Chapter 1895 A Real Local Tyrant


The next day, Ye Xiao came out of the valley and saw a stone house standing in the snow.

"This is where the master lived when he was around." Jun Yinglian said, "Ever since her old man left, I have come here every day to clean up, but strangely enough, no matter how many days I put it aside, there is absolutely no dust left."

Ye Xiao's heart skipped a beat: the road is clean?

She said, "She is so kind to you that I should go and see her."

Jun Yinglian smiled and said, "I'll take you there."

The two of them flew off to the stone house.

Jun Yinglian gently pushed the door open and saw that it was clean and spotless. Although it was simple, there was not even a hint of coldness in the stone house.

Instead, there was a feeling of warmth.

The stone house was almost airtight on all sides, and the sky was almost visible overhead. How could it be so warm and spotless like spring?

Ye Xiao looked into the stone room and saw a table, a chair, a bed, and nothing else.

A couplet hung on the wall.

At first glance, Ye Xiao did not feel anything, but when he looked closely, he was shocked.

In the middle, there was a very ordinary painting, landscape; a few strokes, but marked out thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, steep peaks. But when Ye Xiao saw it again, he felt the sword.

It was as if a peerless sword was coming towards him. Ye Xiao suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

It's just a landscape painting, which actually contains the meaning of an unparalleled sword!

Ye Xiao's current cultivation could definitely be considered as a strong person in the world of mortals, but he could not resist the fierce sword spirit in the painting!

He quickly closed his eyes and turned his head to one side. Finally, he could not feel the erosion of sword qi. He could not help but be shocked!

Who was this master of Jun Yinglian?

A painting that was obviously scrawled to deal with a problem actually contained such great power!

"My master said that this painting will be taken away when I leave; understand the meaning of the sword..." Jun Yinglian saw Ye Xiao's performance and couldn't help but smile.

Ye Xiao grinned, "Awesome!"

Then he looked at the couplets.

There were only seven words on one side.

Ye Xiao only glanced at it and felt an incomparably arrogant aura rushing towards him; it was a truly egotistical demeanor, a truly unruly aura.

It seemed that these 14 words had already possessed their own soul. It was like flying out of a piece of paper, wreaking havoc all over the world, crisscrossing freely!

The top link is: unparalleled guests!

The next link is: heaven and earth are the most quiet!

Extreme arrogance, extreme defiance, extreme violence, extreme superiority! That kind of arrogance and arrogance was unparalleled.

Fourteen words, like a god sitting upright in Yun Duan, looking down on the world of mortals in a cold manner!

In the mortal world, in the mortal world, no one can enter my eyes.

That's the feeling.

Ye Xiao looked at the fourteen words and suddenly had the feeling of "A man should be like this."

Then, a sense of doubt rose and asked, "Pity, isn't your master a woman? Why is there such a couplet hanging here..."

Jun Yinglian said, "My master is a girl, but I can't explain this couplet... Could it be... Someone else wrote it?"

"Have you ever seen your master write?" Ye Xiao asked.

"No." Jun Yinglian shook his head honestly.

"That should have been written by your master's lover?" Ye Xiao muttered, "It should be..."

"Obviously." Jun Yinglian nodded, too.

There was really no other explanation than that.

"Damn it!" Ye Xiao's eyes suddenly widened, "Pity, your master is really rich..."

Jun Yinglian: "?"

"This is all heavenly heart warm jade..." Ye Xiao touched the stone wall with his hand and almost popped out his eyes, "This wall... This wall... And this... Roof... Floor... I fainted. This entire stone house was built entirely of heavenly heart warm jade! This, this, this..."

The warm jade in the heart of heaven is a legendary treasure!

As long as there is a thin piece as big as a little finger on the body, it can not invade the cold and summer, like spring all year round; moreover, it can constantly nourish the body, not to be born with all kinds of diseases. If a practitioner wears it, he will be able to calm his mind and not be afraid of the demons, and his speed of cultivation will be more than doubled!

The heart of heaven warm jade has the ability to gather the spirit of heaven and earth automatically.

It was just a small piece that could break countless people's heads!

The value of this warm jade heart can be compared to Ye Xiao's spirit essence!

And to some extent, it was just too much.

If the heavenly crystal spirit marrow was taken, it would be gone, but the warm jade of this day could exist forever.

Such a rare treasure, this place was actually directly used to build a house!

And each piece weighs tens of thousands of pounds, one meter thick, one meter wide, one meter high!

"I'm really dizzy!" Ye Xiao said in a daze.

Even though Lord ye had a Endless space and countless cards, he couldn't help but feel that he had just met the rich today when he saw Jun Yinglian's master being so magnanimous!

For the first time, Ye Xiao felt that he was actually a pauper compared to these super powers!

Ye Xiao stayed in the valley with Jun Yinglian for a month. First, they had a long separation and did not want to go out too early. Second... When they were about to go out, they found that there was no way out...

The red stone tablet was nowhere to be found...

Based on these two powerful reasons, Ye Xiao was not in a hurry. He opened his own space and connected with this world. The husband and wife calmly practiced in it. When they were tired, they took other activities to relax...

In fact, there was a third reason not to leave. Ye Xiao hoped to quickly correct the wrong outlook on life that his wife had been instilled in others. Men should protect women. Although equality between men and women can exist, but not in this aspect!

Someone's male chauvinism is still very much so, but it seems that before his cultivation surpassed Jun Yinglian, there was no convincing force!

Therefore, it is necessary to stay in this natural isolation space for the time being!

Ye Xiao ignored Jun Yinglian's objection and moved their bedroom directly to the stone house outside the valley.

"Your master is not here anyway. What are we afraid of living here?" Ye Xiao said with conviction, "Practicing here is ten times more effective than practicing below! Your master created such a good condition just to let you practice. If you don't use it, won't you let her down?"

Jun Yinglian had no choice, and before his master left, he did say that he would move here, so he stopped insisting.

Of course, before moving in, Ye Xiao first took down the painting and the couplet. Otherwise, every time you enter this room, you have to bear a sharp sword from the painting...

That's not easy!

Jun Yinglian put away the paintings and couplets with great care.

Ye Xiao made up his mind that when he left, he must take away the entire stone house!

Stay here? What a waste!

That was a shameful waste!



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Today, he had a fever of 38 degrees, but he didn't feel bad. He was dizzy and had a stuffy nose. Go to bed early in the evening; it was a tragedy last night. I went out with my daughter-in-law. She was walking and getting hot, so she let me take her coat... But when I came home, I was empty-handed and lost my coat...

I really didn't pay attention and couldn't figure out how I lost it... How could I lose such a big coat? How could he lose the coat he should have been holding...

My daughter-in-law's anger almost burned me out...