Reverse the World with Martial Arts from a Crap to a Master

Chapter 1 Waste South

Chapter one Trash Nan

"Brother Chunan, where's the python you promised me?" said a little girl, who was about seven or eight years old, with an adorable face and two pigtails. She stood at the entrance of the village and pouted at a 16-year-old boy.

"Well...Little Ruoxue." Chu Nan squatted down, smiled awkwardly, and fondled her hair, "But what I said was that I would help you catch a python when I become a high-level martial master!"

"Then, Brother Chunan, how long will it take for you to become a high-level martial master?" Bai Ruoxue's eyes were glistening, and she mused, "Brother Bai Hao is a mid-level martial warrior. Why are you still a low-level martial warrior?"

Chu Nan was a little embarrassed when he heard this. He was sixteen years old this year. In Tianwu Continent, he was almost an adult, but he was still a low-level martial warrior. Bai Hao who was mentioned just now was just a 12-year-old kid, four years younger than him, but he was already a mid-level martial warrior. The gap between them was that of heaven and earth.

Just as the two of them were speaking, a burst of arrogant laughter was heard and someone said in a sarcastic tone, "Trash Nan, why are you still a low-level martial warrior? I thought you would have made some progress after three years. Ruoxue, call me brother and I'll help you catch the python. I'm a high-level martial master now!"

"No, I just want Brother Chunan to catch it." Bai Ruoxue grabbed Chu Nan's hand. "Brother Chunan, let's go home."

"Little Ruoxue, let's go." Chu Nan grabbed Bai Linger's little hand and walked forward, but the man who had just spoken blocked their way. Chu Nan turned to avoid him, but he wouldn't let him.

"What do you want?" Chu Nan snapped coldly.

The man standing in front of Chu Nan was named Bai Zeyu, who was 17 years old. His father, Bai Chengfeng, was the village head of the Bai family village. In such a remote village, having a local tyrant-like village head father, Bai Zeyu was considered powerful and influential. In addition, he had some talent and was already a senior warrior at the age of 13. That year, he was taken away by a middle-aged man who happened to pass through Bai family village. It was said that the man was an important member of the Holy Flame Sect, one of the three main sects in the Qing Kingdom, and Bai Zeyu became an internal disciple of the Holy Flame Sect!

Bai Zeyu did not waste his talent. He was only a high-level martial warrior when he left. Four years later, he not only transformed from a martial warrior to a martial master but also reached the high-level!

In the past, Bai Zeyu was the last person Chu Nan wanted to encounter, but unfortunately, Bai Zeyu came to cause him trouble after being away from home for three years.

"What do I want?" Bai Zeyu snorted contemptuously. He looked at the road under his feet, rolled his eyes, and said audaciously, "This road belongs only to the superior. As for some trashes, such as those who were still low-level martial warriors when they were sixteen years old, they don't deserve to walk this road!"

Chu Nan remained silent, which made Bai Zeyu think that he was afraid, so he was even more arrogant. He laughed wildly and said, "I don't want to be hard on you. If you kneel down, kowtow three times, and admit you are trash, I will spare you. Or you can also fight with me. Which one would you choose?"

Chu Nan didn't say anything, but endless rage was burning inside him. Bai Ruoxue was a little flustered. Although she was very young, she understood that with the huge gap between a low-level martial warrior and a high-level martial master, there was no way Brother Chunan could triumph over Bai Zeyu. Besides, Brother Chunan was weak and always ill...

"Little Ruoxue, you go back first. I will catch fireflies with you tonight!" Chu Nan felt the tremble of Bai Ruoxue's little hand and tried to speak in a concerned voice, but Bai Ruoxue tilted her head and said firmly, "No, Brother Chunan, I want to be with you!"

After that, Bai Ruoxue turned to Bai Zeyu and said like a grownup, "Did you say that If I call you brother, you will let us go?"

Bai Zeyu gave a start, then burst into laughter. "What am I expecting? Chu Nan, is this the best you have, to have a little girl beg for mercy for you? It seems that you are not only trash but also a coward! Coward!"

Bai Zeyu's insulting words caused Chu Nan's joints to crackle as he clenched fists. Because his meridians had been born broken and he was weak, he was not suitable to practice martial arts at all. No matter how hard he practiced martial arts and how much effort he put in, his strength had been difficult to be improved. That was why he had been called trash...

But no one ever called him a coward!

In Tianwu Continent, where martial arts was attached great importance and cultivation was the only way to get respect, the most despised were cowards who dare not face challenges. Being called a coward was the greatest insult to Chu Nan. Fury rose in his heart, but he assumed calm, "Little Ruoxue, step aside and see how your brother teaches this bastard a lesson!"