Chapter 32 Rubble

Chapter 32 Gravels

One hour later, Chu Nan became full. But he was even more surprised, "There were more than a hundred rabbits. But every rabbit tasted different!"

After the meal, Heixin Yama again asked Chu Nan to go under the waterfall; and in the evening, he still asked Chu Nan to separate hares in a way that must meet the standards Heixin Yama had required!

The second day just passed like this!

When the night came on the third day, Chu Nan could stay under the waterfall for 20 minutes, and his skills to separate hares had also achieved 80% success!

Just after Chu Nan poured the water into the jar, Lengmian Yama appeared behind him like a ghost and spat out a word, "Go!"

Chu Nan followed Lengmian Yama and left with him. Looking at Lengmian Yama's back, Chu Nan thought to himself, "He only speaks one word with every sentence? How weird!"

When they reached the destination, Lengmian Yama threw him a book and said, "Remember!"

Chu Nan flipped through the book without a cover, which described a variety of medicines with illustrations; Chu Nan understood that Lengmian Yama wanted him to memorize all the contents in this book!

Although Chu Nan didn't understand what did they think of him in their studies, Chu Nan understood that it would be useful for him to memorize these things; so Chu Nan became keen to memorize all kinds of exotic flowers and rare herbs described in the book!

The next day, as Chu Nan was memorizing the information about all kinds of herbs, the five great Martial, as well as other martial experts who ranked above the martial master in Free Town, all headed for the Shiwan Great Mountain.

These people didn't come back until late at night!

Chu Nan was compelled by the desire to ask them what the result was and whether they had found anything. But he considered that it would be in vain to ask things from Lengmian Yama, as Lengmian Yama would only utter one word in one sentence. Who would be able to guess things from one word?

Lengmian Yama did not talk to Chu Nan either, instead, he just requested Chu Nan to read the book. If Chu Nan was hungry he could go to the kitchen, where delicious food had been prepared by Heixin Yama.

This kind of lifestyle lasted for three days. Three days later, Chu Nan went to Crazy Old Man's iron workshop. Chu Nan had believed that the Crazy Old Man should be more conversable. But he did not expect that the Crazy Old Man also became quiet. He just threw to Chu Nan a piece of iron weighing 50 Jins and a hammer. He ordered Chu Nan to strike the 50-Jin iron into one Jin!

Seeing this, Chu Nan hid all his doubts in his heart, doubts such as what kind of place it was, how was the Nangong Family, including his plan to ask the Crazy Old Man to conjure fire to let him practice the Fire Original Force. He just struck the iron fiercely, one strike after another!

At the same time, Chu Nan also began to cultivate the Fire Original Force, which was relatively strong in the iron workshop.

Chu Nan tried his best to strike the iron, also he was quite familiar with striking iron, after all he grew up watching his father striking iron; so it only took one day for him to strike the 50-Jin iron into one piece of iron that weighed one Jin. The Crazy Old Man was stunned by this, then sighed, "If it's practicing Martial Sutra, then it should be..."

Before the Crazy Old Man finished his words, he gave Chu Nan a hundred-Jin iron straight away, asking Chu Nan to strike it into one piece that weighed half Jin!

Still, Chu Nan did as required. It took three days for Chu Nan to strike 300-Jin iron into one piece of iron that weighed two Jins. Meanwhile, his Fire Original Force had been nearly 50% stronger than before.

Then Chu Nan visited Third Mother Ji, who did things in a more straightforward way. Third Mother Ji buried Chu Nan with earth, gave Chu Nan a piece of unique clod, and said to him, "If you can't stand it, crush the clod with your hands!"

Chu Nan really couldn't stand it anymore. It was the depressive atmosphere in Free Town that made him unable to stand it. He had not witnessed the lively scenes in Free Town any longer during these days, and the Free Town suddenly became so quiet!

However, Chu Nan kept these things only to himself. For him, the most important thing right now was to strengthen his strength. He was buried by the earth and could hardly breathe. It made him feel that he would die the next second. It was under the shadow of death that Chu Nan tried his best to practice Earth Original Force, generating the powerful Earth Original Force to refine his body...

