Chapter 10 Blood Python

Chapter 10 The Bloody Python

These were not important. Most importantly, in the end, Ruoxue's grandpa also said that there were indeed many valuable treasure like supernatural herbs and divine elixirs existing in this world. However, those treasures all grew in the most inaccessible places, in the most toxic swamp, in the mouth of a volcano, in the depths of the ocean, among the mountains, or at the peak of a mountain...

"Among the mountains! The peak of the mountain!" Chu Nan muttered these two phrases and looked at the high mountain called Longjiao in the southeast. The top of Longjiao mountain looked like horn of dragon and that's why it was named. However, Longjiao mountain was not an isolated mountain, but connected with a large group of mountains.

Usually, the villagers of The Bai village went to Longjiao Mountain to hunt, gather herbs and so on. However, they would not go to the top of the mountain, usually halfway up the mountain. It was said that there were someone in the village who climbed to the top of the mountain before, but a sky thunder stroke and killed him; then this story passed down from generation to generation and became more and more terrifying, so the top of the mountain in Longjiao Mountain became a forbidden place, no one dared to go.

"The top of Longjiao Mountain is a desolate place. There should be kind of wonderful treasure that Ruoxue's grandfather used to refer to, right?" Chu Nan said with his eyes glistening, "No matter what, I will try. I can't be a dead dog for the rest of my life."

Chu Nan was a man of action, and he was about to take actions as soon as he made a decision. He first went to the iron workshop and took some handy weapons. After all, there were many wild animals and fierce beasts in Longjiao mountain. As soon as he entered the iron workshop, he saw his father making an arrow. Chu Nan called out, "Dad."

"Havn't you practiced the martial sutra?"

"I want to go around the mountain."

Chu Tianfeng didn't think much and didn't stop him. He just said, "Bring the bow and these arrows. Come back early."

"Okay." Chu Nan picked up the bow and five iron arrows. He walked out of the iron workshop and went to Lin Xueran's side, "Mom, I'll go around the mountain and come back."

"Nan, you havn't pulled through..."

Chu Nan smiled. "Mom, maybe walking is better for my health."

As soon as Lin Xueran heard that it was good for his son, she agreed and said, "Come back early. Remember, don't climb to the top of the mountain."

"I won't." Chu Nan didn't tell the truth because his mother was worried. He just answered softly.

Just as he was about to leave the village, a sweety voice coming from behind. "Brother Chu Nan, wait for me."

Chu Nan looked back, realising the girl was Ruoxue. Seeing Ruoxue, Chu Nan realized that he had not seen Ruoxue for several days. Ruoxue ran up to him and said, "Brother Chu Nan, are you all right? These days I want to come and see you, but my mother stopps me. She also said that the village head..." As she spoke, Ruoxue began to cry.

Hearing this, Chu Nan understood what was going on. He squatted down and said with a smile, "Little Ruoxue, don't cry. If you continue crying , you won't be a pretty girl any more."

Ruo xue stopped crying as soon as she heard it. She dug into her pocket and took out two thumb-sized eggs. "They have been cooked. I kept it for you..."

"Ruoxue, what are you doing? Come back soon!" Ruoxue's mother saw her daughter with Chu Nan, shouted hurriedly. Ruoxue looked apologetic. "Brother Chunan, I..."

"Go back quickly, or your mother will be worried."

"I will. Brother Chu Nan, I will sneak out to find you tonight..." Ruoxue said, making a face and running away.

"Be careful not to fall down." Chu Nan said with a smile. He didn't move until Ruoxue disappeared from sight. Then he turned around and headed straight for Longjiao Mountain!

Four hours later, Chu Nan had already stood on the mountainside of Longjiao Mountain. Panting heavily, he looked up and said, "The road ahead will be even harder!"

From the foot of the mountain to the mountainside, it was easier to walk because that was villagers' common way, but the higher the height, the fewer people went, and the harder it was to walk. There was even two-thirds of the place, no road at all!

Chu Nan did not flinch. His goal was to get to the top of Longjiao Mountain. There lying his hope. Whether it could come true or not, at least there was hope!

All the way up, he broke open a way through intense trees, brambles and thorns. Chu Nan's clothes had been tortured into pieces, one by one, and his hands were bleeding. His breathing became heavier and heavier, and his weak body forced him to stop and rest for a moment every few steps he took. There was also a faint roar of fierce beasts echoing in the mountains, which was terrifying...

At this moment, a strong and cold mountain wind blew past, almost blowing Chu Nan off the mountain road. Chu Nan was shocked, drenched in cold sweat. In an instant, the originally sunny mountains suddenly became overcast and the sky darkened.

"Oh no, it's going to rain." Chu Nan's face changed greatly.

The dark clouds gathering in the sky, the thunder roaring. The heavy rain was coming soon.