Chapter 1900 It's Not Good to Leave the House Clean!

Then he muttered to himself hesitantly, and finally said, "Forget it, forget it. How can such a wonderful life be done? What can be more enjoyable than now? Forget it..."

Just as hong ying was feeling refreshed, he finally saw that there was room for action. He didn't expect this guy to change his mind again. The despair after getting hope was even more maddening, "Grandpa... What do you want you to say... Say it, we can discuss everything really..."

The appellation suddenly went up another level. It was obvious that there was no limit to a certain red level!

But Ye Xiao had already left, not knowing if he had heard the new title.

Red shadow was so angry that he was about to go crazy. If he hadn't held on to a little bit of hope, he might have really gone crazy!

The next day, the red shadow came again, with a more humble tone. One by one, he called out to his grandfather, trying his best to bewitch Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao's attitude softened a little more, a little more uncertain.

On the third day, it was still the same.

Red shadow felt that he had seen hope, more perseverance, and more flattery.

Ye Xiao's attitude became more and more uncertain, making red shadow feel that as long as he worked harder, as long as his attitude was lower, this guy might go out... Really just need to hold on a little longer...

So every day the offer was more and more tempting, more and more limitless.

Ye Xiao was acting more and more... Let's talk about it!

Finally, three months later, the last bit of red shadow's patience was worn away.

"Big brother... Big master... Father! Grandpa!" Red shadow stared at Ye Xiao tearlessly, "Tell me what you want me to do before you go out. I really don't have the heart to grind it out with you. Just give me a good time, a good word, a quick knife..."

Ye Xiao rubbed his chin and hesitated, "That's a bit hard to say, or forget it. We're really good here. Why bother with it..."

"What's wrong with that? Say it! As long as you say that it's no trouble at all, I will do as you please and be proud!" Red shadow swore, "If I don't do it, I'll be struck by lightning!"

Ye Xiao seemed embarrassed and said, "In fact, this is what you promised me before. These are all good things. I want them all, but I can only want them this time. I... Naturally feel a little unwilling. This is human nature, isn't it?! This is probably the case with the so-called" raising the rice to fight the rice"?!"

"Hmm? That's not the way I explain it... Forget it, it's all greed... Oh, I mean I'm too rude to do anything!" Hong ying opened his eyes and lied, "Can you tell me what you want? Just say it. As long as I give you everything I promised you before, you will be willing to leave. This can happen!"

See, man... Any life is good, as long as you give up the bottom line and start with the first step back, then you will be defeated like a mountain, there is no bottom line!

However, knowing that you are facing an insatiable person, you will only lose everything you have, including your own people, your body and your heart!

Ye Xiao chuckled, not even pretending to be sorry, and said simply, "Hey, buddy, you still don't know me. I have a nickname at our place, called sky three feet high, yanguo plucked hair! If you had given me all the good stuff in the first place, I might have been knocked unconscious for a moment and agreed, but now that you've agreed so readily, I can't help but wonder if you still have something better and more good stuff for yourself. When people are greedy, they think. I'm greedy. I look down on myself. Hehe hehe..."

Once again, red shadow was stunned. He mumbled for a long time before saying, "I understand. Be greedy. Just make an offer. As long as I have it, I'll give it all to you."

Ye Xiaoxiao became more and more cheerful. He ran said, "Look, I know what you have and how many good things you have. Even if I know a little, it is definitely not comprehensive, so I thought, how can I get all of your good things, this is undoubtedly a difficult problem, but I came up with a solution, that is... You will follow me in the future, then, I don't care what I want, I immediately have it? It also omitted the process of collecting, didn't it say that? Is the baby smart?!"

Red shadow staggered and was stunned, "You want me to follow you directly?"

"Yes!" Ye Xiao nodded briskly, "Look, you're not a human being. Just be my pet and follow me from now on!"

"In your dreams!" The red shadow flew into a rage: "You have such a big dream! How dare you make such a shameless request? It's a bastard!"

"I think it's a little too much, so forget it." Ye Xiao spread out his hands and said innocently, "It's not me who said you, but you were begging me before. I just said the terms, what are you angry about... Business is not benevolent, you don't agree to just say you don't agree, it's really out of style to be angry? Well, that's what I said. Look at how excited you are. Just pull it down. Just pull it down..."

Red shadow, however, was furious and roared as hard as he could, saying, "You bastard, you dreamy, delusional bastard, how dare you dream of having master hong as your pet! You want to drive your heart crazy! You, you, you... You're really a lion. You're shameless... You're shameless... You're despicable, despicable, despicable, and despicable..."

Ye Xiao had already left without paying attention to the roar of a certain red.

The red shadow was on the same spot for a long time, and it was so angry that smoke came out from the top of his head that he almost had a heart attack.

Well, if it does.

For the next few days, the red shadow did not come back.

Ye Xiao was confident that victory was in his hands, and he was not in a hurry at all. He still practiced, ate, drank, and slept a lot. Occasionally, he was very comfortable with Jun Yinglian. Such a life was indeed a life of immortals. It really deserved the name.

"Master!" On the eighth day, red shadow came again, looking like he was about to die, "Let's make a discussion. I'm willing to leave the house clean, okay?"

A certain red is really anxious. Even the condition of leaving the house clean came out.

"What if I'm stupid? If you don't want to be my pet, how do I know you didn't hide it?" Ye Xiao rolled his eyes. I can't trust you with that look on his face.

"Get lost! Don't even think about it!"

"Why are you like this? Don't you tell me you can't get a deal? I won't see you again if you say anything disrespectful!" Ye Xiao looked like a scoundrel, "By the way, I have broken through the indestructible realm recently. It's a conservative estimate that there will still be a few hundred thousand years of life. Otherwise, our next meeting will be after ten thousand years. If we are afraid that time is not enough, one hundred thousand and two hundred thousand will be fine. I believe that here, it will be easy to break through the eternal realm. By then, we will live the same life as heaven and earth, and two hundred thousand years will be idle things..."

When hong ying heard this, he was so angry that he jumped up and down again, but he wanted to scold and didn't dare to scold. He didn't know how to express his anger!

Ye Xiao's words were indeed rogue, but this rogue's words were the truth. Red shadow glared helplessly!

Just then...

The sky flashed, and a huge plant, a vine like plant, suddenly appeared in the sky, floating in the air, up to the sky.

The next moment, a little bird suddenly flapped its wings and flew out, looking at the red shadow.


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