Chapter 21 Nangong Lingyun

Chapter 21 Nangong Lingyun

After pondering for a long time, Chu Nan decided to put Dragon Teeth on his body, but he did something to it. When he made the fire, Chu Nan muttered, "If I could activate the replenishing power in my body, I wouldn't have to work so hard to make the fire. I could light the fire with one hand!"

Then, Chu Nan painted Dragon Teeth, Dragon Reverse Scale, Ring, etc., all black and applied mud onto them, making a thick layer of disguise after condensation by fire. From the appearance, one could never tell what they really were!

"Now, no one should be able to tell them, right?" Chu Nan tidied up all of this and began to think about the Martial Sutra of "Reverse Qiankun" in his mind. He practiced according to the Martial Sutra.

Chu Nan was immersed in the practice and time passed quickly. When he opened his eyes, the sky was already bright, "There's still no change in my body. I can't feel the existence of the replenishing power. It's just a little prickly..."

Frowning, Chu Nan thought about it carefully. After a long time, he said, "I practiced the replenishing power of fire last night, but there is no fire in this mountain. There is only the earth, stone, and trees. So let me try to practice the replenishing power of earth!"

Thinking of this, Chu Nan immediately closed his eyes, held his breath and focused, and in his mind flashed the practicing skills of the replenishing power of the earth in "Reverse Qiankun". After practicing for a few rounds, he heard a rumbling sound came from his stomach, and Chu Nancai stopped practicing.

"It's really useful, although it is not much, I really feel the existence of the replenishing power of the earth. I feel it, really..." Chu Nan's face was full of excitement, and he felt the hefty weight of the replenishing power of the earth, "Master, I will definitely fulfill your last wish, I will definitely..."

"However, it is still difficult to activate the replenishing power in my body. All the martial arts in this world are not suitable for me, because all the martial arts are designed to stimulate the replenishing power from the meridian vessels, and I am required to mobilize it from the flesh, bones, cells, and every part of the body..."

"What should I do?" Chu Nan admitted that he did not have the ability to create his own martial arts, "First, fill every part of my body with the replenishing power of the earth. Perhaps, as long as the earth power is enough, it will naturally come out!"

"Gulp, gulp..."

Chu Nan listened to the protest in his stomach and smiled bitterly, "Now I seem to be hungry very fast and eat a lot. If I had taken the purple gold toad down yesterday, I wouldn't have to worry about it now."

Chu Nan stood up and walked forward to see if he could find anything to eat. Unfortunately, he had walked for hours but saw nothing. When he thought of the way he ran, he really did not see any beasts, "This is so strange, is it because of those fierce beasts?"

Suddenly, Chu Nan saw a cloud of smoke rising in front of him and was delighted, "If there is smoke, there must be someone. I can know where it is and how far it is from the Bai family village."

Chu Nan headed straight for the smoke, expecting to arrive in a short time!

But he ran for almost two hours to get there!

When Chu Nan was a hundred meters away from the fire, a loud shout rang out, "Who is it? Come out!"

"Awesome, he can feel my existence in such a long distance!"

Chu Nan was shocked and prepared to stand out honestly in case of some misunderstanding!

However, before Chu Nan could show himself, laughter echoed in the mountains, and two people jumped out. Seeing this, Chu Nan stepped back, looked ahead, and whispered, "So it wasn't me!"

Chu Nan saw a strong man dressed in black standing at the front and shouted, "Who are you two?"

"Hahaha... Who are we? You'll find out later! Give us that woman now!"

"Hmph, just the two of you, you just reached the rank of martial general..."

"That's enough. Although it's five of you, three are martial generals, and two are great martial masters, but..."

"As long as you know, get out of here. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

The two of them laughed even more proudly, "You want to be rude to us? Can you? Try it. Do you feel a little stiff all over, or are your hands and feet disobedient?"

Hearing this, the five men's faces changed greatly and they were busy mobilizing the replenishing power. As the two men said, their bodies were completely disobedient and one of them shouted, "What did you do to us?"

"It is the secret poison of the Poison Sect, Wuying Gastrodiae Rhizoma Powder, it's colorless, tasteless, scattered with the wind. The one who got the powder cannot fight with others within two hours, otherwise, one will be poisoned into the heart and die. This poison cannot be solved without a specified antidote!" A voice like the orchid in an empty valley rang out as if it came from heaven.

"Miss Nangong is really knowledgeable. You know our Poison Sect's Wuying Gastrodiae Rhizoma Powder so well."

"You're martial generals, and you can use the powder. You two are the elders of the Poison Sect..."

"Yes, we are!"

"There are five elders in the Poison Sect. It is said that elder Feng and Elder Huo have always been inseparable, and Elder Huo has a short temper. The person who spoke just now should be Elder Huo, and the other one is elder Feng!"

Hearing these indifferent words, elder Feng and Elder Huo were shocked. Based on this alone, the girl deduced who they were.

Chu Nan was also surprised as he listened. "That woman is very witty and calm. She's not panicking at all at this time." He turned his eyes to the place where she was speaking, only to see that she was dressed in purple and had a delicate figure, but she was wearing a veil on her head and he could not see her face clearly.

At the same time, Elder Huo shouted again, "Since you know where we came from, you should know what will happen next, right? Come with us obediently!"

"It seems that you Poison Sect don't want to exist in the world anymore. How dare you provoke the Nangong family!" A man standing in front of the young girl yelled, provoking the laughter of the two men, "If we kill all of you, who will know we did it?"

The girl's voice rang again, "Xu family? Or the Fan family?"

The two of them were shocked again. Elder Feng said, "We don't understand what are you talking about. What's the Xu family and the Fan family?"

Elder Huo said, "Don't talk to them so much. She wants to delay the time. Let's catch them back!"

With that said, the two of them rushed forward. Although the five men were poisoned, they held weapons in their hands and protected the girl tightly. The first man shouted, "Miss, you just go..."

"Uncle Chen..."

"Miss, just remember to avenge us!"

"Poison Sect, the Nangong family will remember what you've done today!" The girl's voice was cold as she spoke, and she turned and ran. She ran just in the direction where Chu Nan hid...

"Huo Ming, catch that girl. You mustn't let her escape!" Elder Feng hurriedly shouted, and Huo Ming was about to chase after the girl!

"Stay here!" At this moment, the man who was called uncle Chen by the girl shouted, "Just try my move, Chop The Sky!"

At the same time, the other four also shouted loudly!

"Hmph, Chop The Sky? Cold Dark Sword? You want to fight so hard, but can you hurt us in your current state?" Elder Huo said proudly, "Since you want to die so badly, I will send you to hell sooner!"

"Try our Dissipating Soul Powder!"

Elder Huo and elder Feng shot out a few puffs of smoke at the same time, and the five men's bodies trembled again. Their martial arts could no longer be released, and they were all about to fall to the ground and die!

Uncle Chen's eyes shone with determination and fierceness, and he burst into a beastly roar, "Boom!"

"Damn! They are going to blow themselves up! Retreat!" Elder Feng exclaimed and quickly retreated.