Chapter 16 On the Way to the Closed Door

Chapter 16 Closed Door Training

However, Chu Nan had only just crawled out half of his body when the metal box was destroyed and the sharp dragon teeth went for him.

He was at a critical moment in the life and death.

"It's over..." Chu Nan muttered. In a hurry, he gritted his teeth and instinctively used all his strength to hold the snake's mouth!

Fortunately, the scene Chu Nan imagined that he would be bitten in half did not appear; instead, the snake's mouth stopped falling, and the sharp dragon teeth were only a finger away from him!


Chu Nan's face was full of confusion, but there was no time to think about it. He grabbed that metal box which had been destroyed and crawled out of the bloody basin.

After climbing out, the snake suddenly closed its mouth. Chu Nan murmured, "It seems that my strength has increased a lot!"

Seeing a tree with a radius of 20 centimeters nearby, Chu Nan stepped forward and struck out with his fist. Then it broke and fell at once!

Chu Nan stared blankly at his fist. "Am I so powerful?"

Then, he went to the trees next to him. Every time he punched, a big tree trunk would be cut off. Chu Nan became more and more happy and excited. Because he felt his power increasing, which meant he would no longer be a waste, even if he could not cultivate the Martial Sutra, or could not store the replenishing power...

After breaking nearly 50 or 60 trees, Chu Nan stopped and looked at his fist, saying:"It should be the credit of the core of Blood Python. It seems I'm really reborn! I have the power!"

Chu Nan got excited and jumped with joy, then he was surprised again!

Because he jumped three feet high!

Just as Chu Nan was shocked, he fell to the ground, making a small hole, stirring up a cloud of dust.

But he didn't feel any pain. He got up and jumped as hard as he could.

This time, he jumped five feet into the air!

"Can I fly?" Chu Nan was even more delighted.

As he doubted it, he took a step forward in the air...

However, he fell down from the sky again and made another hole.

Chu Nan didn't give up and jumped a few more times, but each time he just fell to the ground and made a hole.

Over and over again, Chu Nan finally gave up. "It turns out that I can just jump high. I heard that when a martial arts practitioner reaches a certain level, he can naturally walk in the air. I don't know when I can do that."

"Neither do I have meridians nor can I master replenishing power. Can I still become a real martial artist?" Thinking that he was looked down on by other martial artists, Chu Nan became melancholy again. "Having no meridians, but I'm still alive; having no replenishing, but I'm powerful. It's really strange!"

"No matter what would happen, as long as I'm alive, I will try my best to solve it." Chu Nan said firmly and took the damaged metal box. "Is there any treasure in it?"

Opening it, Chu Nan saw a piece of white cloth whose quality was extraordinary and there were words which were red and had a faint smell of blood...

Looking carefully, he realized it was written in blood!

"I debuted at the age of 16, became famous in Tianwu Continent, and has never been defeated for over thirty years..."

Chu Nan read out the first sentence on the cloth and was immediately shocked. He who said this was too powerful. He could even stand at the top for more than 30 years!

"He became a household name at the age of sixteen. I'm sixteen now, but I've just changed from a waste to a weirdo." Chu Nan scoffed at himself and continued to read, "In my life, I have always acted according to my own preferences and insisted on my originality. I have always maintained the rule that I would never attack unless I am attacked, and if I am attacked, I will certainly counterattack all of them by my ruthless and decisive means, so I am called Devil Dao!"

"So his name is Devil Dao!" From these few words, Chu Nan had a picture of Devil Dao wondering around the continent, being exuberant and rakish. "This is the real life."

"When I was forty, I entered the realm of Martial Monarch..."

"He became Martial Monarch at the age of forty?" Chu Nan opened his mouth in surprise. "This Devil Dao must be the greatest genius!"

"Later, I met a beautiful woman named Qing Feng, then quickly fell in love with her and begun chasing her. But it has been six years since my last breakthrough, so I need closed door training to reach to the realm of Martial Honor. However, when I finished my private training after six months, I was only one step away from the realm of Martial Honor! At that time,I noticed something unusual about Qing Feng, but I didn't take it to heart... If I had... Unfortunately..."

When Chu Nan saw this, he frowned and noticed something was wrong.

"Ten days later, I begun another round of closed door training. But when I was about to break through, Qing Feng broke into my seclusion and said that someone was hunting her. Then I found a stranger was chasing after her. I was furious, stopped training and intended to kill that bastard regardless of the consequence of withdrawing the replenishing which was upgrading. But... But I've never expected that bitch, Qing Feng, suddenly attacked me from behind... Later on, I realized that stranger was Xuan Wuqi, the head of the Tianyi Sect, and he had reached the intermediate level of Martial Monarch. With my help, Qing Feng also reached the elementary level of Martial Monarch. The two of them had secretly colluded with each other. They knew my style of doing things, and were afraid of being killed if I knew their affair, so they decided to kill me while I was at the most critical juncture of my breakthrough!"