Chapter 17 Where Is He?

Chapter 17 Where was he?

"Indeed, women are always the most vicious creature. This woman is so vicious!" Chu Nan couldn't help but yell, "So what happened to you next, senior Devil Dao?"

"I was unprepared then, and that bitch used the Tiangang sword that I gave her to stab my dantian from behind, and the sword was poisonous. I fought with the two of them to death, and Xuan Wuqi hit me so hard that all my meridian vessels were severed..."

"Your meridian vessels were severed?"

Chu Nan was horrified. He was born with severed meridian vessels, and he understood the pain. A great man who was about to be promoted to Martial Honor suddenly had his meridian vessels severed. That huge gap in his heart, the psychological torture, must be ten million times more painful than the ** pain!

"Although my meridian vessels were completely severed, I still used the secret method of the Qiankun Sect to escape from both of them!" Chu Nan was so angry that he punched the ground and immediately blew out a big hole filled with thick dust...

"Even so, the hateful Xuan Wuqi still won't let me go. He ruined my reputation and said that I was an unforgivable villain who raped, killed, robbed, and had committed all manners of crimes. He ordered North Qi martial artists to kill me by the order of the master of Tianyi Sect. I endured humiliation and escaped from the North Qi to the Qing Kingdom. I vowed to die for revenge, but I had my meridian vessels severed, my dantian was destroyed, and the replenishing power in my body gradually dissipated..."

Chu Nan was still angry as Devil Dao told his story, but when he saw the next sentence, he was stunned on the spot, only to see Devil Dao's blood written in this way, "The one who got the chance to see this white cloth and read my story, is the pre-destined man. One will be my disciple and the next generation of Qiankun Sect! My Qiankun Sect has always been a single line! Below is my Qiankun Sect's supreme Martial Sutra, "Qiankun Turns", which is actually an earth-level top-grade Martial Sutra. One will have to take revenge for me after practicing it! Kill that pair of bitches, destroy the Tianyi Sect, and justify my reputation! If one does not avenge me, I will curse you that you die without a whole body!"

Seeing this line of words, the color of his blood was obviously deeper than the other words, Chu Nan could feel how much hatred Devil Dao had in his heart, and the desire for revenge...

Unfortunately, Chu Nan only smiled bitterly, "Senior Devil Dao, my meridian vessels are also severed. Even if the heaven-level top-grade Martial Sutra is in front of me, I can't practice it anymore. How can I be the descendant of your Qiankun Sect?"

There were still words under the white cloth. Chu Nan continued to read, but he was shocked even more!

It turned out that, under the cloth, Devil Dao wrote, "Besides that, there's one more thing left for me! Because I had all my meridian vessels severed and could not practice the original Martial Sutra, I created a new Martial Sutra, which is suitable for those who had broken all the meridian vessels to practice. Because one has to act against the will of God, I named it 'Reverse Qiankun'!"

"Reverse Qiankun, reverse Qiankun..." Chu Nan repeated as if he saw a door of hope open to him, and he quickly looked down, "Meridian vessels are stored in the body. Since meridian vessels can store replenishing power, why can't other parts of the body? Why can't replenishing power be stored in the flesh, bones, and every cell in the body? I think it can, as long as I find a way to inspire the replenishing power!"

"Flesh, bones, cells..."Chu Nan realized something and associated with his own abnormal condition, his eyes shot out of light, "After practice, I realized that if one has severed meridian vessels wants to store and mobilize the replenishing power in the body, one must meet two conditions: one is that the body must be extremely strong, comparable to a divine weapon; the other is that one must have a strong will to withstand pain, unimaginable pain. Because to practice "Reverse Qiankun" this skill, one has to hurt oneself first before one hurts others. The process of practice is enduring endless pain, one has to make through the pain of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. As long as these two conditions can be met, "Reverse Qiankun" can be cultivated..."

"My body is strong and my will is strong. This "Reverse Qiankun" is a Martial Sutra made for me!" Chu Nan fell into complete excitement, "As long as I won't become a waste in the eyes of others, as long as I can fulfill my father's wish, as long as I can become a peerless power, who cares about pain? No matter how much pain I will endure, I can take it, and I can make it!"

"Unfortunately, this Martial Sutra has two shortcomings. One is that it has a high probability of death while practicing. For example, when practicing in the three kinds of true fire, if one couldn't resist the power of the three kinds of true fire, one will lose the soul and return to nothingness; Ane there are also other hardships like the extremely cloudy water. The other is that I haven't finished creating the Martial Sutra yet... This damn thousand-year-old black fire Blood Python reached the cave where I lived somehow, and it swallowed me. If it wasn't for the Mixed elements Ring, I wouldn't have been able to leave these words. However, although I had the Ring, I didn't have enough support from the replenishing power, so I must have been devoured by the black fire Blood Python in the end! I put the white cloth in a box made of hard gold. As long as the black fire Blood Python did not turn into a dragon, the box would be completely unscathed. If anyone could really get this box from the python's belly, besides avenging me, I would also like one to find someone with severed meridian vessels. Although I was dead, I would like to know if this Martial Sutra, "Reverse Qiankun" could really reverse the will of God!"