Chapter 24 Tears of Sorrow

Chapter 24 Tears of Flowers

But the fire made Chu Nan felt very uneasy. He was not painful but was unprecedentedly panicky.

Huo Ming saw Chu Nan's reaction, a smile immediately appeared on his face. Huo Ming said, "I told you. You are even too young to match a martial arts master. How can you survive our poison?"

Feng Yang looked a little weird. He said, "The last thing I threw on you was the colorful aphrodisiac!"

"The colorful aphrodisiac?" Huo Ming was stunned for a moment and then immediately laughed loudly, "Hahaha... Whoever poisoned by the colorful aphrodisiac will bleed everywhere and die miserably if failed to have sex within three hours."

Chu Nan felt like he was losing control. When he heard Huo Ming say that, Chu Nan subconsciously looked back at Nangong Lingyun. Nangong Lingyun's smile disappeared!

Nangong Lingyun wanted to escape from this place, but she could not take a step because of the poison.

"Snakes are born to be lewd!"

Those six words suddenly popped up in Chu Nan's mind, and he finally figured out what was going on with the dryness and heat that had always existed in his body. He must have swallowed the penis of the Blood Python. He had a hunch that in less than three hours, he would bleed to death. And once he died, Nangong Lingyun would not survive.

Huo Ming had been laughing hysterically. "The poisonous fire and knife all failed to kill you. I will drag you for three more hours today, so that you are unable to make love and will die of poison!"

Hearing these words, Chu Nan no longer hesitated. He decided to kill these two people before he bled and died. Chu Nan did not have absolute confidence if he used his fist to beat them. After all, they were strong. Fortunately, Chu Nan also had a powerful weapon - the Dragon Teeth!

Therefore, Chu Nan held the Dragon Teeth, which was disguised as rubbish and rushed to Huo Ming with all his strength.

Chu Nan could clearly feel that he was jumping higher, faster, and more powerful than before. "Could it be the result of the previous poisonous fire quenching?"

Huo Ming saw Chu Nan's crappy weapon and burst into laughter again. "Boy, are you going to kill me with that muddy stick? Hahaha...

While Huo Ming was laughing wildly, Chu Nan had already swiftly landed in front of him. Huo Ming quickly dodged and focused all his attention on Chu Nan's fist. He had been punched by Chu Nan before, and he still felt the pain!

Unfortunately, Huo Ming, who was seriously injured and the replenishing was obviously not strong enough, dodged several times slower than before. Chu Nan followed and did not punch, but raised the Dragon Teeth towards Huo Ming!

Huo Ming was still guarding against Chu Nan's fist and did not take the dragon's tooth seriously.

The Dragon Teeth stabbed Huo Ming in the chest, and the layer of dirt outside cracked. Huo Ming saw this situation, and his mouth was full of disdainful smiles. He had a powerful armor to protect himself, so how could a trash stick pierce through him?

Huo Ming used his last strength to attack Chu Nan!

Just as Huo Ming had all the replenishing in his fists, Huo Ming felt something pierce his soft armor and pierce his chest...

"Go to hell!"

Chu Nan, whose face was full of strange red light, roared and stabbed forward with all his might. The Dragon Teeth pierced Huo Ming's chest directly!

"This..." Huo Ming's face was filled with shock. Feeling that his life force was rapidly dissipating, he mumbled in disbelief, "How is that possible? How could the muddy stick he was holding pierce through my body armor? This is for..."

Huo Ming's question would never be answered. He would never know that the one who killed him was not a garbage stick, but a Dragon Teeth that could cut the scales of a Blood Python!

Huo Ming fell to the ground and died with his eyes open!

Chu Nan had already pulled out the Dragon Teeth and chased after Feng Yang. He felt like his body was about to explode. And he was eager to find a woman to vent his desire. His mind was no longer under his control...

Although Feng Yang felt that the rotten stick was unusual, he did not pay too much attention to it. But when he saw Chu Nan stab Huo Ming to death with a rotten stick, he was shocked. In an instant, he quickly took out a Recovering Pill from the ring and swallowed it in one gulp. He wanted to make the replenishing recover quickly and run for his life!

But as soon as Feng Yang swallowed the Recovering Pill, Chu Nan approached. He was faster than a speeding arrow, leaving only an illusion in the air. Just as Feng Yang was about to speed up, the Dragon Teeth stabbed him in the back!

In an instant, the Dragon Teeth passed through!

All of Feng Yang's thoughts stopped at this moment. He and Huo Ming, who had laid out such a meticulous and absolutely foolproof plan, were destroyed by a weird young guy who suddenly appeared.

He and Huo Ming, two powerful martial arts masters, actually died in the hands of this boy who had no replenishing power!

Although he felt it was ridiculous, he could only fall to the ground and die!

Chu Nan killed the two of them, and the tension in his heart relaxed. But the sexual desire was raging in his body. He felt that his mind was out of his control...

Nangong Lingyun was shocked to see Chu Nan's performance. She was relieved to see Huo Ming and Feng Yang being killed...

But then, Nangong Lingyun saw Chu Nan's bloodshot eyes, she felt cold, as if she fell into an icy hell.

Chu Nan approached Nangong Lingyun step by step.

The calm look on Nangong Lingyun's face had long disappeared. She was panicking and pleading, "Don't... Don't... Don't come over..."

Hearing this voice, Chu Nan, who had lost his senses, stopped in his tracks. His eyes were already puffed up, red and filled with endless pain. The veins on his forehead swelled, and blood oozed from the corners of his eyes, nose and mouth. His muscles were even tighter, and his thick pores began to ooze blood out. It was terrifying. If he was going to expand a little further, he was about to explode!

Nangong Lingyun could not bear to see this. She hoped that a miracle would happen!


Chu Nan raised his head and let out a long roar, like a dragon's cry!

Then, like a wild beast, he charged at Nangong Lingyun...

Chu Nan's body was strong enough to withstand the poisonous fire, but the large leaves he used to cover important parts of his body had already turned into ashes, and even his hair had been burned away...

Looking at Chu Nan's rapidly approaching face, fanatical red eyes, and naked body, Nangong Lingyun's heart tightened and began to twitch and spasm!

Nangong Lingyun knew what kind of poison the colorful aphrodisiac was!

What's more, she knew what a tragic fate awaited her!

Chu Nan's masculine scent, with a strong smell of blood, went straight into Nangong Lingyun's nose!

Then, Chu Nan pounced on her stiff body and threw her to the ground. The heavy breathing sounds rang in her ears. Her weak body was unable to withstand the fierce actions of Chu Nan.

All her cleverness and wisdom all disappeared without a trace before Chu Nan. Now she was even unable to raise her hand. She was too weak to resist Chu Nan or slapped him on the face.

She could only move her helpless and heartbroken eyes. She miserably looked at Chu Nan, who was so close to her. Another drop of crystal tears slid down from the corner of her eyes!

Chu Nan lost all his senses after poisoned by the colorful aphrodisiac. He lost control with the function of the Blood Python, which was in his body. He roughly tore her purple clothes into pieces, and her pearl-white body instantly appeared under him...