Chapter 30 A Little Fun

Chapter 30 A Little Fun

"A kid had caused the five Martial Governor to fight?"

During these discussions, there was a rumble on the back of the mountain, the five colors of gold, earth yellow, black, and so on, intertwined, or a huge knife flashed in the sky, or a raging fire, or the milky way's water. After eight hours of fighting, the mountain had been forced down by half, until dawn, the smoke of battle stopped.

The five of them sat in a circle, all in a mess, and Chu Nan was lying in the center!

"He's really a weirdo. He has no meridians, but he can carry 400 kilograms of heavy swords. This kid is mine. Whoever wants to get in the way will have to go through me first!" Jin Jue said loudly. As soon as he finished speaking, Third Mother Ji smiled and said, "Okay, count me in. I want this kid too!"


Although the grim-faced king of hell only said one word, the meaning was clear, that was he also wanted Chu Nan; the other four people were obviously used to the concise words that the grim-faced king of hell said.

"Hey, hey, hey, I found this kid first." The crazy old man got anxious. "You have to wait your turn, right?"

"I met him first." The voice of the black-hearted king of hell also sounded.

There was still no result of this argument. The five of them fell silent. After a long time, the crazy old man said, "This kid has no meridians, and he can't practice his Origin Force. Why are you fighting for him with the old man? I just want to make him strike the iron for me."

"Just striking the iron? In that case, I'll find someone else to do that for you. There's no Origin Force anyway!" Jin Jue said coldly and strangely. The crazy old man had to shut up.

Then there was silence again.

"All right, everyone knows what's going on. We all want to study this freak, let's stop playing those little tricks. When he wakes up, ask him who he wants to follow!"


A word popped out of the grim-faced king of hell's mouth, and the five Martial Governor began to wait!

Four hours later, Chu Nan woke up. The first feeling was the pain. The fire of silence was no joke. It was a world apart from the fire of poison. The second feeling was hunger, so hungry!

Chu Nan opened his eyes and saw the five people surrounding him. He had no idea what was going on. The black-hearted king of hell said, "Boy, you must be hungry. Come with me. I'll fill you up!"

The crazy old man didn't want to fall behind. "Boy, I'll give you that heavy sword!"

Third Mother Ji also said, "Little brother, you don't even have clothes. Sister will make you some clothes."

"Bah, Third Mother Ji, you've lived for over a hundred years. And you call yourself a sister. You really don't blush! Boy, come with me. I can make you stronger!" Jin Jue said loudly.

When Chu Nan heard Jin Jue's words, he was overjoyed. The only thing he could rely on now was power. It would be best if he could make his power stronger. Before he could answer, the grim-faced king of hell said another word: "Elixir!"

The crazy old man hurriedly said, "The old man will teach you how to refine!"

Chu Nan was also interested in refining. His father was an expert in refining. Before he could decide what to choose, the five of them started a new round of argument.

Listening to their argument, Chu Nan also understood what they were doing, and was even more overjoyed, because these five people happened to possess five Origin Force, and his body also needed to be tempered by them, if they could all...

Thinking of this, Chu Nan had a brilliant idea in his mind and said, "Seniors, can I ask you a few questions?"

"Fire away!" This time, all five of them said only a word like the grim-faced king of hell.

"Seniors, my meridians are completely destroyed. I can't train my Origin Force at all, and I can't learn martial arts from you. Why do you care so much about me?"

"Why? Have you ever seen a person who lives well without meridians?" Jin Jue was impetuous.

Chu Nan shook his head.

"So, we have to study you so that we can have some fun in our boring life!"

Chu Nan's eyes flashed. He had become the subject of other people's research. He endured his unhappiness and asked, "Can I be with you five seniors at the same time?"

The five of them were stunned. "Us at the same time?" They looked at each other, then the black-hearted king of hell said, "It seems that this is the only way. Otherwise, the five of us will be fighting for a few years, and there will still be no outcome."

The other four nodded and agreed to the plan, but just as they had solved this problem, another problem arose, who was the first one to follow, and for how long, in their words, who to study first, and study for how long!

After half a day of noise, they finally came to a conclusion, one person for three days; the last question was who to follow first. They handed it to Chu Nan, and Chu Nan pointed at the black-hearted king of hell because he was really hungry!

Seeing what happened, the cold face of the black-hearted king of hell unexpectedly broke into a rare smile, so he took Chu Nan down the mountain. Before he left, Jin Jue said, "After three days, we will have to go into the 100,000 mountains to check what happened. Everyone should be very clear about the importance of Shiwan Great Mountain to the Free Town!"

Hearing this, the others nodded with a heavy face.

Returning to the inn of the king of hell again, the black-hearted king of hell asked, "What's your name?"

Chu Nan hesitated for a while and said, "Lin Yun!" Chu Nan didn't say his real name. Everything that happened to him when he came to the Free Town was still a dream to him. He used Lin Yun as the homonym for the last two words of Nangong Lingyun.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Any meat?" Chu Nan did not try to be polite this time. Although the steamed bread tasted good before, the energy was too little, so it was faster to replenish himself with the meat!

"Come in with me."

The black-hearted king of hell took Chu Nan to the kitchen. "I'll cook as much as you can eat!"

"Thank you, senior." Chu Nan's face lit up. He picked up the meat that the black-hearted king of hell had put on the table and ate it. It didn't take him long to eat all the meat in the five plates.

As soon as he finished eating, the black-hearted king of hell gave him another piece of meat from the kitchen. Chu Nan let go of his belt and indulged himself with it. The meat that the black-hearted king of hell handed over was bigger and bigger. In the end, it was almost the whole Magical Beast.

After an hour of eating, Chu Nan burped and the black-hearted king of hell wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, "Are you full?"

"Almost. If there is more, I can eat it too."

Chu Nan was telling the truth. The grim-faced king of hell who saw this scene from behind said, "Awesome!" Then he immediately left.

"How do you feel about the meat you just ate?"

When Chu Nan looked back, he realized that every piece of meat he had just eaten tasted different, but they all had one thing in common: delicious, very delicious.

The black-hearted king of hell seemed to understand what he was thinking and said, "Since you are full, then you should do something for me now."


"Change your clothes and carry your heavy sword. First, fill up the water in the tank outside. Remember, the water you want to get is the water from the waterfall that falls down vertically to the pool!"

Chu Nan did not say anything. He changed his clothes and carried the heavy sword that weighed 400 kilograms on his back. He picked up two huge wooden buckets and walked towards the waterfall that the black-hearted king of hell said!

Looking at the back of Chu Nan, the black-hearted king of hell muttered, "Your existence is already a miracle. Will you bring us more of that?"

"The water from the waterfall that falls vertically to the pool?"

Chu Nan muttered softly, looking at the waterfall in front of him, which was a hundred feet high. The torrential water rushing down from the top, accompanied by the thunderous sound. The water crashed down, and immediately there were countless water flowers blooming, rising thick mist.

The current, which was like a beast, could be imagined how strong it was. Enough to hit the ground into a pool and hit the stone into the powders!