Chapter 15 A Descendant of the Qiankun Sect

Chapter 15 The Successor of Qiankun Sect

When a large amount of Blood Python blood was drunk into Chu Nan's stomach and seeped into every corner of his body, those raging Dragon Pill Primordial Beings all became docile. They no longer rushed out, but with the blood, seeped into every corner of Chu Nan's body. They seeped into his hair, skin, flesh, bones, internal organs, until every cell...

During his ten days of deep sleep, Dragon Pill Primordial Beings transformed Chu Nan's whole body, from head to toe, from inside to outside. And the dragon meat that Chu Nan swallowed was also digested and merged into his body...

After that, it was no exaggeration to say that Chu Nan's body almost transformed into a dragon's body, and his body shape was simply different from a dragon's!

That was why Chu Nan could be alive without the meridians.

Of course, Chu Nan still didn't know about such a miracle. He was still yelling and scolding the heaven!

After yelling for a long time, Chu Nan seemed to be tired and hungry, so he sat down, grabbed a piece of dragon meat and stuffed it into his mouth. He said as he ate, "Well, damn the heaven. Forget about the meridians. Anyway, I'm not dead. Our hatred is not over!"

"Heaven wants to abandon me, but I won't give up!"

"Heaven wants to kill me, but I won't give up!"

"I want to live! I'll live well! I'll live with dignity!"


Just like that, he spoke as he ate for quite a while. Then Chu Nan found another strange phenomenon, "I've eaten a lot of Python meat. Why do I still feel hungry?"

Then he took the iron arrow beside him and used the sharp tip of the arrow to cut off pieces of Python flesh...


Once again, Chu Nan took the arrow tip to cut it. In the dark, a spark flashed and a loud clash of the metal came out!

"Eh?" Chu Nan was surprised, "Is there any metal in this Python's stomach?"


Chu Nan was full of doubt, "The metal can still exist in the belly of the Blood Python? What kind of metal is it? It's not eroded and melted by its green liquid!"

As he thought about it, Chu Nan started to take the iron arrow to pound it. It clashed for a long time, then Chu Nan said, "It's a cuboid box. I don't know what's in it. Is there any treasure in it?"

Chu Nan held the box and pounded it for a long time, but it didn't open when only one iron arrow was left.

Seeing this situation, Chu Nan put it aside and said, "Forget it. I'll first fill the stomach and get out of the Blood Python's belly."

Chu Nan stuffed a large piece of meat into his mouth. He smelled the meat and couldn't help but sigh, "If my mother can cook this meat, it must become delicious food. It's been a long time since I left home. Mother must be very anxious at home..."

"Well, when I'm full, I'll go home immediately. Then I'll ask my father to make good use of the Blood Python. The book also says that every part of such a python is valuable! Snake skin can be made into an armor, invulnerable to knives and spears. And its teeth can be turned into an incomparably sharp magic weapon..."

Chu Nan thought about it and felt a restless heat flow in his body, but he didn't take it to heart. He thought it was due to eating Blood Python meat.

After one hour of gobbling, Chu Nan finally felt full. Then he took the iron arrow as well as the cuboid metal box, and crawled out along the snake's belly. The snake was very long. Chu Nan had crawled for at least six hours before he reached the snake's mouth. But it was tightly closed and only two rows of white, shiny teeth could be seen.

"What am I going to do now? Blood Python shut its mouth tightly and I might not pry it open with the iron arrow. And its skin was too thick to be stabbed by the iron arrow. Will I be trapped in the belly of this snake until death? I'm not willing to die like this!"

Chu Nan frowned, but he was happy for being alive after being swallowed by the Blood Python, so his mood was not very terrible. Thinking that the cuboid metal box must be very hard for not being corroded, Chu Nan stuffed it into the slit of the Python's teeth and was ready to climb out after prying a slightly larger gap.

This unknown metal box really worked. It was stuck between the two rows of teeth, leading the dazzling sunlight to shine in. Chu Nan's face lit up with joy. He closed his eyes, adjusted to the light a little and was ready to climb out from the crevice, "No matter if there's any treasure in this box, it's a treasure by itself. I'll return to let father see what it is made of. It can resist the teeth of the to-be-dragon. If father sees it, he'll smile..."

Before Chu Nan could finish speaking, he had heard the "creak" sound. Then his face changed and found the unknown metal box could not resist its sharp teeth and seemed to be cut open...

In shock, Chu Nan hurriedly crawled out, trying to climb out of the Blood Python's mouth before the unknown metal box was destroyed.