Chapter 19 Earth Force

Chapter 19 Earth Origin Force

Chu Nan ran back to the Blood Python and chose another direction to run away, but it was still useless. Chu Nan did not give up and ran through all four directions before he had to admit that he was not in Longjiao Mountain.

"Thud." Chu Nan slumped down on the floor. "Mother and father must be worried sick about me. She must be crying now. When I climbed to the top of Longjiao Mountain, the Sky Thunder happened. Would she think that I was killed by the Sky Thunder?"

"If she really thinks I'm dead, she's going to cry every day, and she must be heartbroken. The damned black fire Blood Python, it's all your fault. What happened after me being swallowed by you? Why am I end up here?"

"No, I have to go home as soon as possible. I can't let mother and father think I'm dead. I can't break her heart..."

Thinking of this, Chu Nan felt his whole body was full of strength. He stood up and fought with the corpse of the Blood Python endlessly. "Don't know how many years this one has practiced, and when master was swallowed by it. If it were a few hundred years ago, both Xuan Wuqi and the other would have been very dead, unless they reached the level of Martial God to have an immortal life..."

It was dark, and Chu Nan didn't stop. He lit the fire and continued to cut open the python's body, searching for the Mixed Elements Ring in its belly...

When he was hungry, he ate a piece of the flesh of the python, either raw or roasted.

When he was thirsty, he took a sip of the blood of it as well, and even the spinal cord inside the bones was all drank.

Day and night, Chu Nan did not feel tired, as if his energy was endless. But he could still feel the heat in his body. Three days after, Chu Nan not only collected dozens of Dragon Teeth, two dragon horns, a few scales, a dragon tendon, and a lot of meat but also found the Mixed Elements Ring...

"Finally found it!"

Chu Nan, who had been frowning for days, finally showed a little joy on his face. But when he looked up and turned around, his face suddenly changed!

It was dark all around!

This dark place was full of strange monsters that Chu Nan had never heard of and had never seen before!

Some of them looked like wolves but larger than adult chimpanzees. Some of them looked like pigs but covered with thorns. And some of them seemed like giant black bears. There were also tiger-like monsters with six eyes as big as camel bells. The purple toads were larger than three adults together. Also, the huge snakes, some of which even had two bodies.

Among these large evil creatures, there were the smaller ones in between. Although they were small, their ferocious, blood-eating eyes silently indicated that they were very dangerous, such as strange spiders, saber-like turtle doves, and centipedes with golden back...

Moreover, this large group of evil beasts had different colors: some were dark red, some were dark purple, some were dark blue, some were all white. Some of them breathed fire or ejected fire from their bodies, some of them were dazzling with gold light, and some were spitting out fog to freeze people...

Chu Nan was plagued by the scene he saw, and he was shaking uncontrollably. "All the beasts gathered? Why are so many of these monsters here? These ferocious and absolutely high-grade monsters always keep to themselves, and some of them are natural enemies. How can they be at peace at this moment?"

These thoughts flashed through Chu Nan's mind, and his eyes fell on the mangled body of the Blood Python. He had no time to rave that the black fire Blood Python that was about to transform into a dragon was extraordinary. After so many days, its flesh was still fresh and there was still blood flowing out. He was drawn by the pile of treasures on the ground. The Dragon Teeth, dragon scales, dragon bones, etc., were all precious, and he really hated to give them up.

However, compared to life, these treasures were far from perfect. Chu Nan carefully put the Ring on and strung the scales together by the dragon's tendon before hung it around his neck. He then spent all his energy trying to figure out how to escape from the ferocious beasts...


A loud roar came from the mouth of the tiger-like beast. It sounded like an order, then the rest of the beasts howled as well. All kinds of harsh sounds echoed through the valley!

The beasts in front of him moved forward, and Chu Nan immediately stepped back, but the beasts behind him moved forward as well. He was all surrounded. Chu Nan was very angry, but the angrier he was, the more he understood that he must calm himself down. If he didn't calm down, there was no doubt that he would become the prey of these beasts. By then, he was really dead!

"Calm down, calm down, think of a way, think of a way..." Chu Nan took a few deep breaths as the beasts drew closer.