hurt her too much several times. The haze in her eyes made him unable to sleep.

If, if I move a little faster on my side, will I be able to protect my lover and children?

With this in mind, he submitted the document and began the process.

Wang Shikai was suppressed by li yun for half his life. After learning that he had a daughter, from the initial shock to the final cooperation, things went smoothly. At the last moment, Li Yun noticed his little move, and almost immediately, she gathered her own men to tie Ye Xiangwan up again.

Fortunately, he had called the police early, and the police had infiltrated the local ruffians. Fortunately, he had arranged for Xiangwan to stay in the hospital to protect her fetus. Her body was fine. He looked at her greedily and only wanted to tell her that this was the last time. After this time, he opened up the sky.

The only thing she didn't expect was that Li Yun found out about Ye Xiangwan's pregnancy.

Wang Wenwen was a white rabbit on the surface and a paranoid woman in private. She went crazy when she heard the news.

Zhu Minglun kept an eye on Ye Xiangwan's movements and saw Wang Wenwen stabbing her with a knife. Without hesitation, he rushed over and blocked her behind him.

The moment the blade entered his body, he realized that he had fallen in love with her, never before. He didn't want to see her sad face, didn't want to see her cry, and before he fainted from blood loss, he wanted to tell her, don't be afraid, I will protect you.

Zhu Minglun's entire consciousness seemed to sink to the bottom of the sea. He heard the sound of a police car, heard Ou Zhiyuan roaring, his parents crying, and Ye Xiangwan alone.

She must have been petrified.

This woman, strong on the outside, hid the weakness in her heart. He knew that she wouldn't make a sound when she was scared, and would only bite her lips until she bled.

He wanted to tell her that if you wait for me, I will come back. I haven't seen our child yet. I want to be the first person he sees. You must not be disappointed with me.

The road ahead was dark and heavy, and he could not see the direction. He stood alone in the darkness, looking for light everywhere. Until a little light came on in the distance, followed by a large area of stars.

He ran over hard, opened his eyes, and there was a white glare.

Ye Xiangwan's face appeared in the light. She smiled at him and said, "Ming Lun, are you awake? Can you see me? Can you hear me? Can you move your hand?"

He opened his mouth, trying to say that I saw it, I heard it, but his mouth was still.

Her face, which was as plump as a full moon, was so thin that she lost her face. Two tears fell down her cheeks. "Still can't you hear me?"

Zhu Minglun put all his strength into her body and raised his hand to touch her face. He touched her face and said, "Don't cry. I'm back."

There were two lights in her dead eyes. She blinked and turned her head. "Go get the doctor. Ming lun is awake."

Only then did he realize that he was lying on the bed, surrounded by a variety of medical equipment. Ye Xiangwan's voice was filled with panic and hope, as well as fear. When he turned around and ran, he almost fell down. He wants to say silly woman, you still have my baby in your belly, why are you running? If you fall, my heart will ache.

But he didn't have time to say anything, because the woman turned back and buried her head in his chest, making a whimper.