Chapter 2 Destroy without Standing up

Chapter two: Stand or Destroy

Bai Ruoxue obediently stepped aside, thinking about whether to run back to the village and call for help, but she also worried about brother Chu Nan...

"Teaching me a lesson? What a joke! Such low-level martial warrior like you, dare to talk with me, a high-level martial master?" Bai Zeyu raised his head and laughed wildly as if he had heard the biggest joke on the whole Tianwu Continent. Just as he was laughing so hard, Chu Nan's fist, which embodied his flames of fury, exerted all strength and smashed into Bai Zeyu's body with a pale yellow flame.

His fist burned into a fireball, with the sound of the wind. When Bai Zeyu was still laughing arrogantly, he caught sight of Chu Nan's action, at that very moment Chu Nan's fist was only a finger away from him!

Bai Zeyu hurriedly dodged to the side, but it did not help. In a towering rage, Chu Nan's fist directly hit Bai Zeyu's chest, forcing Bai Zeyu to step back!

"I was hit by him? Such a high-level martial master as I was hit by such a trash?"

Although Chu Nan's attack did not do any harm to Bai Zeyu, Bai Zeyu, as a Holy Flame Sect disciple and a senior martial arts master, was punched and beaten back by a low-level martial warrior, a trash in his eyes. If this news got out, he, Bai Zeyu, would feel too shameful to continue to stay in The Bai village, and would not have the courage to appear in Tianwu Continent!

"Brother Chunan is so cool..." Bai Ruoxue saw Chu Nan throwing a punch at Bai Zeyu, thinking that Chu Nan had gained the upper hand, clapping her hands and cheering!

Chu Nan's heart was filled with bitterness. After he swung this punch, he felt exhausted. That is, he had reached the limit, nothing could support him to keep fighting. However, his eventual punch only made Bai Zeyu step back and did not cause any substantial harm. The difference between a low-level martial warrior and a high-level martial master was indeed a huge gap!

Bai Zeyu had become furious and let out a roar. "Crap, how dare you hit me! I will punch you a hundred times, a thousand times! I will use the simplest boxing technique to show you the difference between a high-level martial master and a low-level martial warrior! Let you know the difference between a genius and an idiot!"

"Cracker fist!"

Bai Zeyu's right fist also burned into a fireball, but this fireball was more than three times bigger than Chu Nan's previous one, and the color of the flame was completely different. Chu Nan's flame was light yellow, while Bai Zeyu's fireball was golden, and even slightly reddish.

The flame that Chu Nan unleashed was just an ordinary mortal fire.

Bai Zeyu's flame, however, was the True Sun fire!

At this moment, all Chu Nan could depend on was just his flesh fist losing the light yellow fireball because the first punch almost exhausted all of his energy.

However, though just fighting with his flesh fist, Chu Nan's eyes didn't showing any flinching. In his eyes, what was burning out was a kind of madness, a kind of persistence, going straight to the golden fireball...

Before Bai Zeyu's cracker punch hiting Chu Nan, the blazing temperature had made Chu Nan sweat. Chu Nan felt a lot of pain, but he clenched his teeth, with the fist continued to move forward!

"Cripple, feel painful? afraid?" Bai Zeyu fleered hideously.

"Afraid? I am afraid that you shall call me grandpa three times!"

As soon as Chu Nan's tough voice fell, he heard a "bang" sound. Chu Nan's flesh fist and Bai Zeyu's fist of fire collided, and the "Crack" sound spread from Chu Nan's head to his arm. Chu Nan's body flew out for more than ten meters and fell heavily on the ground, raising up clouds of dust and mist!

As he fell to the ground, Chu Nan felt that his right arm had lost consciousness!

"Brother Chu Nan..." Ruoxue ran straight to Chu Nan. Bai Zeyu stood there with his hands behind his back, looking like a superior person, and said with a scornful smile, "Trash, how do you feel? Isn't it great? Why are you staring at me? Do you want to hit me? Come on..."

"Little Ruoxue, stand aside!" Chu Nan refused Ruoxue's help and stood up with his left hand, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, clenching his fists, and rushing towards Bai Zeyu again with a furious roar!

Seeing Chu Nan run into him crazily, Bai Zeyu stood there with a sneer on his face and did not move. As he covered his fists with golden flames, he said coldly, "I only used 30 % of my strength in that punch just now. You idiot, you still dare to fight me! The last punch crippled your right arm; this punch crippled your left arm!"

Bai Zeyu fought hard to humiliate Chu Nan in order to avenge Chu Nan for taking him one step back. He did not take Chu Nan seriously at all. To Bai Zeyu, who was already a high-level martial master, dealing with Chu Nan, a low-level martial warrior, was as easy as stepping on and killing an ant!