Chapter 31 Digging Iron And Burying Earth

Chapter thirty-one Making iron and burying earth

And Chu Nan was going to get the water from where the waterfall was most powerful!

Chu Nan was not afraid, not hesitant. He quickly took off his clothes, of course, he put the heavy sword aside, jumped into the water, and swam to the center. Just as he reached the center, Chu Nan felt suffocated by the impact of the waterfall!

The thunderous sound almost deafened him, and the powerful impact of the waterfall was going to crush him into pieces like those rocks!

In less than three minutes, Chu Nan struggled out of the waterfall and floated in the water, exposing his head with ragged breathing. His face was pale, and his whole body was slightly red as if blood were oozing under the skin.

"But for the Dragon Pill, I would have been killed in one hit, not to mention hanging on for 3 minutes." This thought flashed through Chu Nan's mind, and he took a deep breath. A look of determination flashed in his eyes. He swam under the waterfall again and let the rushing water hit him!

"Hang on, hang on!"

Chu Nan kept encouraging himself in his heart, and then he began to cultivate the Water Origin Force in . But as soon as he did, a sharp pain came from his body. Chu Nan even heard a sizzling sound. It was just like the feeling when a burning iron block suddenly fell into the water!

This time, Chu Nan did not persevere and went straight out of the waterfall, because he thought that water restricts fire, and yesterday he had just practiced quietus fire. These two elements were antagonistic. No wonder it hurt so much.

"Fire begets earth, earth begets gold, and gold begets water... In this case, maybe I should I will use Fire Origin Force to train my body first, then Earth Origin Force, followed by Metal Origin Force, and finally Water Origin Force..."

As Chu Nan spoke, he went back into the waterfall to enjoy the torture, but he did not practice his Water Origin Force. "Three days later, it will be the Lengmian yama, and then the crazy old man. From the crazy old man. Start from the crazy old man, I will use Five Elements Origin to replenish my body. Now, I'll just take advantage of all kinds of the environment to make my body strong enough!"

This time, Chu Nan persisted for seven minutes. After a break, he dived under the waterfall again...

Eight minutes!

Ten minutes!

Eleven minutes!

When the night was about to fall, Chu Nan could only hold on for eleven and a half minutes under the waterfall. He lay on the shore, facing the sky, and said, "As time goes on, every second of holding on is extremely difficult. I don't know when I can make it for twenty minutes!"

When he got his breath, Chu Nan took the bucket to the pool and filled it up with two buckets. After wiping off the slightly bloody sweat with his clothes, he carried the water and staggered toward Free Town with determination.

After pouring the water into the vat, the Heixin Yama appeared behind him again, his tone cold as usual, "The meat is ready for you!"

"Thank you, senior."

Although he heard that they were going to study him as a freak, and yet he didn't know what they were going to study, Chu Nan was very moved. Chu Nan didn't know what his movements under the waterfall was seen and witnessed by the five Martial, including the Heixin Yama.

After a big meal, the Heixin Yama took Chu Nan to a small room where there were a bunch of wild rabbits. Heixin Yama said, "Since you like to use heavy swords, then use heavy swords to peel off the skin of these wild rabbits and separate the flesh from the bones. Better not to break the bone!"

After that, without waiting for Chu Nan's reply, Heixin Yama left. Before he reached the door, he said, "If you can't separate the flesh from the bone perfectly by tomorrow morning, you won't have any meal tomorrow!"

Chu Nan looked at the wild rabbits all over the ground. They had no wounds on their bodies, but they were obviously dead. He looked at the heavy sword in his hand. Using this sword to separate flesh and bones? This Heixin Yama is really odd. Being a chef, but he practiced Water Origin Force. They said they wanted to study me, but actually asked me to skin and separate flesh and bones. What does he want to do? Is he teaching me to be a chef?"

Chu Nan had a lot of doubts like this, but the most important thing at the moment was to separate a rabbit's flesh and blood tonight, or else there would be no meal tomorrow!

Dissecting a rabbit with a heavy sword is like asking a giant use an embroidery needle.

The first time Chu Nan cut the rabbit, although with a very light force, the hare was still bloody!

Instead of cutting directly, Chu Nan slit the second hare with the tip of the sword. This time, he reached its throat, but with a shake of its hand, the hare's bone broke...

As for the third hare, Chu Nan was even more careful. Finally, he slit down to its belly, but just as he was about to relieve, the bone broke again.

Fortunately, Chu Nan knew that he was different from others from a young age and could bear loneliness. Even though he knew that his meridians were completely severed, he was still diligent and persistent in practicing the "Fireworks Sutra" and" Mang Mountain Sutra". He had extraordinary patience.

Otherwise, at this moment, Chu Nan must be upset, angry, and unable to hold on.

With a long sigh, Chu Nan grabbed the fourth rabbit...

The eighth, the twentieth, the thirty-sixth...

It was not until the eightieth rabbit that Chu Nancai skinned one rabbit completely. By then, it was already midnight!

Chu Nan didn't dare to waste even a second, he hurried to remove the bones and flesh, but it was a thousand times more difficult than skinning; even if he breathed a little harder, the bones would break...

Chu Nan tried 200 rabbits, but it was still unsuccessful. The bones on his back were fine, but the bones on his abdomen and neck were too brittle and difficult...

Heixin Yama came in, looked at the ground, and without a word, gathered a big Ice Sword in his hand. He picked up a rabbit in the air, within a few moves, and the big Ice Sword disappeared, and the skin, flesh, and bone were separated. There was no flesh on the skin or the bone at all. And the flesh still maintained the shape of a rabbit!

"Go and carry the water!" Heixin Yama said and left.

Chu Nan was dumbfounded!

Chu Nan went to the waterfall with an empty stomach. In his mind, he kept thinking about the amazing moves of Heixin Yama!

Diving into the waterfall and enduring the enormous pressure, Chu Nan still thought about where did Heixin Yama start the first cut, and how to use it to cut the skin and flesh; In the consciousness space, Chu Nan imitated Heixin Yama's movements over and over again...

Chu Nan was so focused that he actually hung on for fifteen minutes under the waterfall before reaching the limit of the excruciating pain. A moment later, Chu Nan entered the waterfall again. Under the pressure of the excruciating pain, Chu Nan remembered the moves clearly as if they were carved into his bones.

In this cycle, by noon, Chu Nan had been able to stay under the waterfall for 17 minutes. After filling the bucket with water and went out of the waterfall, Chu Nan did not lie on the ground to catch his breath. Instead, he picked up the heavy sword and practiced the scene from the consciousness space...

The first time, it was still a little rusty, and he could not fully present the scene in his mind; but after dozens of times, it was almost the same; seeing this, Chu Nan was happy, and he moved the heavy sword faster.Practice to make perfect!

At the top of the mountain far away, Heixin Yama saw all of this, and a smile flashed across his cold face.

Chu Nan brought the water back to the Yama inn and immediately entered the room. He found a hare and waved the heavy sword in the air. After Chu Nan collected the sword, the hare had already been separated. However, unlike Heixin Yama's outcome, the rabbit's flesh was minced.

"Dinner." The voice of Heixin Yama came from outside. Chu Nan ran out quickly. He was starving. When he ran into the kitchen, he saw that the meat on the table was all rabbit meat. Chu Nan swallowed hard and grabbed a rabbit in his left hand and another in his right hand. After a bite from each side, he found that they tasted different. "There are so many rabbits. Arent' they going to be of different flavors?"