Chapter 26 The Evil King of Hell

Chapter 26 the Evil King of Hell

Not long after, Chu Nan arrived at a town. Although it was night, there were many people coming and going. There were all kinds of people in the town, including hawkers, strong men, white-haired old people, a group of children running around in the street, and coquettish women...

Chu Nan, who grew up in the Bai family village, was a little stunned when he saw such a bustling scene for the first time.

Chu Nan dressed up in a weird way, with his upper body naked, sprays of blood on his chest. He decorated the squama from the throat of the dragon and put it around his neck, with the broad leaves wrapped around his waist, and the Dragon Teeth tied between the leaves. He looked like a savage.

Normally, such strange dressing would attract the attention, suspicion, or curiosity, and so on of countless people. However, what Chu Nan saw was nothing but indifferences of people, who regarded as a normal thing, and even children singing songs, ran past him without stopping.

"This town is a little weird, and very unusual!"

This was Chu Nan's first feeling. Then, Chu Nan walked into the town, trying to find something to fill his stomach first. As he walked, he heard some comments.

"What happened in Shiwan Great Mountain these days?"

"Who knows? Anyway, in the outermost, those magical beasts disappeared without a trace, which seemed that those magical beasts had never appeared in Shiwan Great Mountain."

"That's strange. I've been in the Free Town for more than ten years and I've never seen anything like this."

"From now on, the monsters in the mountains will never appear again, won't they?"

"Impossible! I heard that those martial masters and generals in Free Town will unite and prepare to go into the mountains to see what had happened!"

"If there were no magic beasts in the mountains, this Free Town would not exist."

"Yeah. Well, the man who just walked over is a little interesting..."


"That one, the one that uses the leaves covering his lower body."

"Telling from his route, is he coming from Shiwan Great Mountain."

"Maybe. We did not know what crime he had committed at such a young age and come to the Free Town!"

Chu Nan had already gone far, but those words gave him a general understanding. This town was called Free Town, and that mountain was called Shiwan Mountain. Chu Nan intuitively knew that the disappearance of the magical beasts had a lot to do with the Black Fire Blood Python and the gathering of the ferocious beasts.

However, Chu Nan had another question. "Why did the man say when someone committed a crime, they come to the Free Town?" Thinking of this, Chu Nan thought of her again, the most important woman in his life except his mother. What did she do Shiwan Great Mountain?

Thinking about it, Chu Nan went to an inn, where the aroma that made Chu Nan's stomach rumble was wafting out. Chu Nan swallowed, then walked in and sit down at an empty table. Some of the diners turned around to look at him and then turned back.

At this moment, a man came over, without humbling himself in a serving manner or putting a smile on his face, saying in a cold and stiff tone, "What do you want to eat?"

"What can I eat here?" Chu Nan asked, feeling a little discouraged. Although the Bai family village was very small and remote, Chu Nan also knew that it would cost gold coins to eat, just like the villagers looking for his father to make iron arrows. But at this time, he had no money.

"Whatever you want to eat, we have it!" His tone was not only cold but also extremely arrogant.

"Do you have steamed bread?"

"How much?"

"Ten first." Chu Nan chose the cheapest thing.

Immediately, ten steamed bread which as big as fists were placed in front of Chu Nan with a loud bang.

Looking at the steaming steamed bread, Chu Nan couldn't care much. He grabbed one in each hand and began to bite it.

As the autumn wind swept away the fallen leaves, it only took a little time for Chu Nan to eat all ten steamed bread!

Although he had eaten ten steamed bread, Chu Nan still felt very hungry, so he shouted, "Can I have ten more?"

Not long after he finished speaking, another ten steamed bread were placed on Chu Nan's table.

This time, the waiter did not leave. He watched Chu Nan devour ten steamed bread like a tornado, and asked coldly, "Do you want more?"

Chu Nan looked up, made up his mind, and nodded.

Ten bread, another ten bread, ten more bread...

The other diners in the inn were all focused on Chu Nan, because in less than half an hour, Chu Nan had stuffed a hundred steamed bread into his stomach.

The waiter asked, "Do you want more?"

In fact, Chu Nan was still a little hungry, but he was a little embarrassed to eat more, so he shook his head.

"Five hundred gold coins!" The waiter said bluntly.

"Five hundred gold coins!"

Chu Nan knew the meaning of these words, which was to ask him to pay, but he was still shocked. A hundred steamed bread cost five hundred gold coins, which meant five gold coins per steamed bread?

Five gold coins, that's enough to cover the living expenses of the villagers in Bai family village for a year!

Here, five gold coins can only buy one steamed bread!

"What's the difference between this and robbery?" Chu Nan opened his mouth wide. The waiter stared at him, and a cold voice came out again, "No gold coins?"

"Yeah." Chu Nan shook his head, full of apologies on his face!

"Do you have five amethyst coins?"

Chu Nan shook his head again. He didn't even have gold coins, not to mention the amethyst coins.

"Do you have an inferior Origin Stone?"

Chu Nan shook his head again. He had vaguely heard of gold and amethyst coins, but he had never heard of what this inferior Origin Stone was!

"Do you have the core of magic beasts of level three or higher?"

"No!" Chu Nan had a Dragon Pill, but it had integrated into his body.

"Do you have anything valuable?"

When Chu Nan thought about it, he did have some valuable things. If that Dragon Tooth was changed into steamed bread, he probably wouldn't be able to eat them in ten lifetimes. He also had the squama from the dragon's throat, the tendon of the dragon, and the ring, which should also be useful.

However, he couldn't take them out, for they may incur fatal disaster. If he took out the ring, the poison gate may get some clues!

So Chu Nan shook his head again.

Seeing Chu Nan shaking his head, the waiter did not get angry. He continued to speak in his previous cold voice, "So that means you're doing a 'dine-and-dash'?" As the man spoke, his atmosphere was already tense, as if he was about to beat Chu Nan.

"I can help you with your work and pay back the money of these hundred steamed bread!" Chu Nan said the compromise he had already thought of!

The man looked Chu Nan up and down. "What can you do?"

"Whatever you want me to do, I will do it!"

Looking at Chu Nan's sturdy body, the man said, "Follow me!"

Chu Nan followed the man and walked inside. The diners in the restaurant looked at Chu Nan with strange smiles, some with sympathetic eyes!

Chu Nan did not understand all of this.

When they reached an open space in the backyard, the man said, "Chop up this pile of wood and you can leave!"

When Chu Nan looked at the pile of wood, he was stunned. There wasn't a pile of wood in front of him. Instead, it was like a hill!

"You don't want to do it?"

In other people's territory, as a newcomer, who was unfamiliar with the place, how dare Chu Nan refuse it? So he turned around and smiled innocently, "Are you in charge of food?"

"As long as you can afford it, you can eat what you want!"