Chapter 1902 Take You in

Ye Xiao said guiltily, "In fact, I shouldn't have suggested that. Since you don't want to be with me, and I want to make it up to you, you can open the space restriction. We'll go out now. Then, you're really free. Long live freedom. Cheer for freedom!"

If a certain Jun Chief's acting skills reach the peak again, if he does not understand a certain smile, he will definitely be confused by someone's amazing performance!

Three feet red looked at Ye Xiao with a sad face: what's going on? Why is this guy thinking again? Why is it so sudden? I was waiting for him to invite me to be his pet, and I was ready to give up my body and heart, but... How could I just give up...

Set yourself free?

What freedom?

Long live the bullshit freedom!

Who cares!

"I, I... I..." Three Feet Red hesitated and finally made up his mind that the face thing had long since given up on his own. Thinking about it, he said, "I... I want to follow you..."

"Don't feel guilty." Ye Xiao said magnanimously, "I don't need to force myself. Seeing the situation of the Xiaoguai and its envy for you, I feel deeply moved. I really shouldn't force others to be my pet. It's really not appropriate. Well, it's fate to meet each other. We'll meet again in the future. Green mountain will not change, green water..."

Damn, is this the way to say goodbye?!

Three Feet Red panicked, "I said I want to be your pet!"

"No!" Ye Xiao said without thinking.

"... Why? Why did you change your mind?" Three Feet Red was dumbfounded.

"You are not willing!" Ye Xiao said, "I still understand the principle of forcing the truth out of the situation. Today, when I saw the envious eyes of the Xiaoguai, I really felt a lot."

"I'm not a forceful melon, really not!" Three Feet Red said anxiously, "I am willing!"

"I know you've seen the Xiaoguai's envious environment, but it's just a facade. No matter how good the environment is, how can it be compared to freedom? Especially once you become my pet, you have to listen to me." Ye Xiao said awkwardly, "You can't accept it!"

"I can accept anything, I can!" Three Feet Red nodded, looking as if he wanted to show Ye Xiao his heart.



"You really don't regret it?"

"Absolutely no regrets!"

"I still think it's not right for you to just say it, to be trapped in a moment of delusion. Your freedom is right in front of you, and freedom is priceless... There's a saying, life is precious, and freedom is more expensive..." Ye Xiao's hypocritical face grew more ferocious.

"Master!" Three feet red cried, "Master, please, take me... You will be merciful, take me as your pet... Woo woo woo..."

Ye Xiao frowned and sighed, "Ah... This is really difficult for me. I have to feed another man. The landlord's family doesn't have any surplus food!"


Three Feet Red knelt on the ground, "Master, please, please accept me. I will eat less and work more..."

Ye Xiao said reluctantly, "... Okay."

Jun Yinglian, who was standing next to him, almost laughed. After all, Ye Xiao was the one who was able to push him to this height. I believe that even if prime minister Zuo Wuji came, he would be surprised to see this scene. He sighed, "I am not alone!"

"Xiaoxiao, how did you do that? Or how did you guess?!" Jun Yinglian thought it was funny, and he also thought it was strange. Ye Xiao's series of actions were full of desire to refuse and welcome, but it was a great success. Aren't you afraid to play with baldness?!

"In fact, it's not necessarily that a good person can act in such a profound way. It's just an active and passive relationship between supply and demand. He has been sharpening his patience to the point where he begged us. By then, things would have been half done. Ye Xiao said," and then succeeded. This is a typical example of a well-organized and logical process."

"Since it's a logical thing, why didn't you use this method from the beginning? Do you know your face just now? Let me... It's just a very uncomfortable thing to say!" Jun Yinglian said with a look of disgust.

"If it had been used from the beginning, the result would have been twice the effort and half the effort, or even a complete failure. No matter how much Three Feet Red coveted my space, he was the pride of the peak species, and it was destined to be extremely difficult for him to give in. The result of all this effort was to break up in two, in vain; but once we've stripped away all of its patience, especially its pride, and then the Sky Vine of the same level with it show up... The situation will be completely reversed, and everything will come naturally. These are not obscene, full of wisdom! Although I have been a man for two lifetimes, if I have not received the guidance of my good brother Zuo Wuji in Hanyang continent, there is no such thing as" the way to the top" with the heart of subordinates. In the past life, Xiaojunzhu was in the name of Jun Chief, how could he have the heart of a king!"

Ye Xiao faced the cold wind and put one hand around Jun Yinglian's waist. The two of them rode in the wind on the snow, their clothes fluttering all the way like fairies.

Jun Yinglian thought about it and had to admit that Ye Xiao's strategy was indeed the most effective.

They had been in space for two years, and after coming out this time, both of them could not help but feel like they were on cloud nine.

Jun Yinglian was full of happiness and happiness, while ye xiaoxiao was full of satisfaction, but she was still a little confused in her heart: the pitiful new master was so tall, and his subordinates were all the four spiritual levels in this world. How did master bai know that Jun Yinglian was at the extreme of the northern sky?

Logically speaking, he shouldn't know that the level is not enough...

Ye Xiao had a question in his mind.

However, this question, it seems that only when I see Master bai in the future, will I know...


Three Feet Red saw that Ye Xiao agreed, and he couldn't wait to transplant his own body to Wooden spirit space, lest Ye Xiao would say the opposite and miss this great fate, and this result naturally made the landlord Xiaoguai very dissatisfied, chasing Three Feet Red, the guy who occupied his own territory, chasing after him fiercely.

"Don't you have a lot of backbone?"

"Don't you want to be free?"

"Aren't you not coming in?"

"Are you hot? What are you doing in here?"

"Your freedom is precious. Where do you place the dignity and pride of the four great spiritual plants in this world? You're such a capricious bastard. Don't you dare lower yourself a little? You're so despicable and shameless, you're so shameless!"


Today, after a wave of interviews, he went downstairs and saw that someone was interviewing the residents. He was very curious and went over. The reporter seemed to have been said something unpleasant. He didn't want to ask anymore. He turned around and saw me. I said very seriously: regarding the haze, I have a kind of pride and glory. The other guy was obviously stunned and asked, "Pride and glory?" I said, I have always felt that our city is too far apart from the north, but today I am balanced. Because, although we can't compare with other places, the smog in Laiwu is no worse than that in an international city like the vast and deep north...