Chapter 29 Five Great Martial Emperors

Chapter 29 Five Martial Governors

Before he could finish speaking, two balls of black flames rushed straight towards Heixin Yama.

As soon as the two balls of black flames broke away from the crazy old man's palm, the entire iron workshop became hot like a volcano. Chu Nan was drenched in sweat immediately.

Moreover, the sharp pain spread all over his body in an instant. It was a thousand times more painful than Huo Ming's poisonous fire last time!


Chu Nan roared loudly, spat out blood, and collapsed to the ground!

The cold Heixin Yama was furious, "Crazy old man, if something goes wrong with him, I will break your bones!" As he shouted out angrily, he threw a hand at Chu Nan. A water curtain appeared in front of Chu Nan immediately.

When the crazy old man saw this, his complexion on the face changed. Because he was shocked by this freak Chu Nan, completely forgetting that Chu Nan could not resist the power of the nirvana fire!

"Let's go out and have the fight!"

As soon as the crazy old man finished his sentence, he waved his hand casually and let the horrible black fire disappeared immediately. But the crazy old man's footsteps paused slightly. Heixin Yama flashed out of the iron workshop.

The next moment, there was a loud explosion outside!

In the iron workshop, after the black fire disappeared, it immediately returned to the normal temperature. The sharp pain in Chu Nan's body slowly disappeared.

However, Chu Nan did not stay in the iron workshop, but struggled to get up from the ground and walk out!

Chu Nan wanted to watch the battle between them. More importantly, Chu Nan wanted to continue his cultivation and seize any opportunity to make himself powerful. Chu Nan was sure that the black nirvana fire would definitely kill him, but the crazy old man didn't want to hurt him.

Therefore, he wouldn't miss such a good opportunity for cultivation!

Outside the iron workshop, it had already become a world of water and fire!

The black flame floated and whirled in the air, and then exploded, making a big air billow, accompanied by the voice of the crazy old man, "Heixin Yama, your water can't control my nirvana fire. Admit defeat!"

"Really?" Heixin Yama snorted and said, "Water falls from three thousand feet high!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a strange waterfall appeared above the crazy old man's head and hit him directly.

The crazy old man did not dodge but threw a ball of flame into the air. The flowing xuanyin water was evaporated into smog as soon as it got close to the nirvana fire!

Heixin Yama remained calm, and coldly said, "Condense the sword!"

In an instant, the flowing water was frozen into the sword, falling straight down towards the crazy old man!

"Heixin Yama, as expected, you are really capable. You can even condense the water into the ice..." The crazy old man exclaimed. They rose high into the air and fought even more fiercely.

This area was extremely hot for this moment and extremely cold for that moment. The people of Free Town had long been far away. Many people asked, "How did they fight?"

However, there was still a man sitting cross-legged in this fiery arena!

This man was Chu Nan!

Chu Nan did not see the splendid fighting scene. He was continuing his cultivation with his eyes closed, enduring the sting of nirvana fire. His whole body was trembling violently!

But Chu Nan didn't take half a step away!

With almost crazy persistence, Chu Nan did not know how long he had been cultivating. All he knew was that after a thunderbolt, he fell down to the ground!

The crazy old man and Heixin Yama also spurted blood at the same time and backed up. Then they quickly stopped at the same time and rushed towards each other again. It seemed that they must battle it out.

Just at that moment, the crazy old man saw Chu Nan fainting on the ground and quickly shouted, "Heixin Yama, stop it now. That boy fainted on the ground!"

Heixin Yama turned around and rushed forward to Chu Nan. The crazy old man appeared in front of him almost at the same time and said, "This boy is too weird. Other people all dodged far away when seeing us fight, but he still dared to come in."

"He was hurt by your nirvana fire." Said Heixin Yama. He picked up Chu Nan and was about to leave. The crazy old man quickly stood in front of him. "Heixin Yama, we haven't battled it out yet. How could you take him away?"

"If he stays with you, can he stand your nirvana fire?"

"Bullshit. Do you think the nirvana fire doesn't consume my Origin Force? What kind of fire do you think I use in ordinary times?" The crazy old man said in a hurry.

As Heixin Yama was about to reply to him, a voice came from afar. "I don't care how you have the fight. But if you destroy my house, then you can't blame me." Her voice was so sweet, but anyone could hear the severeness.

Hearing this, Heixin Yama and the crazy old man looked back at the southeast corner at the same time, only to see that half of the house was burned to ashes by the nirvana fire. The other half was riddled with holes by the Ice Sword.

"Third Mother Ji, we'll pay for it. We'll compensate for it!" Heixin Yama and the crazy old man actually said at the same time.

"Compensate for it? Can you afford it? One piece of wood in my house is worth ten inferior Origin Stones!" Third Mother Ji's tone was very unfriendly.

"Third Mother Ji, that piece of wood of yours is worth ten inferior Origin Stones? Are you robbing us?"

"Yes. I am robbing you. What's wrong? A steamed bun if worth five gold coins. An axe is worth ten amethyst coins. Why can't one piece of wood of my house be worth ten inferior Origin Stones?"

"Third Mother Ji, we're not afraid of you..." Said Heixin Yama as he put Chu Nan behind him.

"Do you think I'm afraid? You two have been fighting for a long time, and your Origin Force must have been used up, right?" Third Mother Ji stared at Chu Nan and said, "Crazy old man, are you two fighting because of that boy?"

"No, I want to buy a heavy sword. But the crazy old man didn't sell it to me. Then we started fighting." Heixin Yama quickly denied it, and the crazy old man echoed, "I just won't sell it to him!"

"Do you think that my IQ is the same as a three-year-old child's?" Third Mother Ji walked forward. "Let me see what's so strange about that boy. He actually made you two have a fight."

Heixin Yama and the crazy old man both retreated at the same time. When Third Mother Ji smiled, a cob wall appeared behind them suddenly. "Heixin Yama, give that boy to me. Or else, don't blame me for being rude to you!"


As soon as Third Mother Ji said that, a cold word "Dead" came from afar. Immediately, the cob wall collapsed and numerous giant trees were erected!

Turning around, Third Mother Ji shouted, "Lengmian Yama, you!"

Seeing his brother coming, Heixin Yama let out a sigh of relief. Third Mother Ji and the crazy old man all looked terrible. They could just see Heixin Yama carry Chu Nan towards Lengmian Yama.

The crazy old man immediately communicated with Third Mother Ji through eyes. Then they nodded at the same time, and stopped Heixin Yama!

"What? You still want to do it?" Heixin Yama shouted coldly!

Before Third Mother Ji and the crazy old man could answer, another voice came from the air. "It's so lively here. I must be here too."

As soon as he said that, a figure fell straight down from the air and landed in the middle of the four people. Those giant trees also turned into sawdust. Then he let out a hearty laughter. "We haven't had a fight in twenty years, right? Why don't we have a good fight today?"


Lengmian Yama was really cold, and his words were even more simple and clear. He took the lead in jumping back into the mountains, and the rest of them all followed him!

After they left, the people of Free Town went straight to the big pit on the ground. They all felt that horrible. "Five Martial Governors of Free Town are really extraordinary. They have done their best!"

"I wonder what they are fighting for?"

"I heard it was because of the boy who came to Free Town earlier."