On the other side, Third Mother Ji, Crazy Old Man, and the other three persons gathered together again. Jin Jue said, "This could be the biggest crisis in our Free Town. Maybe if we could not get through this, Free Town will be ruined. Do you guys have any good ideas?"

No one answered, there was only silence. After a while, Third Mother Ji said, "Must we watch Free Town destroyed? Must we leave it this time?"

"Leave? Where can we go? Although it is a big world we are living in, there is no extra place for us people in Free Town! What did the people outside call Free Town? Town of sin!" The Crazy Old Man said in a self-mockery way.

"Stay!" Lengmian Yama said, only one word again!

Jin Jue said, "Fine. We have been pushed to a way of no return anyway. We will take one step at a time. At worst, we can go to hell together with them!"

The five people nodded with a heavy heart. Heixin Yama then suddenly said, "What do you think of this kid named Lin Yun?"

"Not bad!"

For the first time, Lengmian Yama spoke out two words. And the rest of four stared at him with surprise...

"Hold on, Chu Nan, you must hold on. You do not have an extra choice. You have to go forward, clench your teeth, and go forward. There is no other way but to go forward! There is only death except going forward!"

"Chu Nan, you must stay sober if you want to be a strong man!"

"Chu Nan, you cannot pass out if you want to go back home again!"

"Chu Nan, you cannot pass out if you want to revenge for your teacher!"

"Chu Nan, you cannot pass out and cannot get suffocated if you want to find her, and take responsibility for her!"


Buried by the earth, Chu Nan was already at his last gasp. But he kept telling himself, over and over again, that he could not faint because he had reasons not to!

As such, even if blood stasis happened all over his body, even if his heartbeat was already very, very slow, Chu Nan was still practicing Earth Original Force. Although for Chu Nan every minute and every second was passed in suffering, he was very excited. Because he felt that the Earth Original Force was accumulating in his body. the strength of which was getting stronger and stronger...

Third Mother Ji stood on the ground, who exhibited a serious appearance and murmured, "He's really a freak. His breath has already been so weak while still holding on, and he has not crushed the clod. What on earth made him fight so hard?"

It had been three days, three days as a whole since Chu Nan was buried by the earth. He was still buried in the earth and had not come out!

Even before Jin Jue's presence, his roaring had been heard already, "Third Mother Ji, three days have passed. Give me the man!"

"What are you yelling at? Wait for me!"

Third Mother Ji swang one of her arms and stopped Jin Jue on his way. Jin Jue became furious, "Third Mother Ji, how dare you break your promise?"

"Don't panic!"

Jin Jue was about to yell at her again. But when he saw that Third Mother Ji was serious, he then couldn't help asking, "What's wrong?"

"It has been three days!"

"What three days?" Jin Jue was confused. Soon he understood the reason and asked, "You mean, that freak has stayed under the earth for three days?"

Third Mother Ji nodded.

"Three days, and not for once did he come out?"

Third Mother Ji shook her head.

"Freak, freak indeed!" Jin Jue said, "Looks like I'm going to change my old plan. I can't treat him like an ordinary person!"

Third Mother Ji turned around and asked, "Have you checked his background?"

"I can't find it. It seems that he came from underground!" Jin Jue said. He pondered for a moment and then said, "But a few days ago, people from Poison Sect came to visit once."

"Poison Sect?"

Third Mother Ji frowned seriously. Suddenly she became very surprised and reached one of her hands out to pull Chu Nan out of the earth, "Boy, are you really going to die?"

At the moment Chu Nan's face was blue and his breath could not be weaker. Third Mother Ji carried Chu Nan straight to the Yama inn and threw him in front of Lengmian Yama, who did not say a word seeing this. Lengmian Yama took out a pill and pushed it into Chu Nan's mouth. He then conjured and spread the efficacy of the pill all over Chu Nan's body.