Chapter 28 Fire of Silence

Chapter 28 The Fire of Silence

This great exploration surprised him a lot!

The crazy old man was like being struck by lightning. His eyes were round, his mouth was wide open, and he was even more alarmed!

Heixin Yama frowned and asked, "What's wrong?"

"This guy... has no... no... meridians!"


The facial muscles of Heixin Yama twitched violently and he asked in disbelief, "Crazy old man, are you telling the truth?"

"Try it yourself if you don't believe me!"

Heixin Yama really didn't believe the crazy old man. So before the old man could blink his eyes, Heixin Yama had appeared in front of Chu Nan as fast as the wind and he grabbed Chu Nan's other wrist!

Immediately, he became a sculpture, stunned on the spot.

Chu Nan was relieved to see their surprise. Free Town was strange everywhere. If his strange existence could not surprise them, Chu Nan would doubt whether he had come to another world!

Besides, when Chu Nan saw the surprised expressions of these two powerful men of the unknown realm, a sense of proudness welled up in his heart, "How can you pretend to be superior in front of me? You must be shocked."

"Impossible, absolutely impossible. How can a person without meridians be alive?" Heixin Yama really meant it.

"Not only is he still alive, but he can also lift an eight-hundred-kilogram heavy sword all by his strength!" The crazy old man muttered.

Then, the two of them asked in unison, "Boy, tell us the truth!"

"Two seniors, to be honest, I don't know what's going on. I've been like this since I was a child. There's nothing wrong with that." Chu Nan said innocently. Of course, he wouldn't tell them the truth. That was his secret!

The hearts of the crazy old man and Heixin Yama were full of disbelief!

But when they saw Chu Nan's innocent and curious face, and they were not sure anymore. And Chu Nan took the opportunity to ask, "Two seniors, can't people live without meridians?"

The crazy old man and Heixin Yama felt dizzy. People of course could not live without their meridians, because they had already died. How could he have grown up?

After a long time, the two of them finally came to their senses. The crazy old man immediately asked, "Boy, how many do you own Heixin Yama for amethyst coins?"

Chu Nan did not know what the crazy old man meant by asking this question, but he replied honestly, "One hundred and fifty steamed buns, and an axe equivalent to a thousand steamed buns, and 63 amethyst coins. That's all!"

"You are so heartless. A rotten axe equals only one gold coin at most. How could you ask for fifty amethyst coins!" The crazy old man immediately speak for him and roared loudly.

Heixin Yama resumed his indifference and said directly, "How much is this heavy sword? I want it." After that, Heixin Yama said to Chu Nan, "Take this sword and help me work in the inn for three years. Then I will give it to you!"

"Heixin Yama, I won't sell this sword!" The crazy old man jumped up, his face flushed red, and then he said to Chu Nan, "I'll give you this sword, as long as you help me here!"

When the crazy old man said that he would give the heavy sword to Chu Nan, Chu Nan was still thinking about helping Heixin Yama for three years. He was wondering whether Heixin Yama would give him food, whether the food would be enough, and most importantly, whether he should pay for the food!

If he should pay for the food, then he would not able to look for her again, and then go home. Even if he worked every day and night and did not sleep, the work he did was not enough to pay for a meal.

Chu Nan was delighted when he heard the crazy old man say that he would give him the sword. He liked the sword. First, it was of moderate weight. And second, he needed an appropriate weapon. After all, he could not take the Dragon Teeth out easily. Otherwise, if people saw it, it would bring disaster.

And this heavy sword was very handy.

Seeing that Chu Nan was tempted, Heixin Yama quickly said, "Boy, I'll give you food as much as you want, as long as you promise to stay at the inn!"

"Really?" Chu Nan quickly asked.

Without waiting for the answer of Heixin Yama, the crazy old man roared again, "Boy, I'll pay for all the money you've owned him. Besides, if you stay here with me, I'll give you meals! You can eat as much as you want!"

"Uh." Chu Nan still didn't understand why they were so eager for him, and why someone would like to pay for the money!

"Crazy old man, what you eat is really people's food?"

"Why not? I've been eating for over 200 years!" The crazy old man immediately retorted.

Chu Nan was a little stunned, "Over 200 years? After living for more than 200 years, how can he still be so energetic? Which level of the martial artist is this old man?"

When Heixin Yama the crazy old man's words, he became even more indifferent, "Can you cook whatever he wants to eat?"

"I can buy the fodd for him!"

"Buy? In Free Town, where else can you buy it except for my shop of Heixin Yama?" The crazy old man was choked by the words said by Heixin Yama, and then Heixin Yama said to Chu Nan, "Take the sword and follow me. You will eat the most delicious food you have never tasted in your life!"

"Should I pay extra?" Chu Nan asked the biggest question.

"No. Just stay in my shop and work for me."

"For how long?" Chu Nan didn't want to spend his whole life in Heixin Yama's shop. He had a lot of missions and a debt of love!

"Three years!"

"Three years?" Chu Nan frowned. He also wanted to look around for the Five Elements to train himself and find a way to motivate the Origin Force!

Seeing that Chu Nan hesitated, the crazy old man rushed forward and said, "Boy, follow me. It only takes two years for you to be free!"

"One year!"

When the crazy old man's words finished, Heixin Yama immediately threw out two words, but in his mind, he was saying, "Once you eat the food I made, you will definitely not be willing to leave my shop!"

"Really just one year?"

Chu Nan felt that he could accept it, so he could figure out what kind of existence this place was, how far it was from the Daqing state, and find out the information of Tianyi Sect.

"Keep your word." Heixin Yama spat out three words!

"All right." Chu Nan nodded. After all, this man had given him a good meal. Although he was unscrupulous, he was not totally bad.

Heixin Yama looked up and walked away. Who knew, the crazy old man shouted and stopped in front of him, shouting, "I said, I won't sell the heavy sword. If people would like to take it away from here, it depends on whether I want to!"

"Crazy old man, you want to have a fight with me?"

"Let's fight. How could I be afraid of you?" As the crazy old man spoke, there were two fires in his palms. The color of the fires was not ordinary yellow, nor red, nor the purple that Chu Nan had once looked at his father's palms, but white, blindingly white!

The most special thing was that the two balls of fire were not illusory, but it seemed that they were real. They were crumpled into two balls by the crazy old man, and in the palms of his hands, they moved back and forth...

When he saw the white flame, the eyes of Heixin Yama became darkened. Then, his voice became even colder a hundred times than before, "Crazy old man, are you serious?"

"What do you think?"

"Do you think I'm afraid of your Fire of Silence? If you want to fight, let's fight!"

"Okay, then come on!" The crazy old man had a relaxed look on his face, but his heart was not so relaxed. After all, to maintain the Fire of silence needed the Origin Force. His purpose was to put pressure on Heixin Yama, hoping that he would retreat, and also to attract Chu Nan's attention!

Heixin Yama narrowed his eyes, "Crazy old man, I will fight with you! If I lose, then this kid will stay with you!"

"Okay, you're going to lose!"

"But if you lose, you'd better not disturb me. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude. You know, there are other Heixin Yamas!"

Hearing the words of Heixin Yama, the white flame in the crazy old man's hand also stopped for a moment, and then the old man roared, "Cut the crap, let's fight!"