Chapter 1897 Your Master Is Not Simple

"You?" Ye Xiao turned to look at the red shadow of the shadow and said lazily, "You can do whatever you want. That's your freedom. We're not going out anyway. Aren't you a fool who's willing to give up such a wonderful life?!"

After a pause, he said, "Even if you kill us, we won't go out!"

"A man's words are irrevocable! If you can't say it, you can't go out!" Ye Xiao said, "This is called a promise!"

The red shadow was so angry that it spat out a mouthful of green juice.

"I'm so angry!"

Red shadow was really so angry that his liver hurt.

"Come on, what are you going to do to get out of here?" Red shadow was extremely sad and angry.

"What are you doing? I'm going out. Where can I find such a wonderful and perfect home? I won't go out no matter what. You're not the one who plays with me!" Ye Xiao was in a daze.

"Ahhh..." The red shadow roared like a madman. "Whoosh!" It disappeared without a trace, turning into a stone tablet that was still spitting out green blood, enough to spurt out dozens of taels of blood.

Damn it, if you two don't go out for a day, I have to accompany you for a day. If I don't go out for a year, I will accompany you for a year.

What's more, if the two of you end up dying inside, then my lord will be a stone tablet here for the rest of his life.

If anyone saw it here, their eyes would have popped out.

The red stone tablet in the far north, which had not changed for millions of years, was like a human being in the snow, trembling uncontrollably. Every time it trembled, it spewed out some green liquid...

Occasionally, he would make a cow-like gasp...

Is this, is this a stone tablet?

The end was breathtaking and spectacular!

After the red shadow disappeared, ye xiao rolled her eyes and pulled Jun Yinglian to continue practicing.

Ye Xiao found out that Jun Yinglian's mysterious master was a man of unparalleled stature that he had never seen before. It was so high that he chose to instill compassion into him and not rely on men. The idea of protecting his own man in return was too high. The Purple Qi Came from the East's skills, the moves of the Purple sword; no matter what level, it was absolutely peerless at the same level.

Before that, Ye Xiao had tested it many times; not to mention the level, even if it was a battle over the level, as long as it was not an opponent over the level, Ye Xiao rarely had an opponent.

However, this law failed in the discussion with Jun Yinglian. Originally, Ye Xiao assessed himself. Although he only had nine grades of living environment, he was not weak compared to the ordinary first-stage strong people who did not destroy the environment. For example, Bu Xiangfeng who did not enter the environment was not Ye Xiao's opponent, and Flower king, who had reached the second grade of the environment, Ye Xiao, could also be equal to him. Ye Xiao was invincible because he knew at the beginning that Jun Yinglian's cultivation was far above his own. Ye Xiao still did not give up hope, hoping that in the exchange, Jun Yinglian would be amazed at himself. Cultivation does not mean everything!

Although cultivation did not mean that everything was true, it was Ye Xiao himself who was truly amazing in the exchange, because Ye Xiao found that Jun Yinglian's new skills, regardless of sword, body, footwork, knife, and palm, were all so extraordinary, and they were the only high-end skills in this world!

Ye Xiao could not help but have a feeling that Jun Yinglian had learned these skills. Although to a certain extent, he was still half as good as The Purple Qi Came from the East, he was not far behind.

Even if they were basically on the same level, the difference was only that the The Purple Qi Came from the East's skills were mostly a step ahead, leading the way and occupying a relatively leading position, which was a congenital advantage, incomparable; however, as long as Jun Yinglian's skills were continuously trained, he could keep up with his pace, and there would be no signs of breaking further and further!

The two sides will always maintain a distance. This distance will not be widened, but it will never shrink!

Although it is not absolutely on the same side, it is mostly one step ahead and one step behind; where you can go, I can go; the only difference is that you can go first.

As for what would happen if he really cultivated to the highest level, that was not what Ye Xiao could see at his current level. After all, that level was far beyond his knowledge.

It was because of this reason that Jun Yinglian, who was one step ahead of ye xiao, completely suppressed Ye Xiao in all aspects. There was no way to beat Ye Xiao to death. Moreover, according to ye xiao's judgment, it was difficult for him to catch up with jun Yinglian for a long time, because both of them had the same progress frequency, so how could they go there?

It was also because the inheritance that Jun Yinglian received was too high-end, such a level can not be said to be idle people, even if the plan of the two great treasures, the power of the five sides of Celestial emperor would be difficult to create!

Or... Or only an immortal like master tianji!

Based on this assessment, Ye Xiao could not help but doubt Jun Yinglian's claim that her master needed to break through the closed door or something.

Not that she doubted Jun Yinglian, but that mysterious master of hers.

She had a good chance of not telling jun Yinglian the truth. That's not the real reason.

Ye Xiao was very clear about the origin of his own kung fu, which was the first divine power in the world; heaven and earth, the The Purple Qi Came from the East, so that they could have the innate advantage over all the kung fu, kung fu body!

And the skills that jun Yinglian practiced were actually able to achieve almost the same level, then what level of heavenly reverse skills?

Of course, this is completely imaginable, but after imagining it, it can not help but be creepy and trembling, it is too horrible!

"Pity, I think your master is definitely not simple." Ye Xiao took a deep breath and spoke cautiously.

Jun Yinglian said disapprovingly, "You still have to say that my master is definitely not simple. No, it should be super not simple!"

Ye Xiao wanted to say something, but suddenly he was speechless.

Yes, this master is really not simple, super is not simple, even there is no comparability is not simple.

I evaluated Jun Yinglian's master and Mr. Tianji as equal, just my own imagination, there is no concrete evidence, who knows who is better than these two people, after all, the level of strength of these two people is far beyond Ye Xiao's understanding!

"Your master is really as super as you say. Even compared to the five most powerful beings in this world, Celestial emperor..." Ye Xiao pondered for a long time before he said, "I'm afraid... Far... Beyond!"

Jun Yinglian was truly shocked this time, "Ah? So powerful?"