Chapter 20 Purple Gold Toad

Chapter 20 The Toad

Suddenly, Chu Nan realized that those beasts were not staring at him, but greedily staring at the black fire python. In an instant, Chu Nan came up with a brilliant idea.

Chu Nan grabbed a piece of meat from the ground and threw it out with all his might!

As Chu Nan had expected, a snake with horns on its head walked forward when the meat of the Blood Python was still in the air. It leaned out to swallow the meat, and several other ferocious beasts rushed at the Blood Python meat at the same time.

However, more ferocious beasts still resolutely pounced on the body of the black fire python! That little piece of meat was not as tempting as the corpses of the Blood Python!

Chu Nan went crazy. Although the target of this beast was not him, the beast would not mind eating him as an appetizer. So, Chu Nan jumped out with a swift step, grabbed a large piece of Blood Python meat and threw it behind him. Immediately, dozens of fierce beasts turned around and pounced on each other.

Chu Nan's arms were like fire wheels. He constantly threw large pieces of Blood Python meat to all directions!

In just a few seconds, Chu Nan threw out one third of Blood Python meat. Although he still wanted to throw out two thirds of Blood Python meat, it was too late. The beasts had already pounced on the body of the Python meat and started tearing it up. They were tearing it up as they fought fiercely...

Chu Nan swiftly held on to two Dragon Teeth. He no longer cared about the scales, the Dragon Teeth or other things that could be used to refine magic treasures. He was focused on running!

Fortunately, those fierce beasts were involved in fierce fighting for Blood Python meat. They fell into a cruel fight. Chu Nan ran in the direction of the south. He had previously used blood python meat to divert the fierce beast...

Screams were heard all over the place. Chu Nan did not look back at the magnificent scene of the fierce beast fighting. He just ran forward as fast as he could. His Dragon Pill modified body was like a gust of wind, shuttling through the mountains and forests...

Chu Nan didn't know how long and how far he had run, but he knew that he was starting to gasp. Moreover, he was exhausted.

Even so, Chu Nan did not stop and was still running forward...

He stopped until he could no longer hear the shrill roar in his ear. He was out of breath, "I think I'm far away from those beasts now!"

Then, Chu Nan turned his head!

Chu Nan saw something disgusting and frightening. A purple and golden toad was following him. It stared at him with its bulging eyes as if he was delicious food!

"I'm not a black fire python. My meat is not delicious!" Chu Nan said with a bitter smile. When he said that, he forgot that he had eaten the inner core of the black fire blood python, which was the most precious thing. Although the inner core had already melted into Chu Nan's body, the purple-gold toad could benefit a lot from eating him, which was more beneficial than eating the Blood Python meat!

But how did that purple-gold toad knew that the Dragon Pill's primordial elements had melted into Chu Nan's body!

After hearing Chu Nan's words, the purple-gold toad immediately opened its big mouth and revealed its dense teeth. The next moment, the faint black mist overflowed from the depths of its throat. With a stench of blood from its mouth, it rushed straight at Chu Nan.

Chu Nan was unable to turn around and run away. The purple-gold toad was stunned by Chu Nan's actions. A "Coo-coo" sound rolled out of its throat. It puffed up its stomach and leaped in a flash, landing right in front of Chu Nan.

Before Chu Nan could stand still, the toad took a big bite into Chu Nan's mouth...

The purple-gold toad bit at Chu Nan!

Chu Nan was also angry. He no longer ran away and shouted at the beast: "Evil beast, you want to eat me? It's not that easy! Let's fight!"

At the same time, Chu Nan grabbed the Dragon Teeth with both hands and stabbed the toad in the jaw!

Once again, the toad spat out a poisonous mist, trying to make Chu Nan dizzy. However, the poison that the toad spat out was of no use at all. Chu Nan not fall down. Instead, he stabbed the dragon's teeth.

The skin of the purple-gold toad was rough. An average weapon could not even leave a little trace on its body. Even the dragon's tooth could not hurt it.

The Dragon Teeth can even break the dragon scales of the black fire python, let alone the skin of the purple-gold toad!

Blood spurted out of the toad's jaw immediately. The toad was in pain, and it began to growl again. But it did not give up. Instead, it opened its mouth again and bit Chu Nan!

Chu Nan saw that the poison fog had no effect on him. Seeing the Dragon Teeth again, he was sure and smiled disdainfully. "You purple toad, you want to eat me? Don't think that you're the only one who can jump. I can jump too!"

Just as the purple-gold toad was about to bite Chu Nan, Chu Nan jumped up in the air. Then two Dragon Teeth went down and stabbed the purple gold toad in the head!

"I've already eaten the black fire python, and I'll eat you today!"

With the roar, Chu Nan fell down. The toad seemed to know that a fatal danger was coming. It jumped forward!

Unfortunately, the toad was still a step slower. Although its head was hidden, the dragon's teeth pierced its back. Another terrible grunt sounded. It shook violently, jumping up and down, trying to shake Chu Nan off.

But Chu Nan grabbed the Dragon Teeth and stabbed deeper!

"Coo... Coo..."

The toad roared again. The roar was filled with fear.

"Scared? You failed to eat me. I haven't eaten yet, so I'll roast your meat tonight!"

The purple-gold toad seemed to have understood what Chu Nan was talking about. It shook more violently. It swung back and forth, even slamming Chu Nan down on the ground and then bouncing back...

Chu Nan had run out of energy after a long-time struggle. He did not expect the golden toad to do that. Without paying attention, he let the golden toad escape!

Chu Nan could not help but laugh at the sight of the golden toad fleeing in a hurry. In an instant, he became extremely relaxed. He stood up, pumped himself up in his chest, and let out a loud roar. "Ah!"

The toad heard the whistling sound. It trembled and ran even faster. In a few seconds, it could no longer be seen.

Chu Nan looked at the Dragon Teeth in his hand, then pounded on his incomparably strong chest. A bright smile appeared on his face. "Can Bai Zeyu ever beat this kind of purple-gold toad?"

"It would be great if it had been a python that had followed me. So I could catch one for Little Ruoxue." Chu Nan said to himself, "Those ferocious beasts clearly came for the black fire and blood python. Why didn't they appear in those days?"

Chu Nan could not think of the reason, so he put it aside. "Forget it, It would be better to get out of here. If another beast comes, it may spit out fire and gold instead of poisonous fog or ice. In that case, I'm doomed to die."

Finding the right direction, Chu Nan ran forward. If Chu Nan had a clairvoyant eye, he would be able to see a thousand miles away, where the black fire python was located with debris and skeletons. He didn't know how many ferocious beasts died in the fight and how many were swallowed by other ferocious beasts.

Along the way, Chu Nan finally discovered something very important: he was naked!

Chu Nan hurriedly found a large patch of leaves and surrounded himself. "Fortunately, no one else saw it, otherwise, he would lose face!"

"Why do I feel so hot and dry? Could it be caused by the poisonous mist that the purple-gold toad spewed out earlier..." Chu Nan had not yet figured out the reason. He looked at the dragon's tooth in his hand worriedly. "If I just show off the Dragon Teeth like that, I think I will be killed sooner or later, right? However, I really need weapons like the Dragon Teeth now. With the dragon's teeth in my hands, I have one more trump card to protect my life. What should I do?"