Chapter 11 Swallowed into the Belly of A Snake

Chapter Eleven Swallowed by a Snake

Big raindrops were pouring down the mountain with the power of the Ninth Heaven. The mountain road was washed away by the heavy rain, which made it muddy and slippery. In such a bad environment, it was really necessary to go down the mountain as soon as possible.

But Chu Nan looked at the dark sky, the heavy raindrops, and sneered. "Damn god, it hasn't rained for so long. I have made up my mind to climb to the top of the mountain, and you rained? Is there really a reborn treasure on the top of the mountain?"

"God, do you want me to go down? I won't go down. I have to climb to the top of the mountain today!" Chu Nan gritted his teeth and said, wiping the rain off his face. He pulled off the tattered clothes, bowed his back, tied the arrows on his back with his clothes, held onto the vines with both hands, and climbed up...

In the heavy rain, Chu Nan had to make unimaginable efforts to climb up every step. He had to hold his hands tightly and his feet firmly. Otherwise, a slight oversight would lead to the tragic fate of being buried in the valley!

When the shoes broke, Chu Nan took them off and continued to climb barefoot. The sharp edge of the stone and thorns engraved crisscrossed blood scars on the soles of his feet...

The heavy rain was still raging, and Chu Nan could not tell whether it was sweat or rain, or diluted blood with a bloody smell. Even though his body was trembling, Chu Nan was still climbing up and his eyes were fixed on the top of Longjiao Mountain.

Step by step, Chu Nan was getting closer and closer to the top of the mountain. He was excited and his eyes sparkled with joy.

At the same time, in Bai family village, a tall man came and walked forward step by step. Wherever the man went, whether grass or wood was reduced to ashes. The stones he stepped on were also turned into dust silently.

The villagers fled one after another and were shocked to see the stranger walking straight to the iron workshop of the Chu family. At this time, Chu Tianfeng was raising his hammer, as if feeling something, looking to the distance and muttering, "Those who come will always come, and we can't escape! It's just my son..."

Chu Nan didn't know what kind of trouble that stranger would bring to his father. Chu Nan was standing on top of Longjiao Mountain and shouting at the sky, "God, I make it. What can you do to me?"

As soon as he spoke, a flash of lightning as thick as a bucket, accompanied by thunder roars, struck in the air!

"Is that legend true? Is the summit of Longjiao Mountain really a forbidden place?" Seeing this flash of lightning, these two thoughts immediately popped up in Chu Nan's mind.

In the next moment, all of Chu Nan's thoughts turned into unwillingness!

"I just want to live as hard as I can. I just don't want to be laughed at as a loser. That's all. Do I have to be destroyed?" Chu Nan's mind flashed with such an idea. He roared at the lightning and said, "God, come on, chop me. It's better to chop me to death. If I don't die, I will go against you damn God! I'll keep fighting till I die!"

Sky Thunder flashed!

Chu Nan closed his eyes and the faces of his mother and father appeared in his mind. "Mother, I am unfilial and can't serve you forever. Father, I let you down; I will repay your grace of parenting in the next life..."

With that thought in mind, the thunder rang, and Chu Nan suddenly opened his eyes. Suddenly, he realized that the lightning did not strike him. He was okay. He was not killed. He was still fine...


Chu Nan was in great surprise and joy, but there was a deep roar in his ears. It was desolate, and the sound went straight through the sky and the earth. Chu Nan looked back, and this look made Chu Nan freeze on the spot.

Ten meters ahead, there stood a huge thing. What a huge python! Its body was twenty or thirty feet wide and blood red. It curled up like a small mountain. Its head looked straight into the sky. A long red tongue was spitting out from its mouth. On top of the snake's head, there was a cockscomb like thing, which was super big and blood red.

The blood python was smoking, with a pungent smell and a strong smell of burnt flesh!

"What... Is this... A beast?"

Chu Nan muttered, smelling the smell, but realized something in his heart. "Didn't the lightning strike me just now, but the blood python? Why would God chop this beast?"

These questions had just popped up in Chu Nan's mind when he heard thunder roaring again. A bolt of lightning twice as thick as before fell down, and the blood-colored python roared again, like a dragon...

"A dragon?"

"A dragon?"

These two flashed in Chu Nan's mind, and Chu Nan suddenly remembered the wild history miscellaneous notes that he had read. There was a saying in it: "If the snake wants to turn into a dragon and roam in the sky, there must be a strange phenomenon, and the snake must go through Sky Thunder for nine times. If the snake makes it and is still alive, it can become the dragon; otherwise, its spirit will be destroyed... Anyway, it have to go against the fate."