Chapter 25 Free Town

Chapter 25 Free Town

He had never experienced sexual love before, but at this moment, Chu Nan was self-taught by his male instinct!

His hands kept caressing Nangong Lingyun, and at the same time, without any foreplay or preparation, without any mercy, he rudely pushed the part of him into her body...

The pain was so intense that Nangong Lingyun was about to scream out, but she bit her lips and held it back. Unlike other women, she didn't cry out or was filled with grief and indignation...

All she had was calmness and stubbornness. Her tears were streaming down her cheeks, but she just bit her lips to hold back and endure the pain silently. Her face was pale, but deep down her eyes, which had never been closed, the flames of hatred were burning.

Her body and mind had long been numb, allowing him to breathe heavily and to move crazily. The crystal tears shed from her eyes had witnessed this horrible scene, quietly slid across the young girl's face, and dropped to the ground.

It was not only the tears that were broken but also her heart!

After a long time, the wind finally stopped raging, and the storm became calm!

Chu Nan fainted on the ground after ejaculation. He was unconscious!

Nangong Lingyun, who was still burning with hatred in her eyes, struggled to get up in pain and pushed Chu Nan aside. The Dragon Tooth, which had killed Feng Yang and Huo Ming, was in her hands. She aimed it at Chu Nan's chest and stabbed it down without hesitation!

The Dragon Tooth, a powerful weapon, easily pierced Chu Nan's muscular chest. Blood, like the weeping cuckoo, bloomed in his breast...

A little bit deeper, Chu Nan's life would be ended, along with his dream of becoming a peerless power!

However, Nangong Lingyun's hand paused, and she could not stab him any deeper!

Looking at the blood blossoming on Chu Nan's chest, Nangong Lingyun remembered what he said, "They can't take you away as long as you are with me." She remembered that he was obviously no match for Huo Ming and Feng Yang but still fought for her. She remembered how he turned around and smiled at her gently. She remembered the panic and sorrow she felt when he was surrounded by the poisonous fire and knives. She remembered the heartfelt joy when she knew that he was still alive...

Then she remembered that this was not his intention, but the damn philter!

She remembered that if it weren't for him, she would have fallen into the hands of the Poison Sect. Not only would she bring a disaster to the Nangong Family, but she might also have a more tragic end for herself!

"Is this destiny? Is this preordained? Is this the will of heaven?"

Tears dripped down from Nangong Lingyun's cheeks like a sad song!

Nangong Lingyun, who rarely shed tears, wept for this stranger who had taken away the most precious thing in her life and brought her endless humiliation. She allowed her tears to run like a flood as if she were about to shed all her tears at this moment.

After a long time, Nangong Lingyun wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes and regained her resolute face. She stumbled to Huo Ming and took off the storage ring on his hand.

The storage ring, with the death of its owner, became an ownerless thing.

Nangong Lingyun easily infused it with the origin force, took out all the antidotes in the storage ring. She searched for a long time and finally found the antidote of Wuying Gastrodia Rhizomaowder!

After taking the antidote, and half an hour later, the deadly poison of Wuying Gastrodia Rhizoma Powder in Nangong Lingyun's body was completely removed. But she did not fully recover. When she walked, the part between her legs was in great pain!

Nangong Lingyun wanted to leave, but her numb heart had a wave without wind inexplicably. She turned her head and looked at the man who was still unconscious. She walked over to pick up the Dragon Tooth again and wrote a line on the ground: "You saved my life, but humiliated me. If we meet again, I will take your life!"

Then Nangong Lingyun got up and left, but she took the Dragon Tooth, which looked crude and was dripping with Chu Nan's blood, with her. Nangong Lingyun did not know why she took it, but definitely not because it was a divine weapon. Although the Dragon Tooth easily pierced the soft armor of the two men, in this world, there were many other weapons that could do this. It never came to Nangong Lingyun that this was a powerful weapon...

Maybe it was just because this thing was somehow related to him!

Nangong Lingyun left, and Chu Nan was still unconscious.

In his coma, Chu Nan felt that he had a dream. He dreamt that he had become an animal and did something worse than an animal. He wanted to control all his actions, he wanted to protect the bright eyes instead of hurting them, but he failed. He was painful, extremely painful...

When another day passed over, Chu Nan woke up from his coma. For some reason, there was a tear hanging from the corner of his eye!

Chu Nan looked around, and all the memories came back to him when he saw the two corpses and the battlefield. He remembered that in the end. He was like a wild beast, rushing towards her, towards those bright eyes...


Chu Nan let out an angry roar, which was so mournful, "How could I hurt her? I would rather die than hurt her!" Chu Nan pounded on his chest. The wound on his chest, which had not yet healed, burst open again, and blood splattered!

Roaring until his throat was hoarse and coughing up blood, Chu Nan knelt on the ground dejectedly. Then, seeing the line on the ground, he smiled after reading it. "I'll find you, I'll find you, I'll definitely find you, even if it means being killed by you..."

The sound echoed in the mountains for a long time...

That blood on his chest looked a little weird!

Chu Nan did not bandage the wound at all. His body had been modified by the Dragon Pill, so he had a strong healing ability. But when the wound was about to heal, he took another Dragon Tooth and stabbed the wound again...

Chu Nan wanted his chest to be covered in blood till he found her!

Chu Nan could not inspire the origin force in his body, so he still used the oldest method to drill wood to make fire, and then threw Huo Ming and Feng Yang's bodies into the flame. He did not take off their clothes and put them on himself but threw them into the fire instead and turned them into a pile of ashes.

Chu Nan did not want to let a piece of clothing bring him big trouble. He was alone and hadn't achieved the Martial Sutra; he did not want to be killed by the Poison Sect.

Besides, Chu Nan couldn't die! Absolutely! He had to go back to his parents and tell them not to worry; he had to avenge his master, destroy the Tianyi Sect, and fulfill his master's last wish...

Also, he had to find her!

"I will be responsible for you. I know that with my current status and my current strength, I am not worthy of you at all, but..." Chu Nan's eyes were as firm as iron, and he continued: "I will definitely make myself stronger!"

Although Huo Ming and Feng Yang's flesh and clothing were all burned, he still took the two storage rings with him. But now, he did not know the use of the rings, even if he knew, he could not use them until he could use the origin force!

With these all done, Chu Nan walked out of the forest.

He didn't know the way but rushed out of the forest just from instinct. When night fell again, he eventually walked out of the forest!

As Chu Nan walked out of the forest, the first thing that came to his mind was not that it was his first step of being a powerful person, nor his brilliant and magnificent life was about to begin...

All he thought about was how to fill his stomach!

Chu Nan had not eaten in the past two days. After fighting with all his strength and wandering in the forest for half a day, he was so hungry that he felt dizzy.