Chapter 1898 Depressed Little Thing

In her imagination, her master must be an incredible kind of strong person, but still not to reach the strongest height in this world. Although Jun Yinglian's cultivation was high, his understanding of heaven and earth was very limited. He did not know that his current cultivation was enough to reach the peak of this world, and to be able to train her master in a short period of time was even higher than normal. Beyond imagination, beyond boundaries!

Ye Xiao nodded, but suddenly his mind was filled with the demeanor of those people who were beyond the boundaries that he had seen before; the Golden dragon that covered the sky with tens of thousands of feet, the boundless phoenix, the sword that cut through the world, the sword that cut across the universe...

Even... The bastard he hated with his teeth was lonely and had the same great figure...

Of course, there was also Mr. Tianji who, in Ye Xiao's opinion, was in control of everything from ancient to modern times.

"Perhaps... Only those... The most powerful beings can be compared to your master..." Ye Xiao said softly.

His eyes flashed with intense fighting spirit!

That is the true strong, that is the goal that every man should pursue!

I, ye xiaoxiao, have to take that step!

"I guess that little red thing has a great chance of being the eye of this space, or at least the link between this place and the outside world, a presence that has been around for too long." Ye Xiao changed the subject, "I just don't know why we're not going out. This little thing obviously looks very anxious."

Jun Yinglian pursed his lips and smiled, "I'm afraid it's not just that he's in a hurry. Just now, when you couldn't tell, this little thing was going crazy, and he had to try his best to cover it up. It felt very... It was just that..."

Ye Xiao said in a deep voice, "If you don't say anything else, just say this... And you can prove that your master is extraordinary."

Jun Yinglian was surprised. "Well, although I also thought that there must be a relationship between this realm and my master, and even that this realm was established by my master, this is only the means to create an independent space. The essence of this is that when we were in Qingyun sky region, tearing the space apart to go to another interface was just a matter of difficulty. It's not as exaggerated as you say!"

Ye Xiao chuckled, "You can see everything. Although you are right, the development of this independent space is only the use of spatial ability, but the use of the so-called spatial force is extremely different in different interfaces. For example, we can tear the space with the dao Yuan Jing ninth grade cultivation, but at most we can only go to the same level of plane in Qingyun sky region, how can we go to the higher plane? And The spirit energy is all the strange space in which you can cultivate the best cold spirit energy, breaking beyond the limits of the cultivators of heaven beyond the mortal world!"

"The simplest reasoning, this space is clearly your master created for you, specifically for you to practice the exclusive space!"

"But... Do you know how long this special space has existed in the far north? That's already an incalculable amount... And that little red thing, I think, must have been a special being that your master captured to maintain this space array."

"I guess... This little red thing controls the survival of this space, which means that as long as this little thing disappears, this space will also disappear."

"In contrast, if this space does not disappear, then the little thing will never be able to regain its true freedom."

"Everything was going smoothly, even if it lasted for more time, it was fine. It was just that my unexpected change in variables caused some changes in this space, and this little thing had an unprecedented sense of crisis! I want to be free as soon as possible!"

"But... As long as we're still inside this space, it can't make it disappear!"

Ye Xiao laughed all of a sudden, making it sound lewd, "So..."

Jun Yinglian turned his eyes and smiled. "Why are you getting more and more... What's that? I can tell from your smile that you're not at ease, haha."

Ye Xiao said with a smile, "Why am I not at ease? Tell me..." Both hands suddenly became dishonest again...


Over the next few days, the red shadow base piece came to ask Ye Xiao and his wife about their movements every few days. When did they leave? They also announced that the end of the world was coming and could collapse at any time. One careless move was never going to happen again.

Every time, the little thing would be fuming with anger and leave.

Ye Xiao was becoming more and more aware that once he left this space, Jun Yinglian's ascension into the realm would not be as fast as it had been. Although the level of the Endless space's spirit was sufficient, it could also provide Jun Yinglian with rapid cultivation, but the purest and most suitable cold air in this space, like Jun Yinglian's body, could not be replicated.

The existing icy air in this space, though not infinite, was most suitable for Jun Yinglian's current state. At the very least, it would provide Jun Yinglian with the opportunity to break through the three immortals before the entry would slow down.

During this period of time, Ye Xiao also tried to open up his Endless space completely and try his best to absorb the cold air in this space. Anyway, he and pity would not stay long, but look at the red little thing, just wait for the two of them to leave, this space would disappear. Instead of wasting the mysterious world's spirit, it would be better to try to carry it with the Endless space. With the precedent of absorbing cold air from the outside world, Ye Xiao certainly dared to try!

But the result of the attempt made Ye Xiao overjoyed. The mysterious and extremely cold air in this room actually had great benefits to any one of his nine spaces!

Even for this reason, he couldn't bear to say it!

The so-called opportunity never comes again. Once you go out, you will probably never be able to enter again. In other words, this space will completely disappear with the departure of the two of you...

Ye Xiao, who realized this point, really took all the time to practice hard; even the two of them were doing double practice...


The little red thing became more and more depressed. But this day...

It suddenly found that there were more than 20 people in the extreme of North sky, searching for something...