Chapter 1896 I'm Not Going out

Half a year passed in a flash.

The two of them were still the same as you and I were at the beginning, and there was no rush to go out at all.

Ye Xiao was really not in a hurry; the entire King's court was stationed in the Castle of life and death; as long as he did not die on his own, it was absolutely foolproof. Even if the outside world was turned upside down, even if the world was wiped out, his own Castle of life and death could still be safe and sound.

On the contrary, in both her past life and this life, it was too little time for her to have such a quiet time with Jun Yinglian...

It was a good time to make up for the past regrets...

Jun Yinglian, on the other hand, was able to understand his feelings, so naturally there was no objection.

In fact, for Jun Yinglian, this half year was probably the happiest and sweetest time of his life.

Living with the person you love day and night, without any grudges, without any disturbance, without any troubles... This is simply the life of a god, so the so-called immortal couple is probably just like that!

Go out?

What are you going out for?

Here, ailang belongs to himself; there are not so many competitors...

The couple was not in a hurry, but there was a hurry outside.

The little red thing... Yeah, the red stone tablet that someone shot at, waiting and looking forward to every day.

Well, as long as you want to go out, you still have to beg me! Otherwise, even if you become immortals, you can't get out! As long as you come to beg me, I will let you not find it. Even if you find it, I will not let you out!

The little red thing was gnashing its teeth. It had already planned countless beautiful scenes of Ye Xiao begging for itself, how it tortured, how it was difficult, how it was played, how it was played, how it was played, whatever it was...

But, wait, wait, the two people inside were silent!

So happy to live inside? Every day is sweet and sweet.

It was as if such a happy, happy, sweet day would last forever, forever and ever.

What's going on?

That's not the right rhythm. What's going on?!

In the first month, the little red thing thought that these two people must be pretending; naturally, he looked on coldly, but I would like to see how long you can pretend, and when you stop pretending and face reality, you will naturally suffer... In the second month, a certain red began to get restless... It seems a little wrong?! No, these two people must be acting. Although their acting skills seem good, they are still very pompous. The real show of affection is a subtle influence. Where do you need such a red fruit? It must be acting...

In the third month, a certain red was getting more and more restless. Your acting skills were really good. You didn't make a big mistake for such a long time, but it was almost done. If you continue acting, you can come over. Can you two really continue acting for the rest of your life?!

The fifth month had arrived; the little red thing was starting to get restless. How could these two guys look less and less like acting now? If this was still acting, it would be too natural and lively for a proper movie king to add a movie queen. Could it be that they really didn't want to come out and want to stay in it for the rest of their lives?!

Damn... They don't want to come out, and I want to be locked in here forever... That means I can never be free!

At this thought, fear arose, and the little red thing went berserk with great depression. Were these two people crazy? Did he piss all over my body for nothing? Is there no room to vent? Pray to god, these two people are the movie queen, they are acting, they must be acting!

Damn it, how could things be twisted? It's so annoying!

Then, six months later, there was still no movement inside.

The little red thing finally lost its cool!

He believed that these two people were really not the movie king plus the movie, they really intended to stay for a long time, not to go out is just what they wanted, there is nothing to worry about!

The red shadow flashed, and a certain red suddenly appeared in the valley. A spiritual force came out, clearly mixed with an infinite depressed atmosphere, but in a mocking tone, he said, "Hey! Those two humans! I tell you, your generation can't go out, right? Hahaha..."

Infinite depression, infinite arrogance, two almost opposite feelings intertwined, most of which was the current tone of a certain red.

It's just a matter of awkwardness!

Who would have thought that Ye Xiao and Jun Yinglian had completely ignored and ignored the clamour of a certain celebrity, doing whatever they should, as if they had not heard or seen it at all.

Red shadow was so depressed that he wanted to die. He shouted with his mental strength, "Didn't you hear my lord announce that you two, the whole world, can't get out?!"

Ye Xiao looked back lazily and said in a tone that was almost infuriating, "Why are we going out? Go, don't disturb our two lives!"

"... Red shadow was stunned.

He prepared a lot of big moves, but the other party threw out a sentence of two people's world!

What a powerful reason, an irrefutable reason!

This... Doesn't this mean that your existence has become completely meaningless?

The reaction of others was completely beyond what they had planned for the screenplay, so how was this going to happen?

"What a world of two, can you two really not go out for the rest of your life?" The red shadow was fuming with anger.

That's not the answer I want.

No, that random guy must be bluffing. I can't be fooled. I have to take a stand and emphasize my advantage. I'm indispensable!

"Isn't the reason for the two of us?!" Ye Xiao ignored her, "My purpose here is for my love. Why bother the world again? How wonderful it is to be here. Not only is there no crisis, but there are also food, drink and clothes. This is clearly the perfect home that god has given us. Isn't that the peak of life?! What are you doing out here? How dangerous would it be to go out and fight and kill? Do you think I'm stupid?!"

The red shadow almost fainted in anger.

"You coward! If a cultivator is alive, if he does not work hard to move forward and pursue the path of the great road, he will bear the two words of cultivator for nothing!" A certain red scolds loudly, a faction I am pointing at you, drinking your tone in front of your head.

"Idiot, if you can't live a happy life in time, you will fail this life. I love you and pity you, but you and I are getting into a good situation. A good couple comes naturally. It's a good time. You talk big sense at this time. Are you free? Say it yourself!" Ye Xiao retorted sharply.

Hearing Ye Xiao's undisguised display of affection and sarcasm, mou hong was furious and said, "You two are not going out. You two are beautiful, but what should I do?"