Chapter 1904 Where's the Stone Tablet?

"Then what are we going to do?" Jun Yinglian asked, but his eyes were on the sword in his hand.

The long sword was like snow, and it was cold to the bone.

The air of a dividend sword seemed to be faintly whistling, eager to kill.

"What should I do? Just follow the trend." Ye Xiao smiled faintly with a murderous look in his eyes and said, "I believe that the only miscalculation of indulging in this accident is my current level of strength! Now, I have reached the peak of the three immortals in my cultivation, and your cultivation has gone to the peak of the four immortals; our fighting capacity must be far beyond the expectations of the attackers, enough to go out and kill. Not to mention that you and I belong to a unique level in this world. Even if you are an expert in the six heaven of immortality, you may not be our opponent!"

Although the secret chamber of assassination owned by Meng Wuzhen Guizhen pavilion is the most powerful hall of the Guizhen pavilion, and there are also some experts in the field of invincibility, I believe it is not higher than the peak experts in the field of invincibility. The field of invincibility is sixth heaven, which is already the level of the world's old strong brands!"

"So... This time we can live to teach Meng Wuzhen an unprecedented lesson!"

"Let him know that some people can't be provoked!"

"Especially, the lord of the life and death hall, the lord of the King's court!" Ye Xiao laughed, "Let's go out!"


You should take pity on the long chant of the sword, a heroic spirit, oil burst out.

Their bodies floated like two white clouds.

Three Feet Red huffed out of the room at the same time. In Ye Xiao's arms, he flew out at the same time.


The two of them drove out of space together.

Both of them felt a flower in front of their eyes... It seemed that countless years flashed by in front of their eyes, vicissitudes of life, withered glory, all in an instant.

Then there was a slight sound like a tear, and the ice, snow and earth space turned into a cloud, but in a moment, it completely turned into nothing...


The five leading members of the Guizhen pavilion dark hall, along with 20 top experts, have been waiting here for more than a year.

For these people, this period of time was like a year!

Basically every once in a while, they would use the message that the jade dream had no real connection. There was nothing on this side over and over again. Every layer of snow had been searched more than a thousand times. What sign of Jun Chief pavilion ye Jun Chief was there?

Young master, have you been deceived? Is the information really reliable?

But every time the dream didn't come true, it was marked with a stern tone: Ye Xiao must be here.

All you have to do is guard against death. You must not let Ye Xiao escape!

No matter what, bring back Ye Xiao's head!

Because of the strict order of the dream, the five of them had to stay here indefinitely.

But I don't know if it's an illusion or something. Everyone feels that the weather is getting colder and colder here!

It gets colder and colder every day!

It gets colder every month!

More than a year had passed, and the biting chill in this place had reached the point where even an expert who could not exterminate the land could not bear it!

This weather is so cold!

This day.

Five people each with four people, spread out in five directions and started a fire to keep warm, but was surprised to find...


Where's the red stone tablet?

For more than a year, everyone took this stone tablet as their coordinate and even the gathering stronghold. Why did they suddenly disappear today? His eyes were filled with endless boundless space between heaven and earth; he was really not used to saying it for a moment!

Then... It seemed to feel even colder... The cold air between heaven and earth suddenly surged up and down in unprecedented conditions. Almost every moment passed, it was colder than before...

"Hiss..." The third man in the dark hall sucked in the air, his cheeks turning green with cold. He rubbed his hands and stamped his feet and cursed, "What the hell is this weather... It's really him. It's too much. I haven't felt cold since I was born. How come I can't stand it anymore? I can't destroy the top of the five heaven in the world now, even if I want to indulge in the world... This... This is simply unbelievable..."

"No wonder there are no living beings in the northern sky since ancient times. Such a cold environment... I believe that even if the five great Celestial emperor emperors came, they would not be able to withstand it..." Old four in the dark hall rubbed his hands and his voice trembled a little.

"It's just that... And, there was a stone tablet here as the origin, but now there is no reference. What the hell is this... If we separate again, we can only get together again with a long roar..." Old five cursed discontentedly.

"Let's not talk about the things that are missing. Why haven't those who went out to look for firewood come back yet? Right now, it won't take long to burn..." Old six's eyebrows were covered in white frost, and when he breathed out his breath, he suddenly froze into a round frost pillar in front of him.

It was really difficult to survive here. Even if you wanted to make a fire, the firewood used as fuel would have to be found thousands of miles away.

This was nothing. After all, they were all first-class high-level cultivators, and the journey back and forth was just a leisurely journey. What was really difficult was that after the fire started, as long as the fire was a little weak, it would be put out by the cold air here in an instant!

Therefore, when a great fire is set, it needs someone to infuse their energy into the fire at all times, forming a zone of primordial fire, so that they can continue to burn and release some heat for everyone to warm up. In this way, there are often people whose chests are burned, but their backs are frozen stiff.

Someone muttered, "Isn't it the first time I've been exposed to such a treacherous weather... I can even take a piss to create a scene, but it's a straight icicle... If I hadn't been able to get by with my cultivation, I would have frozen even my second brother..."

The other man burst into laughter, "I froze the second brother... Hahaha... You guys say, if the second brother hears this here... Wahahaha..."

For a moment, these guys burst into laughter and let out their frustrations.

Suddenly, someone looked grim and said, "No, how did the red stone tablet disappear? According to the information we collected before, this stone tablet has existed at the same time since the very beginning of the existence of North sky. How could it suddenly disappear? Besides, how could a stone tablet suddenly disappear? It's hard not to grow a foot, or become a spirit?"

With that said, everyone's face suddenly turned cold, "Not bad, not bad. The stone tablet has no legs. How could it suddenly disappear? There's something else!"

"Did that Ye Xiao come out?" Someone asked in shock.