Chapter 1899 He's Hooked

The little red thing, as a stone tablet, naturally did not move at all, and these people naturally did not guard against the fact that a stone tablet could eavesdrop on their conversation...

"The young master said that Ye Xiao must be here. Why can't you see him after searching?" One of them was confused.

"If that's what the young master said, then it must make sense. Let's wait a little longer." The other person was calm.

"That's right. Let's search a few more times. Maybe there's still a place we can't find."

"Well, expand the scope. Every night when I come to this stone tablet, I will make peace with you."


"No matter what, Ye Xiao must be killed here, or else, the consequences will be endless!"

"Not bad!"

The little red thing became more and more worried.

These people are here to kill Ye Xiao? That strange fellow couldn't even come out. There were so many people waiting to kill him outside!

How did this guy get along? Why was he so unpopular? People would not hesitate to chase to the extreme of North sky to kill... How deep is this hatred...

A certain red is even more melancholy: if this guy knew, he would definitely be more afraid to come out...

What should I do?

No, never let him know!

All he could do was tell him that the wind was beautiful outside, the birds were singing and the flowers were quiet and peaceful. It was so beautiful...

However, a certain red went in several times in succession. No matter how extravagant the description was, Ye Xiao couldn't say it, so he didn't come out! Directly turning a certain red aura into something that almost regressed...


As a cloud burst into the sky...

Ye Xiao roared and shook the clear sky.

Jun Yinglian also came out with a sword, a glimmer of light, across the sky, the sword light surging, swept towards Ye Xiao, but did not see any left hand, and did his best.

Ye Xiao laughed and the Star sword responded.

The two men tumbled into a ball in the air. When a long sword is raised, the wind rises and the clouds rise. When a sword flashes, the snow, ice and blue pass can be seen.

In the corner, the little red figure looked at the standard luxurious 3d blockbuster tearlessly and kept cursing. "What's the use of practicing if you just stay here and don't go out!"

"I fought happily with my own people here. If I have the ability to go out and travel..."

"Don't ask for progress! No progress! No ambition! Blind this cultivation, two immortals!"

"They are simply two soulless people!"

"My poor lord, for the rest of his life, which was supposed to be endless and glorious, is going to be ruined by these two people..."

The red shadow felt sorry for herself and was inexplicably depressed.

For so long, Ye Xiao had been using the Endless space as a medium to compress the cold spirit of this space and absorb it forcefully, which was almost done. With all kinds of heaven and earth treasures, all kinds of auxiliary elixirs were eaten and stuffed, and Jun Yinglian's cultivation had also been greatly improved.

Naturally, he wanted to go out.

However, whenever the red figure came forward to harass him, Ye Xiao still had a resolute look on his face, "If you don't go out, you won't go out until you die. How can the outside world be safe and warm here? I don't know the most important thing is peace and happiness. A pair of people for life, together for life. What's the need for such a peak in life?!"

The red shadows continued to crumble, and their original fantasies had already been shattered.

So much so that I finally couldn't help it...

This day -

"My lord!" The red shadow turned into a small person and sat down in front of Ye Xiao with a sad face, "Sir! Can't I call you uncle? How can you get out?"

She was really about to cry.

A certain red's moral integrity exploded, and the title "Master" has been fully displayed!

Ye Xiao snorted and said with a slanted eye, "You can't call me grandpa! How many more times do you want me to repeat it? I really don't want to go out; how comfortable am I here? There's nothing here but danger. There's food, drink, and a wife. I can enjoy my life. What am I going out for? Do you think I'm stupid to make yourself uncomfortable?! You don't know, do you? I have a lot of enemies outside..."

A certain red is directly depressed to death: how can I not know that you have enemies outside? Not only do I know, but... Until now, your enemy is still waiting outside...

"No! That's terrible! It's too dangerous! Too..." Ye Xiao shook his head like a rattle, and the flesh of his cheeks trembled.

Red shadow turned around gloomily and cried, "Sir, you don't know. As long as you two don't go out, I can't go out either..."

Ye Xiao spread out his hands and said indifferently, "What are you saying is too strange. We are our freedom here. It won't affect you at all. You can leave if you want to. We won't hold you back if you want to. What does it have to do with us if you don't go out or not... It's not good to say. Without your constant harassment, we'll be happier. The only discordant sound now is from your excellency!"

Red shadow was so depressed that he was about to die, "How can you not understand? How can I walk in this space?"

Ye Xiao rolled his eyes, "You can walk as you please. Okay, do you have anything else to do? If there's nothing else, please go ahead. It's best not to come again. I have to practice and coax my wife... I really don't have the time to talk to you, so I'll walk slowly!"

Red shadow begged, "Sir, let's talk for a while. Listen to me. Life is still alive, you have to pursue something... The outside world is so wonderful, don't you want to see it when you're young..."

Ye Xiao heran said, "Don't lie to me. What else am I pursuing now? A couple of people for life. A few couples have really fulfilled this long-cherished wish. I have done it, and how many people can be sure that the rest of my life is safe and happy, warm and happy. I still have done it. There are a lot of life savings for me to enjoy. At the peak of my life, I actually go out for a walk. That wonderful and not wonderful me. Just three words - not interested!"

Hong ying thought about it carefully. Yes, he had already got such a beautiful family and such a good place to live. He was warm, happy, safe and happy, and had many life yuan to enjoy. He was really at the peak of his life. He wouldn't want to give up such a happy life if it was him. Otherwise, he wouldn't advise him...

Her mind was cramped and she was in a dead state. Red shadow suddenly saw someone who was about to leave. Instinctively, she pulled Ye Xiao's lapel and begged, "Big brother, why don't you think about it again? As long as you go out, I, I... I'll give you whatever you want..."

"I have everything now. People are always happy to be content!" Ye Xiao snorted and turned around to leave.

Red shadow looked at him in despair behind him.

Ye Xiao took two steps and suddenly turned around, scratching his head, "You can give me anything I want as long as I want to go out?"


& Lt; four chapters for tickets, all kinds of tickets. Thank you. I kept catching a cold... Besides, I really lost my wife's coat. I couldn't find it when I went back... There was a question these two days that I asked a hundred times in a row: when can you go out and lose yourself too?

Speechless to the extreme.

But who made us lose their coats...

Before she left the house this afternoon, her daughter-in-law kindly told her: be careful not to lose the money. Well, give me your wallet so that you don't lose it again... So, naturally, your pocket money was confiscated... Hey! Now, there's seven and a half dollars in my pocket... & gt;