Chapter 14 Surprise

Chapter 14 A Surprise

In the process, Chu Nan's skin stopped rotting, and his body grew new flesh. The burning pain in his body was also disappearing slowly...

When it completely disappeared, Chu Nan stopped drinking blood but directly fell unconsciously in the belly of the Blood Python.

In its belly, Chu Nan suffered a long coma.

After ten days' of sleeping, Chu Nan finally woke up. If he hadn't swallowed the Blood Python's inner core, ate a lot of its blood and meat, relying on enough air in the its belly, he would have been suffocated to death long ago.

Chu Nan opened his eyes, but he couldn't see anything. In the endless dark, only his eyes were shining.

"Where am I?"

Chu Nan asked, but when he tried to stand up against "the ground", he could only feel a pool of blood, and a pile of shredded meat...

After a while, his memories before coma slowly returned to Chu Nan's mind. He remembered he climbed to the top of Longjiao Mountain and saw the Sky Thunder lightning strike at a giant python that was about to turn into the bloody color, but then the Blood Python swallowed him. In the end, the inner alchemy saved him when his whole body was rotting..

"That's right! Inner alchemy!"

Thinking of this, Chu Nan jumped up, hit the upper part of the python's belly, and fell heavily. However, he did not care, and just said excitedly. "I ate the Blood Python inner alchemy, so am I reborn? Does it mean that my whole body's meridians have been renewed, and I could practice martial arts, showing a lot of replenishing power in the body?"

At the same time, he immediately sat cross-legged and practiced according to the "Fireworks Sutra".

"It doesn't hurt that much!"

Chu Nan was filled with joy. He thought that he would be reborn, so he was even more absorbed in his training, with endless hope emerging from his heart...

With the passage of time, Chu Nan, who was in the belly of the Blood Python, did not know whether it was day or night outside. He felt that he had practiced for at least five or six hours, but he couldn't sense any replenishing power in his body.

"How could that be?"

Chu Nan couldn't figure it out, but he didn't give up and started practicing the Mang Mountain Sutra, from the first level to the third one, over and over again.

A long time passed.

Same as last time, he felt no pain, and there was still no replenishing power in the body.

"Why?" Chu Nan stood up in anger and then felt his body carefully. Only then did he realize that the reason why he did not have the sharp and life-threatening pain was because his meridians were disappeared.

Without the meridians, no wonder he didn't feel the pain.

"Dear god! Haven't you played enough with me? Without meridians, what should I do? What's the meaning of my existence?" Chu Nan roared.

At this moment, Chu Nan would rather enjoy the pain caused by the breakdown of meridians, for he had suffered it for 16 years. This could at least make him feel that he was still a person, a living person!

But now, he was actually still alive without that, which made him panic.

"Isn't the inner alchemy of the Blood Python, which is about to transform into a dragon, a treasure? Why can't I be reborn after I ate it? Why can't it help me regenerate my meridians? Tell me! You damn god!"

"Why are you treating me like this?"

After all, Chu Nan was only 16 years old. He had never encountered such a strange thing before, and because he was in the belly of the Blood Python, he couldn't control but roar so as to drive away the fear in his heart.

What Chu Nan didn't know was that he almost disappeared in the world.

The thing that almost killed him was not something else, but the inner alchemy, the thing he considered as the heavenly treasure.

Since the Blood Python had already gained the dragon shape, so its inner alchemy was not the snake pill, but the dragon pill.

This Dragon Pill was not only the rare treasure, which appeared once in a blue moon, but also something that people would hardly meet in a lifetime.

Because of this, it contained a lot of primordial, medicinal, and spiritual energy, which could give a person his second life .

However, even the most powerful man in the Martial Monarch realm didn't dare to swallow it directly like Chu Nan did. Otherwise, the person would definitely die from the burst of his meridians.

Chu Nan's meridians were broken congenitally, and then being burned and destroyed by Bai Zeyu thoroughly. At this point, how could his meridians explode?

However, the strength of the Dragon Pill power was more than this. Even if Chu Nan had no meridians, he would not die from the burst of meridians, but die from a direct explosion of his body.

Chu Nan felt that something was about to erupt in his body, which was exactly the sign of explosion.

However, when he was about to explode, Chu Nan drank the blood of the python, and it entered his body, which paused the explosion immediately, so that's why he felt a little bit chilly.