Chapter 1901 Three Feet Red of the Four Great Spiritual Plants

Red shadow suddenly felt an unprecedented crisis befalling, although it did not rise to such an irresistible death horror as the young man in black, but it was still a deadly natural enemy crisis. He was startled and immediately withdrew thousands of feet. When he looked up, he was stunned again. "This... Is actually the Sky Vine?"

The Xiaoguai flapped its wings and flew over, slapping it on the head of the red shadow, "I thought it was something good to be boasting about here. It was you, Three Feet Red. You know it was you. I'm not coming out!"

Red shadow was flapped by the Xiaoguai's wings and was dazed, "You, you, you... How did you get in?"

Although the four great spiritual plants had never seen each other before, they knew each other in all aspects. They could recognize each other as soon as they met. It was not a rare thing. To the surprise of the red shadow, even though the hollow vine had the ability to tear space apart and cross the void, this space was built on the power of black. Even though it was one of the four great spiritual plants, even if it had the ability to control space, He was determined not to enter.

"How did I get in! Idiot, I've always been in this space, okay?" The Xiaoguai grunted, "I've been eating and drinking with my master. Don't mention how comfortable it is. It's not like you, a soulless rammer, who has been reduced to being here for a while... Hehe... Aren't you being treated like a slave? It's a great misfortune for my generation to be on the same side as you!"

Three Feet Red blushed and tried to argue, "Bullshit, who's a slave? I am completely free. I am in charge of infinite space here..."

The Xiaoguai scoffed, "Who knows if it's true or false just by talking and not practicing. As long as you can leave this space, I'll agree with you. Can you?!"

Three Feet Red was stunned for a long time before saying, "No."

"What else did you say about controlling this space? You control an egg! Is this space controlling you? You slave!" The Xiaoguai was full of sarcasm and sarcasm.

"You, you... You dare to insult me!" Three Feet Red was furious.

"Damn, you can't even get in or out?! And say I insulted you? You are Three Feet Red... You are trapped here, so you can see the world and see the world? This is your instinct!" The Xiaoguai continued to ask.

"Not now, I can only stay in this space..." Three Feet Red became increasingly depressed.

"But I can, if I want to!" Xiaoguai was full of energy and pride. It was called" raising one's eyebrows and raising one's prestige."

"..." Three Feet Red remained silent for a long time before saying," what are you so proud of? Haven't you been restricted to freedom and become someone else's pet? As one of the four great spiritual plants, I really want to feel ashamed of you. As long as this restriction is over, I am still free. How can I lose my freedom like you?

Xiaoguai chuckled, "Well frog peeks at the sky. It's very different to be a pet for someone. It's very particular. Can it be the same to be a pet for the common people, a pet for the emperors, a pet for the immortals, and a pet for the supreme being?! We should also pay attention to fate!"

He turned his head in disdain and had never seen such an arrogant pet, even if he was really a pet for the supreme power... If he could be a pet for the young man in black, it would be a great opportunity. Too bad people don't like me!

However, this three foot tall boy in front of him, can he be compared to others, can he be compared to others?!

"Come on, I'll invite you to my place as a guest, to open your eyes." Xiaoguai couldn't wait to show off, "Let me show you your holy land!"

"Hmph, I'd like to see what kind of kennel you live in, from where your master eats to where he doesn't have enough shamelessness, to where he can go..." Three Feet Red said stiffly.

The next moment, a certain red entered Ye Xiao's Endless space.

Without a word, the Xiaoguai brought Three Feet Red into Wooden spirit space.

As soon as he entered -

"My god..." Three Feet Red was stunned! He sat down on the floor.

"I... This... This... What is this place?" Three Feet Red stammered.

"This is my master's private domain. I live here now. Envy, jealousy, and hatred?!" The Xiaoguai lifted its neck.

"... Three Feet Red looked at the Xiaoguai with envy and jealousy.

I want to live here too, boo...

"Who am I talking about... The owner offered to take him as a pet, but he still refused to accept joe. I don't know how great the fate is..." Xiaoguai triumphantly said, "So it's your boy, hehe, I said Three Feet Red, don't agree. As the four great spiritual cultivators, you must have backbone! He must be a man of character! You must not give in! I'm telling you, don't come in! You've been humiliating the four great spiritual cultivators lately! There are too many of the four great spiritual plants that don't need to be ashamed of me. You must think it over! Don't be tempted by something else!"

Sanchi hong stared at the Xiaoguai, speechless.

"Well, I've also shown you my house. Do you know how unfettered pet life is now?!" The Xiaoguai flapped its wings, "You can go on and be free. I have to move my body in quickly. A day in here is equivalent to a hundred years outside... I've been outside for half an hour now. It's too wasteful, too extravagant..."

Three Feet Red's feet were nailed to the ground in Wooden spirit space and he breathed greedily.

"I'm not leaving!" Three Feet Red was very stubborn about this, and suddenly made a rogue propaganda.

"Why aren't you leaving?" The Xiaoguai said strangely, "This is my territory. It's my good intention to invite you here, but it's your bad intention to stay here. Besides, being here means losing your freedom. You should go out and be free!"

Three Feet Red couldn't bear to look back and pleaded, "Let me stay a little longer. I know you're a good person..."

Unfortunately, as soon as he finished speaking, he already felt a flower in front of him, leaving space.

The Sky Vine in mid-air had also disappeared. The Sky Vine flew around in front of Three Feet Red's dumbfounded eyes and said viciously, "Who are you? What are you? What are you? What are you? Your whole family is good. It's serious to leave quickly... No, as a pet who has no ideals and no pursuit, I envy you for being free. Continue to be free. Be a good person!" "I support you, I like you... Hahaha..." Xiaoguai said maliciously

Immediately after that, he couldn't wait to return to his space to practice.

"... Three Feet Red was torn to death. She looked up and saw Ye Xiao, stunned for a moment.

"Alas, I have failed as a human being. Even my pet is full of malice towards me, but it's also right. Freedom is priceless, and I can't delay you..." Ye Xiao said guiltily.