Chapter 13 Strange Existence

Chapter 13 The Strange Existence

Everything was in the shape of a dragon, and at this rate, it seemed as if the blood-colored python was about to turn into a dragon and ride the clouds. In the lightning, there was a blood-red flame around the python, which however was a Fire Dragon...

Slowly, the power of lightning gradually weakened; the Blood Python had been tempered by lightning, but it had swallowed all the inner alchemy of the replenishing power back into its belly. It had to survive the rest of the disaster with its hard skin...

A roar!

Another dragon roar resounded through the sky and earth, and the wind and clouds gradually dissipated...

All of a sudden, the Blood Python's roar suddenly turned into a mournful cry!

It was Chu Nan who was in the middle of the Blood Python's stomach. He started to flip, "I saw you act against heavenly principles and worry for you. I hope you can succeed. But I didn't expect you to eat me!"

Chu Nan was drenched in green liquid, and his body was beginning to rot. His life was at stake...

At this moment, the Blood Python's inner alchemy returned to its belly, which reminded Chu Nan a rough description of the "inner alchemy" in the unofficial accounts: the inner elixir of the warcraft can be swallowed, taken, used in medicine, and refined into elixirs. Also, if a person swallowed the inner alchemy of a high level of the warcraft, he or she could be reborn. What was more, the inner alchemy could be refined into a heavenly medicine that could bring people back to life!

Chu Nan did not know the name of this Blood Python, nor did he know which level of the warcraft was!

However, how could a beast that can turn into a dragon be of a low level?

The thrill of his survival caused Chu Nan's eyes to swell with crazy coldness. Chu Nan roared, "God didn't kill me, but you wanted to eat me! If you want to eat me, I'll eat you first!"

At the same time, Chu Nan grabbed the blood-red inner alchemy and bit it down, ignoring the remaining lightning power!

This bite, however, had no effect at all, because his teeth could not bite in at all!

Chu Nan's face darkened. He grabbed the iron arrow that was tied tightly to his body and stabbed it into the inner alchemy. The purple flame burst out, and because of the stab, the Blood Python's moan turned into a howling and wailing sound.

The Blood Python wanted to spit out the inner alchemy, but Chu Nan caught it tightly!

The excruciating pain caused the Blood Python to flip in the air. That day, thunder and lightning seemed to know that the Blood Python was in a critical situation, and their power suddenly exploded. The Blood Python was in even greater pain that it lost its direction, howling and flying toward the southeast!

The lightning, locked on the Blood Python, split and did not disperse!

Inside the Blood Python, Chu Nan didn't know that the Blood Python had flown out of Longjiao Mountain. He just held the inner alchemy tightly, stabbed it with the iron arrow, tore it with his hands, and bit it with his mouth...

As the inner alchemy was swallowed by Chu Nan, Chu Nan felt his body getting hotter and hotter, as if there was a fire burning inside. It was more than a hundred thousand times powerful than the fire that Bai Zeyu had hit him that day, and it was about to turn Chu Nan's body into nothingness...

But Chu Nan, who had fallen into madness, paid no attention to these. After swallowing the two fist-sized inner alchemy with several mouthfuls, he did not seem to have resolved his hatred. He stuffed all the things in his hands into his mouth and into his stomach.

While Chu Nan was devouring the contents of the Blood Python's belly, he did not notice that he had swallowed a blood-red bead, which looked like a snake's gall or a snake's pouch, into his stomach.

Chu Nan had eaten up all the junk in the Blood Python's belly, but he hadn't stopped. There seemed to be a volcano in his body, burning out all his thoughts, and he was just acting on his unwillingness instinct...

Unable to grab anything to eat, Chu Nan thrust his arrow into the Blood Python's body. Its blood immediately splashed all over him, and immediately, Chu Nan's eyes lit up, and then he kept stabbing, and his mouth went up to suck the Blood Python's blood into his stomach...

As soon as its blood was sucked into his stomach, Chu Nan felt a chill pass by, easing the burning sensation!

Therefore, Chu Nan sucked even harder. He ignored everything, and just swallowed the Blood Python's blood to offset his burning pain!

Chu Nan not only drank the blood of the Python, but also ate its meat. He drank the blood, ate the meat in large chunks, and was a living savage!

On the other hand, the Blood Python, which had lost its inner alchemy and snake gall, and whose own blood flowing into Chu Nan's stomach, howled under the last rumble of the thunderbolt. That was a howling that made heaven and earth cry for it...

Then, the Blood Python lost any trace of life, and it no longer struggled. Its dream of becoming a dragon broke, and its soul returned to heaven...

Then, the huge Blood Python body fell from the sky to vast mountains!


When the Blood Python hit the ground, it made a deep hole. Chu Nan, who was in the belly of the Blood Python, was also dizzy and confused. He lost his sense of direction.

However, it didn't impact Chu Nan at all. He just kept gulping the blood of the Python.