Chapter 22 With Me around

Chapter 22 I'm Here

After seeing the word "Explode," Uncle Chen's body immediately exploded into pieces!

At the same moment that Uncle Chen exploded, the other four found the word "Explode" in their mouth when they were drinking!

Bang! Bang...

As the explosion roared, Elder Feng and Elder Huo were thrown up into the sky before they falling to the ground. Their clothes were blown to rags, and they also spit out a mouthful of blood at the corners of their mouths. Obviously, they were badly injured!

"I didn't expect them to be so decisive that they exploded themselves. If it weren't for the powerful nature of Wuying Gastrodiae Rhizoma Powder, they wouldn't be able to fully perform all the Origin Force, we all would be dead just like them now!" Elder Huo said resentfully.

"Leave them alone and catch that girl. If she escapes, our Poison Sect will suffer a lot!"

Elder Huo said confidently, "Yes, that girl was also poisoned. She can't run far!"

The battle between the five men of the girl and the two of them happened just in a few seconds. However, at this time, before the woman had even run fifty meters, she heard footsteps coming after her...

Indifferent as the girl was, she was also panicked. Naturally, she knew that if she was caught by the Poison Sect, it would bring great trouble to the entire Nangong Family, along with the Ye family and the Fan family...

"Nangong Lingyun, if you run any further, we'll be rude to you!" Elder Huo said in his filthy voice.

It sounded like he was saying that in Nangong Lingyun's ears. Miss Nangong was so anxious that she accidentally hit a rock and fell to the ground...

However, Miss Nangong did not fall to the ground, but fell into someone's arms!

The person who held her in his arms was Chu Nan.

"Help me!"

Nangong Lingyun spat out those two words in such a hurry!

The situation had changed too fast!

Chu Nan was still appalled by the man's Chop The Sky, but in the blink of an eye, they exploded themselves!

"How loyal they are!"

Chu Nanzheng sighed with so many emotions in his heart. The girl ran so fast that she suddenly fell down. And the moment she fell down, Nangong Lingyun's veil fell off, and then Chu Nan saw the amazing scene that he would never forget: a crescent-shaped eyebrow, a pair of crystal clear eyes under her long eyelashes, beautiful eyes full of tears with no fear but complete compassion and sadness!

Instinctively, Chu Nan rushed out and held Nangong Lingyun in his arms!

Even if Nangong Lingyun didn't say "Help me," Chu Nan would still do the same thing.

"I'm here, they won't be able to catch you!" Chu Nan said firmly, taking Nangong Lingyun to the other side and standing in front of her. Chu Nan was thinking about her quiet and sparkling eyes, and he forgot that the two men standing there were strong martial artists with good skills at using poison. Roaring aloud, he raised his fist and jumped up from the ground, and punched Elder Huo who was running in the front!

"Boy, if you dare to mess me around, I will let you die!"

Elder Huo sneered and threw a backhand punch at Chu Nan without even looking at him. Indeed, the power of a strong martial artist is really extraordinary. The powerful Fire Origin Force rushed towards Chu Nan like a torrent of the river!

Chu Nan faced up to his punch, and he still hit Elder Mu hard in the chest. Elder Mu had no choice but to turn sideways to mitigate his punch. The wind in his left hand made a mournful roar, and a red flame fell on Chu Nan's shoulder.

All of a sudden, the smell of burnt flesh came from Chu Nan's shoulder, but the damage to Chu Nan was not fatal!

"Eh?" Elder Huo looked puzzled. "How can he stand Three Meis True Fire?"

Ignoring his doubts, Chu Nan punched him again. Elder Huo dodged again and looked at Chu Nan like he was a monster. "Feng Yang, try this kid! He is a little weird."

Elder Feng waved his hand, and a sharp knife appeared out of nowhere, stabbing Chu Nan in the chest!

Chu Nan's face changed slightly and he thought to himself, "Is this the power of martial arts?"

As he was thinking about it, Chu Nan didn't slow down but hit the knife with his fist!

All of a sudden, the knife broke, and his hand wounded with blood splattering around...

