Chapter 1903 Someone Wants to Kill You

Three Feet Red could still stammer in the face of xiaoguai's aggressive question, but later, the Xiaoguai scolded more and more, which made Three Feet Red angry and embarrassed, so he simply came up with a big splash: "There is no limit, what is it? What if I have no morals, no shame, no shame? What the hell! Anyway, I just came in. It's already a fact! So what if I'm shameless and spineless? Can you kick me out? Do you dare me to kick him out? Hmph!"

The Xiaoguai was stunned, and it took a long time before it squeezed out a sentence: "I finally know what it means to be the most humble person is invincible in the world. Indeed, it is invincible in the world. It is invincible in the world! Three Feet Red, I am deeply ashamed to be tied with you in the four great spiritual herbs!"

With that said, the Xiaoguai returned to its territory in dismay.

Sanchi hong used the invincible and despicable move of "Completely shameless" to repel the Xiaoguai. For a moment, she was a little complacent, full of energy and cheered for her quick wit. She murmured, "You also said that people are invincible when they are despicable. I am not a person at all. So what if I am despicable when I am despicable? A man wants his face, a tree wants his skin, and I'm not a man. What's the use of a face... Hmph, just let me into this space anyway..."

For a certain red shameless speech, xiaoguai can only roll her eyes, but ultimately speechless.

Faced with such a tamper who had no idea what shame was, what could the Xiaoguai say, even though it was the head of the four great spiritual plants?

After all, it really couldn't and wouldn't dare not let Three Feet Red stay here. Now that Three Feet Red is still in Ye Xiao's eye, this is already the strongest support!

Three Feet Red, who was officially stationed in Wooden spirit space, honestly and rudely carved out a territory for himself, just south and north of the Xiaoguai. However, the Xiaoguai was the first to arrive, occupying the best place early, right next to the spirit spring.

Even if Three Feet Red had the most despicable move, he still did not dare to be more obedient in this regard, so he could only take second place. With his own spirit to occupy more, desperately emitting spirit.

The Xiaoguai was once again furious at a certain red practice. You are an outsider, a shameless goods, and it is already a great favor for you to be stationed. How dare you steal territory from me!

As a result, he tried his best to release his spirit energy and fight for territory...

Wooden spirit space, the spirit energy unprecedented explosion, a time of mountains and tsunamis, surging into tian chuan.

At this moment, Ye Xiao, who was outside of space, clearly felt that there was a sudden violent change in his Wooden spirit space, and the change was intense, showing a gradual escalation. The degree of spiritual energy was dense, almost forming a tsunami of shock...

When Ye Xiao looked into the matter with his consciousness, he saw a red and green gas. He didn't know whether it was too full or too violent. In short, he rushed out of Wooden spirit space and entered the main hall of the Endless space.

All the silver scale Gold crown snakes, after absorbing the spirit energy that the dragon and phoenix hatched and released, shed a few layers of snake skin, and were happily advancing. At this time, there was a combination of the two great spiritual powers of Three Feet Red and Sky Vine, which came in waves after waves of opportunity, waves after waves, waves after waves.

The silver scale Gold crown snakes were delighted to see and hunt, and all of them became excited at once. One by one, they went back to their dormant state without saying a word.

The aura of the two bosses inside was undoubtedly super tonic because they were fighting for territory. If they didn't eat at this time, they would be idiots...

Dumb* ss! Looked up lazily and brushed his beard with disdain. With a wave of his hand, he used the spirit of peiran to refine the pill. The grasshoppers were also flesh, not to mention the grasshoppers, but the full power output of the two great spiritual plants in this world.

After a long time, all the herbs in Wooden spirit space were nourished by the abundant spiritual energy. Without exception, they were promoted at least one level, or even two levels... The battle between the two great spiritual plants came to an end.

Xiaoguai was always the leader of the four great spiritual plants, and it had the advantage of both geographical location and finally gained an advantage of more than three-fifths of the territory, while Three Feet Red naturally condescended to the disadvantage and pocketed less than two-fifths of the remaining regional income, so it was clear that the territory was established.

The two leading actors were both exhausted from this spiritual battle drama. Although they had established their territory, they still gasped for air and stared at each other fiercely, wishing they could swallow each other down!

But it was finally a temporary peace...

The next moment, Three Feet Red blinked and looked like he had just woken up from a dream, "Oh no, there's something I forgot to tell my master. This is really something..."

The wind and fire rushed out.

Ye Xiao determined that this spatial change was just a battle between the two spiritual plants, which was beneficial and harmless, so he was naturally not in the mood to look at it anymore. It was serious to hurry up and leave. He was packing up the living room, which was constructed entirely of warm jade from the heart of heaven. Fortunately, he had already moved more than half of them into the Endless space, leaving only the last three yuan, which could definitely be moved by today.

A red shadow flashed before his eyes, and Three Feet Red appeared.

"By the way, master, I almost forgot to report something to you. There are more than twenty people waiting outside to deal with you. They may be your enemies..." Three Feet Red reported, very dog-like.

"My enemy? Come here to deal with me?!" Ye Xiao was stunned.

When I came here, it seemed that only a few people in the King's court and Master bai knew that the people of the King's court would never betray me. So, the problem was with Master bai?

It was just not known whether Master bai had personally appointed Cloud and rain building's men or leaked his whereabouts to a third party.

Ye Xiao's face darkened and he said, "Yes, I see."

Three Feet Red seemed to have done such a great thing, strutted back into space, and looked like he had done a great job.

Xiaoguai, on the other hand, gave a certain red look of disdain.


"Maybe that's why Master bai told me the news." Ye Xiao muttered.

Jun Yinglian said, "Xiaoxiao, what do you mean by that young master bai doing this?"

Ye Xiao said calmly, "What he meant was that it doesn't matter anymore... I think most of the people who came to deal with me this time were from the Guizhen pavilion. This is what Master bai always does. He takes advantage of the situation and arranges this game. No matter what the result is, it will be in his favor."

"If I lose, if I die, then he will take advantage of the situation and take the Death hall King's court into his pocket, because other than Cloud and rain building, no other organization is willing to work hard to avenge me."

"Even if I win, the people sent by the Guizhen pavilion will not be incompetent. If all of these people die, it will also be a big gain for Master bai. After all, it has reduced the number of powerful enemies."

This is a way to drive away the tiger and swallow the wolf. Whoever wins or loses, regardless of whether the pack devours the tiger or obeys the pack, will be the winner and even the biggest winner for the person who set up this game!"

"Dreamless really knew it would be cheaper for Bai Chen, but he still had to do his best to come to me! And I know I killed these people, and Bai Chen was the one who benefited the most, but in order to save my life, I had to kill them, and I had to do my best. It's really a good plan, a thorough understanding of human nature, and it's very thorough!"

"Bai Chen!"

Ye xiaoxiao smiled and said, "It's really a good idea!"