Chapter 27 Eight Hundred Catties of Heavy Sword

Chapter 27 the heavy sword weighed 400kg

Chu Nan touched his head and said sheepishly, "Then can you give me fifty more steamed buns?"

When the server heard this, the indifferent and unaffected man looked surprised for the first time. He looked at Chu Nan's figure, which was not even close to his appetite, and thought to himself, "Can he really eat so much? There is really one more talented person here in Free Town!"

But he did not express his thoughts and said in indifference, "Then you have to fill that tank with water!"

Looking at the tank, Chu Nan heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the tank was not as big as a pond, but twice as big as the tank at home.

But Chu Nan's breath was still not finished, and the muscles on his face twitched again, because the server said, "To get water, you have to climb a hill, about twenty miles, to get the water under the waterfall!"

Chu Nan had no choice but to nod.

The server left and soon brought fifty steamed buns to give Chu Nan. Chu Nan looked at the fifty steamed buns and smiled bitterly. When he was in Bai family village, he could eat two steamed buns at most. But now, after eating a hundred steamed buns, he only felt half full!

Chu Nan didn't know how much steamed buns could satisfy his appetite, but he knew that he had to eat seven or eight kilograms of Blood Python meat to be full. Blood Python meat contained enormous energy, and a hundred steamed buns couldn't be equal to it.

"If nothing unexpected happens, all of these changes are caused by that Dragon Pill." Chu Nan quickly ate fifty steamed buns!

Then, he grabbed an axe and started chopping firewoods!

At first, Chu Nan was very unskilled. Although he had great strength, he did not have any accuracy. When he chopped firewoods, the firewood was away, but the axe was deeply cut into the big stone.

With a bang, the rock began to crack, not far from breaking apart!

Chu Nan looked at the scene in front of him and was stunned. It was not because that he was so powerful, but that the axe was broken by him! Thinking of the strange situation at the inn, he guessed that he would be asked to pay for it too!

The server came here instantly. Seeing this scene, he looked at Chu Nan seriously again and again, then he said "This guy is weird. He can cut a big rock like this without fluctuations of replenishing power!"

After putting the question in his heart again, he said coldly, "An axe is equivalent to a thousand steamed buns!"

"Ah!" Chu Nan's mouth was wide open!

The server ignored him and said coldly, "You have to work here for ten days!"

Chu Nan nodded again, and the server disappeared. As Chu Nan was thinking about what kind of cultivator this server was, he appeared in front of him and handed Chu Nan an axe. "Be careful, this is a new axe. If it's broken, you'll have to work here for another thirty days!"

Chu Nan took the axe and asked, "Is there a heavier axe?"

"How much weight do you want?"

"I don't know. This one is too light." Chu Nan was very honest.

"Then follow me." The server then led Chu Nan out of the inn and into a metal workshop several times bigger than Chu's father's metal workshop. The server said to an old man with a shabby appearance, "Give me a heavy axe!"

"Heixin Yama, it's strange for you to buy an axe." The old man said jokingly, then threw out an axe from the inside and said, "Twenty five kilogrammes. Because it's you who ask, just charge ten amethyst coins. If someone else comes to buy it, one amethyst coin will be enough."

When Chu Nan heard the old man called this server Heixin Yama, he couldn't agree it more. After all, the server said his broken axe was worth a thousand steamed buns. In other words, it was fifty amethyst coins. If Chu Nan took this axe, it would...

Before Chu Nan could finish thinking about it, he saw Heixin Yama reach out and grab an axe in the air. The fierce axe reached into his hand very meekly. Then he turned around and said to Chu Nan, "Try it. Is it heavy enough?"

Chu Nan took the axe weighed 25kg and said, "Not enough!"

Heixin Yama didn't talk nonsense either. He turned around and said coldly, "Crazy man, do you have other axes?"

The man, who was called crazy man, glanced at Chu Nan, a slightly surprised look in his eyes, and then threw out an axe. "50kg!"

The speed of the axe was still fast, and it came straight to the face of Heixin Yama. He reached out his hand again, and the axe reached into his hand. Then he turned around and handed it to Chu Nan again!

Chu Nan grabbed it and said, "Not enough!"

"A heavier one!" The Heixin Yama shouted.

The crazy old man shouted back, "Why are you yelling? Catch it, 100kg!"

The axe flew in like a meteor. This time, Heixin Yama no longer used one hand, but two hands. Chu Nan saw something earthy yellow appearing in Heixin Yama's hand.

Heixin Yama took the axe from the crazy old man with a grave expression. Then the axe was once again in Chu Nan's hands, and Chu Nan said again, "It's still a little light!"

"Is there anything heavier?" Asked Heixin Yama.

The crazy old man shouted inside, "Heixin Yama, where do you find the strange boy? Bring him in!"

"Follow me."

Chu Nan followed Heixin Yama into the crazy old man's metal workshop. The crazy old man looked up and down at Chu Nan, pointed to a row of iron shelves in the southwest corner, and said, "Those are more than 100kg. Don't worry about whether it is an axe or not, you just find the favorable one."

Chu Nan felt that the people in Free Town were all strange and did not say much. He went straight to the shelf and grabbed an iron bar!

When the crazy old man saw the iron bar, he were surprised and he whispered, "Black iron bar, 150kg."

As the crazy old man said it, Chu Nan shook his head, put down the black iron bar, and grabbed a broadsword beside him.

"Chopper, 200kg!"

Then the 200-kilogram sword was put down by Chu Nan. He picked up a straight sword beside him, weighed it in his hand and put it down again.

Seeing this, the crazy old man turned around and looked at Heixin Yama and said, "Where does he come from?"

Heixin Yama shook his head. "I don't know. He ate a hundred steamed buns in my inn. Then he didn't have money to pay. So now he work for me!"


The crazy old man was surprised, "You mean, he can eat a hundred steamed buns at a time."


"That's fine. A hundred steamed buns at a time, is he still human? Even in Free Town, it's not usual!"

As soon as the crazy old man finished speaking, Heixin Yama continued to say coldly, "He ate one hundred and fifty steamed buns at a time!"

"Cough... Cough..."

The crazy old man couldn't take his breath and coughed. "You don't lie to me?"

"Besides, I don't think he's full yet."

This time, the crazy old man stopped asking questions. He opened his mouth slightly, and turned around, only to see Chu Nan holding a weapon like a sword, and then he exclaimed in surprise, "Heavy sword, 400kg!"

Then he saw Chu Nan turn around and say, "This weight should fit."

Heixin Yama and the crazy old man looked at each other and saw surprise in each other's eyes. To them, if they wanted to pick up this heavy sword, they must also use the Original Force in their bodies. If they wanted to rely solely on their own power to pick up it, it was absolutely impossible!

The crazy old man suddenly remembered something. He flashed and appeared in front of Chu Nan. Before Chu Nan could react, he grabbed Chu Nan's wrist and wanted to see how strong the Original Force in Chu Nan was!