Chapter 23 Poisonous Fire Quenched Body

Chapter 23 Poisonous Fire Tempered Body

Huo Ming, who had swallowed two Recovering Pills, shouted loudly, "Poisonous fire starts a prairie ablaze!"

In an instant, Chu Nan was trapped by a big fire, a red flame as well as by the black mist...

"The five greatest stunts of the Poison Sect, and the poisonous fire starts a prairie ablaze!" Nangong Lingyun exclaimed!

The fire was raging in the sky, creating a poisonous mist!


Chu Nan roared loudly, trying to break out of the ring of poisonous fire!

He stamped back dozens of steps in an instant. But he was still surrounded by the poisonous fire, which was moving toward Chu Nan!

When he couldn't move forward, Chu Nan jumped into the air. However, no matter how highly he jumped, so did the poisonous fire erupt. Which was still surrounded Chu Nan.

"How could you run out of the poisonous fire so easily?"

Huo Ming sneered and shouted, "Feng Yang, do me a favor! Be careful not to kill him. We need to study him carefully, and see why was he so weird that he could resist so much of our poison!"


Feng Yang responded and took out two Recovering Pill pills. He swallowed them and shouted, "A thousand knives and thousands of poisons!"

Suddenly, there were a few more golden blades in the circle of fire, all of which were pointing at Chu Nan!

Fire was poisonous fire! Ans knives were poisonous knives!

The poisonous knives came in an instant, cutting Chu Nan's skin and bleeding; the poisonous fire immediately spread through Chu Nan's wound!

"It hurts!"

The poisonous fire was only on the surface of his body, Chu Nan felt the pain, which was just as bad as the pain he had suffered from the severed meridians since he was young. In addition, the extreme poison that could not poison the black fire python was useless to him.

So, Chu Nan didn't think the poisonous fire was a big deal. It was just trapped him and not let him go out!

However, when the poisonous fire burned through the wound, Chu Nan felt the pain. It was just like the sting when he practiced the "The Flame formula" after he woke up!

However, Chu Nan, who felt the pain, but he did not panic at all. Instead, a smile appeared on his face, and a glittering light appeared in his eyes."My master have said, if someone wanted to practice'Reverse Heaven and Earth', he should practice in the process of pain. Such poisonous fire can't kill me at once, which let me practice fire origin power!"

So, among the raging poisonous fire, Chu Nan closed his eyes, sat cross-legged and began to practice!

The poisonous knives hovered back and forth, making lots of cuts on Chu Nan's naked body recklessly, allowing the poisonous fire to invade into his body.

There were more and more wounds; and the invading poisonous fire became more and more fierce. And Chu Nan felt the pain multiplied with the increase of the wounds, his body began to tremble!

He was trembling with pain!

At the same time, he was trembling with excitement!

In this way, Chu Nan immersed himself in his cultivation consciousness. He used every bit of poisonous fire that eroded in, tempered his skin, pores, flesh, bones, as well as every cell!

The poisonous fire was pervading.

Huo Ming and Feng Yang couldn't see what was going on inside. Feng Yang said, "It's so quiet!"

Huo Ming replied, "wasn't he dead?"

"I don't think so. This kid was tougher than we could think! Maybe this was his trick. He kept quiet deliberately and rushed out when we were relaxed!"

"You're right! Now let's give him half an hour to practice!"

Both of them thought that guy was not dead yet. They looked at each other, and each of them took out another two Recovering Pills, they swallowed them. Because the two great stunts they displayed, although powerful, required even stronger orinal power. If they weren't supplemented by Recovering Pills, they would not have been able to hang on anymore.

Nangong's eyes were filled with guilt. Her heart ached even harder as she thought of his smile at she when he was injured earlier. "If it wasn't for me, he wouldn't have died innocently. If time could go back, I would have run in another direction!"

An hour had passed!

Huo Ming said, "Feng Yang, it's enough for the kid. If we continued the stuns, he would be burned to ashes!"

"That should be enough. I have cut at least a thousand times on his body!" Feng Yang said confidently and surely.

"Okay, let's see how this kid is doing!"

They stopped their stuns. And the poisonous knives disappeared, and the poisonous fire was extinguished!

Huo Ming and Feng Yang, who had stopped their stuns, were out of breath. Obviously, the stuns has consumed a lot of their original force and energy!

When the smoke cleared up, Huo Ming and Feng Yang saw Chu Nan, who was sitting cross-legged, they were startled. "Is he okay?"

Nangong Lingyun saw Chu Nan's body, which was thick with crisscrossed wounds, what a terrible scene!

A glistening drop of tear trickled down Nangong Lingyun's eyes, who had always been strong. He thought, "It's me who harmed you. Today, I will die with you!"

Nangong Lingyun also planned to explode the Origin Pill!

On the other side, Huo Ming was shouting, "Boy!"

No one responded.

Feng Yang frowned and let out another blade, which cut across Chu Nan's body and splashed a wisp of blood!

"Is everything okay?" Huo Ming asked.

"This kid is too weird, we..." Before Feng Yang could finish his words, Chu Nan moved and stood up!


Everyone was present, including Nangong Lingyun, opened their mouths widely and fell into a state of shock.

"Nearly a third of my body has been tempered by the poisonous fire for an hour. What a pity. It would be better if they could burn me for a few more hours. So, I might be able to use Origin fire power to temper my whole body. And I can try to motivate Origin Force!" After withdrew from his cultivation consciousness, Chu Nan said.

Feeling the raging Origin fire force in his body, a smile appeared at the corner of Chu Nan's mouth.

When she opened his eyes and saw the stunned Nangong Lingyun, and there were tears in the corner of her eyes. He immediately spread the smile from the corner of his mouth all over his face. And he murmured in his heart, "Did she cry just now? Did she cry for me?"

Looking at Chu Nan's smiling face, Nangong Lingyun couldn't help smiling. She was like plucked a seven-stringed instrument in the evening breeze, but you could sense a trace of joy mixed with her sorrow.

Chu Nan was lost in thought. "The tears were still there, and the smile was natural, which even caused the fall of a city."

In a daze, Chu Nan felt the heat in his body get hotter and hotter!

He quickly gathered his wits together and turned around. He looked at Huo Ming and Feng Yang. "Do you have any other tricks? Please show them together!"


Hearing this, Huo Ming, who had already been seriously injured, spat out a mouthful of blood. "The boy is too arrogant. If we hadn't been seriously injured before, wouldn't allow you to be so arrogant now?"

"Unfortunately, you were seriously injured earlier!" Chu Nan knew they were telling the truth. If they hadn't been seriously injured and he wasn't invulnerable, he would have died a thousand times in the hands of the two powerful generals.

"I don't believe you are invulnerable!"

Huo Ming roared, throwing out all the poison stored in the ring, and so did Feng Yang!

Several deadly poisons surrounded Chu Nan instantly.

Chu Nan smiled coldly as he looked at the two frantic, exasperated people. He stretched out his arms and took a deep breath...

Nothing happened!

Feng Yang threw out the last deadly poison, shining with colorful colors. Chu Nan took another deep breath, and the colorful poison fog went into Chu Nan's nose.

Immediately, Chu Nan's expression changed. When the colorful poison fog entered his body, the hot and dry feeling overwhelmed him like a tidal wave!

Ever since he woke up from the python's belly, Chu Nan had been feeling a burning sensation in his body. But a serious of things, shocking, joyful, or disappointing, happened one after another, or he ran for his life, all of which left no time to think about what was going on!

As soon as the colorful poison fog entered his body, the hot and dry feeling immediately turned into fire and ran through Chu Nan's body!