Chapter 12 Swallowing Inner Pill

Chapter 12 Swallow inner pill.

While Chu Nan was thinking about this, the blood-red python had already suffered the second flash of lightning, and its color was even brighter!

"No wonder it suddenly rained heavily and thundered; it turned out that you were against the destiny."

Chu Nan recalled what he had experienced over the past 16 years and suddenly sympathized with this python. "I hope you can withstand the trial and turn into the dragon!"

The third lightning struck down again, like a whip, fiercely beating on the blood-red python, which caused the python to fall to the ground with a deafening shrill cry. But not before the python could raise its head and stuck out its blood-red tongue, the fourth lightning followed...

On the flat ground, the blood-red python rushed into the sky, but was beaten by the fourth lightning again!

Before the blood-red python landed, the fifth lightning struck down, followed by the sixth, seventh, and eighth...

The four flashes of lightning grew thicker and thicker and struck down in succession. The python suddenly spat out a bright blood-red bead, which was as big as two fists, and it directly dashed to the four flashes of lightning...

"That is the inner pill!"

Chu Nan exclaimed, then realized, "It is the time for this blood-red python to turn into the dragon, no wonder the inner pill appeared."

While Chu Nan was screaming about this, the four lightning disappeared. But the sky was even darker than before, as if it was gathering more lightnings. The huge body of the blood-red python was seriously injured with flesh and blood flying in all directions, even the bones of the python were visible. The glistening red bead had also become dim and dull, returning to the belly of the blood-red python...

At this moment, the python suddenly turned around and stared at Chu Nan, as if it was going to eat Chu Nan.

"This blood-red python is going to swallow me!" Chu Nan said with his eyes full of determination. "Even if you will turn into the dragon, you have to pay the price if you want to swallow me!"

Chu Nan took off the bow, pulled the arrow, and aimed it at the blood-red python!

Although the blood python could not say something, it already understood human nature. It seemed that it was aware that Chu Nan was a person with severed meridians. The blood-red python showed disdain, and then flew towards Chu Nan like a tornado!

"Darn beast!"

Chu Nan released the arrow and the iron arrow went straight to the blood-red python. The blood-red python did not dodge at all. It seemed like that it was thinking, "How could an iron arrow injure me?"

However, when the iron arrow pierced into the blood-red python's body, a purple flame erupted. This purple flame in the iron arrow was made by Chu Tianfeng. As long as it hit the target, it would trigger and cause great damage to the demons.

However, Chu Tianfeng would have never expected that Chu Nan should climb to the top of Longjiao Mountain and meet a blood-red python that was about to turn into a dragon.

Although the purple flame had injured the blood python, it only caused the blood python to feel pain, which was not enough to make it lose its mobility. The wounded blood-red python roared and sprayed a red smoke to Chu Nan, who was about to shoot the python by another arrow, finally Chu Nan lost consciousness immediately...

The blood-red python dashed forward with its mouth wide open, sucking Chu Nan straight into its belly!

As soon as the blood-red python swallowed Chu Nan, the ninth lightning tore apart the dark clouds and struck down towards the blood-red python. The python did not have time to digest Chu Nan but flew up to fight against the lighting, with the inner pill spitting out.

Chu Nan suddenly woke up from unconsciousness while he was swallowed into the python's belly.

The moment he woke up, he immediately felt a surge of pressure on him from all directions. Then, with a series of rolling and falling, it seems that he had fallen into a strange cave.

However, the wall of the cave was very soft, adhering a layer of green liquid which was very pungent. As soon as the green liquid fell on Chu Nan's body, the flesh and blood in that area immediately rotted...

Chu Nan immediately understood where he was after he was fully conscious. "I'm in the belly of the blood-red python!"

The blood-red python was roaring!

The ninth lightning, unlike the eight lightnings before, did not disperse for a long time, and continuously struck on the blood-red python's body. The blood-red python roared angrily in the air, more and more like the voice of a dragon. The blood-red python was fighting with the lightning fiercely, making the entire mountain peak of Longjiao Mountain shake...

And the blood-red python had changed while suffering the lightnings.

There were huge horns as deer's appearing on the python's head, with the eyes as rabbit's, ears as bull's, head as camel's, neck as blood-red python's and belly as aquatic beast's.

There were scales, claws and palms coming out on his body. The scales were like golden carps', the claws were like eagles' and the palms were like tigers'...

There was a beard around the python's mouth and a pearl under its chin. Also, it is accumulated to form the scales under its throat.