Chapter 33 Burn Me with Fire

Chapter 33 Burn Me with Fire

This elixir of the cold-faced king of hell was indeed powerful. Within half an hour, Chu Nan woke up and saw the cold-faced king of hell. He asked, "Why am I here?"

Jin Jue saw that Chu Nan was awake and asked the cold-faced king of hell, "Is he okay?"


As soon as the words "cold-faced king of hell" was uttered, Jin Jue took Chu Nan away. The place Jin Jue stayed in was a little far from Free Town and was located in the mountains. Jin Jue threw Chu Nan to the ground and pointed at a huge rock five feet high and three feet wide in front of him and said," can you see that huge rock?"

Chu Nan nodded.

"If you want to toughen your body and harden your skin, break that boulder with your fist!" With that, Jin Jue disappeared.

"If you want to toughen your body and harden your skin, break that boulder with your fist..." Chu Nan repeated it twice and suddenly thought of something. He looked at the boulder, and his eyes flashed with determination and coldness. He walked under the boulder. His right hand condensed into a fist and flew at the boulder with all his strength!


A crisp sound came from Chu Nan's right hand. It was the sound of bones. Chu Nan gritted his teeth, his left hand clenched into a fist. He once again flew towards the boulder and a fist-sized pit was created on top of the boulder!

"It seems to be a lot less powerful?"

Chu Nan whispered as he thought of the punch he had on the mountain. "Is there anything wrong with this boulder? No matter how tough a rock is, it must be crushed under my fist!"

Chu Nan's hard voice came out, and he raised his fist to strike again!

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Dozens of times later, blood oozed from Chu Nan's bones. Streaks of blood...

Chu Nan's flesh and bones were strong enough, but Chu Nan used a method that was almost self-destructive and masochistic to exercise his skin. The strength was so strong and fierce. Every punch condensed the strength of his whole body as well as his crazy will!

That was a cruel way to practice. But to Chu Nan, it was a very wise way!

Chu Nancai stopped until the fists had bled. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. Chu Nan ignored the sharp pain from the fists and punched the boulder again...

While bombarding, Chu Nan followed the plan and was also practicing his golden power!

In the distance, Jin Jue looked at the dusty fog and was shocked. "A freak is a freak. He is so powerful. If his dick became a divine weapon, he would be a horrible existence even if he didn't practice martial arts!"

Just as he was thinking about it, a roar broke and sounded loud. Then Jin Jue saw the rubble flying and his face turned grim. "Could it be that the freak broke the boulder so quickly?"

After a while, Jin Jue came to the scene and saw Chu Nan standing up straight. The huge rock in front of him had been crushed under his feet. Jin Jue said in his heart, "It seems that I still underestimated this freak."

"Not bad, not bad! In just three hours, you smashed this boulder. In three days, you can smash all the boulders here!"

Chu Nan looked around. There were many boulders around, which were bigger than the one he had just smashed. Chu Nan did not say much either. He took a firm step and walked to the next boulder. His body was running with Gold Origin Force. He raised his fist and threw it at the boulder!

In the open mountain, there was the sound of another collision...

Time flied.

In a flash, Chu Nan stayed in Free Town for half a year!

In the past six months, Chu Nan had been suffering from pain both physically and psychologically. But Chu Nan had grown stronger from the pain!

Now, Chu Nan could train his Water Origin Power under the waterfall and stayed half an hour at ease. The animals he broke down also went from little rabbits to first level beast...

Not only did Chu Nan memorize the thousands of herbs recorded in the book, but he also wrote down a book about the core of the beast, the inner core of the beast!

The heavy sword on Chu Nan's body was no longer eight hundred thousand catties, but one thousand two hundred catties. He could break five hundred Jin of iron into half a catty within one day!

Chu Nan could also be buried 50 meters deep in the soil and stayed on the ground for three days and three nights.

Chu Nan did not use his fists to break the stone. He used his shoulders, back, knees, feet, and every part of his body that he could use...

These painful training made Chu Nan's skin bronzed and his muscles slightly bulged. He became very powerful. Of course, that was just a change on the surface. In his body, Chu Nan felt his Fire Origin Force. He was about to finish his first training. And he also practiced other Origin Force a lot!

The five great Martial Governors frowned their brows. When they looked at Chu Nan, they were full of praise. And often after that, they sighed again and again. The reason they sighed, of course, was that Chu Nan could not practice martial arts. Otherwise, with the strength of their five great Martial, Chu Nan could definitely be trained to be a stronger person than them!

However, none of them knew that Chu Nan could actually practice martial arts, nor did they know that Chu Nan was secretly filling his body with Origin Force!

After over half-a-year's stay, Chu Nan also knew that Free Town was an ungoverned place, which was surrounded by the three countries of Qing Kingdom and North Qi kingdom. However, it was a very important military stronghold. The three countries wanted to make Free Town their territory all the time. They would definitely do it without hesitation if there stood a chance!

There was nothing else in Free Town except forests, valleys and basins. The land was barren and the climate was weird. It was cold and dry in winter. And it was hot and wet in summer.

Even so, half a year ago in Free Town, it was bustling and flourishing like a city. The Free Town was close to the Shiwan Great Mountain, therefore, there were countless magical beasts in it. Countless transactions occurred thanks to the existence of those magical beasts. The things transacted included magical animal skin, magical animal meat, magical animal core and so on...

In addition, at the deepest part of the Shiwan Great Mountain, there were valuable natural resources. Therefore, weapons and elixirs appeared. and then inns appeared...

And the most important reason was that Free Town was called the town of sin by the people outside. It was said that everyone living in Free Town had a mysterious history. But they all had the same characteristics, that is, outside the town of freedom, there was no place for them!

Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle, accompanied by the disappearance of the beasts six months ago, slowly disappeared. It was no longer as busy as it was in the past. Without the beasts, the development there slowed down and businessmen no longer visited Free Town. After all what happened, many people in Free Town thought that after so many years, no one would murder them, therefore, they gradually left Free Town...

However, there are still a large number of people who stayed in Free Town. To them, Free Town was their home, such as the Lengmian Yama.

Chu Nan heard all those from that old freak. Chu Nan knew that Free Town was thousands of miles away from Bai family village. He also knew that Nangong Family was the head of the three great families in the country of the North Qi. And he knew that Tianyi Sect was even more powerful than the three great families and the royal family of North Qi kingdom. All the sects in North Qi kingdom were all following the lead of Tianyi Sect!

Chu Nan, who knew that his enemy was so powerful, did not twinkle his eyes. Instead, he occupied himself in hellish cruel training even more recklessly!

Half a year later, what Chu Nan still didn't understand was why the five people wanted to study him. On the contrary, Chu Nan felt that they were very good to him. He felt a sense of belonging from those five guys. Even when he was with the cold-faced king of hell who only said one word in every sentence, Chu Nan felt very relaxed.