Chu Nan ignored the dripping blood, turned around and smiled at Nangong Lingyun. When he saw her beautiful sad eyes again, his whole body was suddenly charged with strength. He clenched his teeth and punched them again.

Chu Nan, who could not activate his Origin Force, could only rely on his own strength to fight in a primitive way. Chu Nan, who had never learned any martial arts, could only wave his fists without any specific targets!

Huo Ming and Feng Yang saw that Nangong Lingyun did not run away, so they just kept waiting with a cruel smile on their faces. "Anyway, we've got plenty of time, so let's play! I'll check how long you can hold on!"

A huge fireball and a sharp knife attacked Chu Nan from both sides.

Chu Nan did not retreat. With the help of his legs, he jumped up to Huo Ming and punched him from above. Huo Ming was thrown out to the sky and spat out a mouthful of blood!

Huo Ming's face was full of surprise. "How could he jump so high without any fluctuation of Origin Force in his body, and how could he have such a great strength!"

After Chu Nan punched Huo Ming into the air, he didn't stop but ran towards Feng Yang. Feng Yang was already prepared himself with defense, and several sharp knives were right flying towards Chu Nan continuously. Chu Nan stopped a little bit each time a knife shot in him, and then he continued to step forward!

Feng Yang's face also changed. He had never seen such a strong man! Although he had just entered the martial arts realm while majoring in poison, coupled with the fact that he was injured by those who blew up their own elixirs, his martial skills were indeed greatly reduced; but these attacks that he had just made would definitely do a great damage to the opponent even for the martial artists of the previous great martial arts realm; but for this little boy in front of him who did not have any fluctuation of Origin Force, it has nothing but bleeding!

Nangong Lingyun was also surprised. What surprised her the most was not Chu Nan's strength, but Chu Nan's smile when he was injured earlier.

"Feng Yang, this kid is very weird. Stop messing around with him. Use poison. Let's take him back and do some research on him!" As Huo Ming spoke, a red fog had already thrown towards Chu Nan, as well as a green fog thrown by Feng Yang.

"Tianxiang Muscle-softening Powder! Power-swallowing Green Smoke!"

When Nangong Lingyun heard these two names, her face changed greatly and said, "run!"

Although Chu Nan heard it, he did not run, allowing the poisonous smoke and fog to cover him. Then he turned back to smile at Nangong Lingyun again with blood still oozing from the corner of his mouth!

Seeing this, Nangong Lingyun closed her eyes and whispered, "That's all my fault!"


As soon as Nangong Lingyun finished her words, Feng Yang screamed with astonishment!

She hurriedly opened her eyes and saw that Feng Yang had been punched to the sky by Chu Nan!

"You're not poisoned?"

Nangong Lingyun, Huo Ming, and Feng Yang asked him unanimously!

Chu Nan didn't answer and rushed straight at Feng Yang. Could the poison be more powerful than that of the toad? As long as their poison does not kill a Xuanhuo Blood Python who was about to become a dragon, he will be fine!

Seeing this, Huo Ming hurriedly threw more powerful poison than Tianxiang Muscle-softening Powder and Power-swallowing Green Smoke towards Chu Nan. Feng Yang also tried his best to distance himself from Chu Nan, while emitting a poisonous fog...

Chu Nan, on the other hand, chased after them relentlessly!

However, Chu Nan couldn't catch up with them now. Although he had been reborn, his body was like a treasure, which had not been fully developed by Chu Nan. Moreover, Feng Yang was a martial artist who had already reached the General Level, and his speed was also extraordinary with Origin Force!

"Seven Star Powder, Mitigating Powder, Three Herbs Poison..." Nangong Lingyun recited the name of one poison after another, looking at Chu Nan who was still full of vim and vigor. She was too shocked that she didn't know how to describe!

However, Huo Ming and Feng Yang looked very pale.

Both of them were born in the Poison Sect, and poisoning was their most powerful skill!

But now that their poisons were useless to this boy, and they were seriously injured. It would be tough for them if it went on tonight...

Huo Ming took out two elixirs and stuffed them into his mouth. His pale face immediately turned ruddy. Obviously, the two elixirs were something extraordinary!