Chapter 18 The Fierce Beasts Gathered Together

Chapter 18 Fierce Beasts Gathered Together.


In the end, Devil Dao's writing in blood was left on the white cloth, from which the big sigh was filled with endless grudge for not settling the blood feud, and the unwillingness of the end of life...

Chu Nan read the word in blood on the white cloth three times. When he saw the word "Ah," he was thinking a lot. "Senior Devil Dao is lamenting that god has played a big joke on him. It is the fates that conspire against him!"

"Senior Devil Dao is really an exceptional genius. In his forties, he gained access to the Martial Honor. After his meridians were severed, he created his own Martial Sutra against heaven. If it weren't for that woman named Qing Feng, and Xuan Wuqi of the Tianyi Sect, senior Devil Dao might have become the legendary Martial God..."

By the time he read this, Chu Nan looked at the Blood Python lying in front of him, which looked like a snake or a dragon, but it is not. "If it weren't for the Blood Python swallowing senior Devil Dao, I believe senior Devil Dao would be able to improve the Martial Sutra "Reverse Heaven and Earth" and train himself to become a peerless power, personally killing enemies!"

Chu Nan memorized all the blood words on the white cloth, including the Martial Sutra---"Qiankun Nine Turns", which was of the upper level on earth, and the incomplete "Reverse Heaven and Earth", word for word. Everything was imprinted in his mind, branded in his heart...

Then Chu Nan drilled wood for fire, burned the white cloth, and put ashes in a long box made of gold. Then, he dug a deep hole with hands on the ground, put the box in it, and covered it with soil.

Next, Chu Nan knelt in front of the box and said, "Although I can't practice the satru the universe, Qiankun Nine Turns, I learned the Reverse Heaven and Earth you've left! From this moment on, I, Chu Nan, is the disciple of senior Devil Dao. You are my teacher!"

"I can't find your body and clothes. So I can only use the box you left and the burnt white cloth ashes to make a cenotaph for you!"

In front of your cenotaph, I swore with my life that I would do everything I could to revenge for you! As long as Qing Feng and Xuan Wuqi are still alive, I will chop off their heads, bringing back to sacrifice you, and I will destroy the Tianyi Sect! If I break this oath, I will die without a whole body."

"I will devote my life to improving the Martial Sutra of "Reverse Heaven and Earth" and make it exceptionally different from others!"

"As for the Qiankun Nine Turns, I will find someone else to pass on the art, and cultivate him as the successor of the Qiankun Nine Turns!"

After saying these words, Chu Nan kowtowed to the ground with an extremely pious and solemn expression. After kowtowing for nine times, a gust of wind suddenly blew in the mountains, as if in the unseen world, Devil Dao had heard Chu Nan's blood oath.

Chu Nan had suffered a lot since he was young, so he was relatively mature. When he was sick in bed, he read a lot of books about unofficial history. Then he personally experienced the Blood Python incident and the apprenticeship. Therefore, at this moment, Chu Nan became more mature, so he burned the white cloth. "Although Bai family village is small, there are countless disputes; the outside world must be even more dangerous and vicious, as the Blood Python wanted to swallow me into its belly. If I am stronger than the blood python, how dare it do that? There are so many dangers, as master was betrayed..."

"By the way, master said he still had a magic weapon, Mixed elements Ring, which must still be in the belly of the Blood Python!" Chu Nan stared at the Blood Python, thinking that. "It is natural that Master's belongings must be taken out, and this fire python full of treasures can't be left here just like this, while the problem is that the dark fire Blood Python has hard shells..."

"Dragon Teeth!" Chu Nan, thinking of the Dragon Teeth that destroyed the gold boxers, got up and walked up. "It's really interesting to use your teeth, peel your skin, drink your blood, eat your meat..."

Chu Nan laughed, concentrating all his strength on his arms to open the large mouth of the snake, and after a long time, he emptied the blood and flesh attached to the Dragon Teeth, broke off one of the Dragon Teeth's, and then used this one to knock down the rest of the ten.

The Dragon Teeth could really rival the divine weapon. Along the python's joints and gaps, he easily peeled off the skin and squama of the python. Chu Nan looked at the squama and smiled, "If daddy saw this, would he be so happy that he couldn't sleep? And this Blood Python, and the Martial Sutra that is good for my cultivation..."

As he spoke, Chu Nan grabbed the squama from the throat of the Blood Python in his hand. Seeing that it was getting dark, he mused, "Since no one dares to come to the top of Longjiao mountain, I'd better go back first. I can't make my mother worried. Then I'll tell my father and go up to the Longjiao Mountain together to clean up the Blood Python..."

Chu Nan stood up, looked around, and was stunned. The sharp Dragon Teeth in his hand and the squama that could cause tens of thousands of fights slipped out of his hand and fell into the dust.

Because Chu Nan finally found out that he was not in Longjiao Mountain!

"Not Longjiao Mountain? Then where is this?" Chu Nan ran madly forward, with his body transformed by the Dragon Pill, as he ran, it could really be described as "Walking as fast as flying." But when he ran for dozens of miles, he still did not see anything familiar. It was not the top of the mountain like the dragon's horn, except for a taller tree, there were endless mountains...