Chapter 3 You're Scared

Chapter three: you're scared


The bare fist collided with the golden fire fist again, and Chu Nan was blown away again. This time, it was even further, more than 20 meters. Bai Zeyu laughed wildly. "Trash, how is it? Can you still raise your left arm?"

This time, Chu Nan was unable to lift his left arm as well as his right arm. The bones were dislocated and even broken. The pain was so intense that it seemed to have melted into the blood, seeped into the bones, and spread all over his body. The blood at the corner of his mouth did not seep out but flowed out like water...

Even so, he did not fall down. Chu Nan gathered the strength of his legs to stand up; although the movement was extremely awkward, in the end, Chu Nan stood up again, with a straightened backbone.

"Eh?" Bai Zeyu was obviously a little surprised that Chu Nan could stand up again. But then he laughed and said, "Well, not bad, you actually stood up again. Now then, fall down again!"

Chu Nan, burning with unyielding blood, charged at Bai Zeyu. This time, Bai Zeyu did not wait for Chu Nan to attack but rushed at Chu Nan at a faster speed. He said arrogantly, "Trash, this time, I will break your legs!"

Another Cracker fist with fire, Bai Zeyu gathered all the internal force in his body, even the dust on the ground was brought up by the fist wind. The golden flame of the True Sun fire knocked Chu Nan down to the ground, and then the sound of "snap" came from his legs.

"Trash, your legs are broken too. Can you still get up? Hahaha..." Bai Zeyu looked up at the sky and laughed. "My three punches could beat you half to death. In fact, trash, I have been merciful. Otherwise, with the strength of a high-level martial master that I have, I can kill you in one punch! Trash, accept your fate. Call me grandpa and kowtow three times. I'll let you go, okay?"

"You fucking daydream! I would rather die than bow to fate, not to mention to an ant like you!"

Chu Nan yelled with all his strength, ignoring the sharp pain from his whole body. He gritted his teeth and supported himself on the ground with his broken legs and broken arms. With the help of the rebound force from the ground, Chu Nan stood up suddenly!

"Eh? I didn't expect you, a loser, could really stand up in such a short time!" Bai Zeyu was more surprised. Looking at Chu Nan's sweaty face and crazy eyes, Bai Zeyu actually felt things were not that easy. His face darkened and he said ferociously, "Is it great that you can stand up? I'll let you know that you are worse than ants!"

It was still a Cracker fist, a huge golden fireball wrapped around Bai Zeyu's fist and slammed into Chu Nan's chest. Suddenly, Chu Nan's body was thrown out like a stone and hit on the ground. It smashed Chu Nan's whole body, making him felt like it was falling apart!

"Trash, can you still get up?" Bai Zeyu's tone was still sarcastic, but the sarcasm was mixed with a trace of worry. He worried that the trash would stand up again. His eyes fixed on the place where Chunan felled!

Ruoxue had already run to her Brother Chu Nan, but when she was only three steps away from Chu Nan, Ruoxue stopped. Because she saw the look in Brother Chunan's eyes. She was still young but she understood the meaning of that look. There were persistence, tenacity, and toughness in his look...

Yes, his hands were broken, his legs were broken, his body was broken, and even his heart did not seem to beat any more; but Chu Nan still had an unyielding will, an indomitable spirit, and the crazy determination of destruction if he could not stand straight!

The combination of will, spirit, and craziness only means nothing but one word: power!

Broken bones, so what?

Dislocated bones, so what?

Did broken bones mean being unable to stand up?

No! Never!

Broken bones, well, the broken bones with sharp thorns, could just insert into the ground, making his body more stable!

The bones were dislocated, no big deal. Anyway, the body was supported by bones. So whether it was small or big, dislocated or not, there was nothing different!

It was great that the body fell apart because as long as he stood up, he would not bend her back because of the sharp pain, and he would stand even more straight...

In this endless pain, Chu Nan's body stood upright between the heavens and the earth. His eyes were fixed on Bai Zeyu, and he strode forward, one blood print at a time, towards Bai Zeyu. No, it should be an attack!

"I am a martial warrior. Even if I die, I will die on the way to attack!"

When Ruoxue saw this tragic scene and the unyielding figure, she could not hold back her tears...