Chapter 34 The Art of Seeking Death

Chapter 34 the Deadly Martial Sutra

Chu Nan was most grateful to the Heixin Yama among all others. The food he ate every day was all prepared by the Heixin Yama, and he was also a big eater. Chu Nan almost finished all the ingredients that were stored in the inn of the Yama. There was still no trace of any demonic beasts in the Shiwan Great Mountain after he finished all the ingredients. However, Chu Nan could still get access to all kinds of demonic beasts' meat every day. Chu Nan was aware that he could have his supplies all because of the Heixin Yama, who didn't mind going through the trouble of traveling a long distance to secure it for him.

This was the day that Chu Nan needs to shadow the Crazy Old Man. As usual, The Crazy Old Man pulled out a large piece of iron and let Chu Nan smash it. Chu Nan took it but did not follow the order. Instead, he said, "Senior, what level of martial arts do you think I am now?"

The Crazy Old Man narrowed his eyes and said, "You can be considered as a mid-rank martial master. After all, you can only rely on strength. You wouldn't be able to defeat the ones who can use the Original Force, especially when they doubled their Force with a variety of other martial arts skills."

"A mid-rank martial master?" Chu Nan should feel happy about such an evaluation. After all, it only took him half a year to become a mid-rank martial master from a nobody. However, Chu Nan's expression was heavy. A mid-rank martial master was still too weak if he wants to defeat the Nangong Family and the Tianyi Sect. He was even a realm lower than Bai Zeyu, who was just a high-level martial master.

After considering it for a while, Chu Nan said solemnly, "Senior, Could you please do me a favor?"

"Well, kid, you hardly ever ask for any favor. Spill it out; what do you need me for?"

"I want you to burn me!"

"Burn you?" The Crazy Old Man's face was full of confusion.

"Yeah, the purple flame would do."

"The purple flame? Kid, are you asking me to burn you with the Ture Fire?"

"Yes, please."

The Crazy Old Man glanced up at Chu Nan and asked, "Kid, are you crazy? I know your body is strong. But it is the Ture Fire that we are talking about! Its power is not to be looked down on!"

In order to demonstrate exactly how powerful it was, the Crazy Old Man took a piece of iron, and the Ture Fire appeared on his hands. The iron had become a small piece of metal at no time. "Did you see it?" the Crazy Old Man asked.

Chu Nan nodded and said firmly, "Yes!"

Seeing the serious expression on Chu Nan's face, the Crazy Old Man said, "Then, give me a reason!"

"I think it might be able to intrigue my Original Force!"

"What?" The Crazy Old Man was stunned on the spot. The little piece of iron in his hand fell to the ground without him realizing it. Then he asked, "Are you sure?"

"You think you can stimulate the Original Force?"

The Crazy Old Man was so shocked that didn't move for a long time.

The Crazy Old Man still could not believe Chu Nan even when he saw Chu Nan nodding his head seriously. For all these years, he had never heard of anyone without meridians who could still have the Original Force.

The Crazy Old Man started to laugh all of a sudden. "You can survive without meridians, why can't you stimulate the Original Force?"

As soon as he finished speaking, Chu Nan was surrounded by a raging purple flame. Chu Nan sat cross-legged, and the voice of the Crazy Old Man came into his ears. "Kid, Let me know if it gets too unbearable!"

Surrounded by the purple flame, Chu Nan nodded.

The Ture Fire was not as powerful as the Nirvana Fire. However, it was still the top strength that Chu Nan could beat awake!

One minute had passed by. Then ten minutes, an hour, two hours had gone.

After ten hours of painful experience, Chu Nan trained his whole body with the Fire Original Force. He could feel the Fire Original Force swelling every part of his body!

"How do you feel, kid?"

The Crazy Old Man asked. His face was no longer ruddy at the moment but turned pale. Obviously, the ten hours of performing the Ture Fire had consumed lots of his Original Force.

"Senior, I can still hold on!"

Chu Nan gritted his teeth and replied. The Crazy Old Man thought to himself, "Should I had known earlier, I would have asked for more pills from the Lengmian Yama! This kid is such a weirdo..."

Of course, he didn't mean what he said. The Crazy Old Man was actually quite happy. "If the kid can stimulate his Original Force out, then he can learn my art of refining weapons!"

Chu Nan was frowning at the moment. He thought to himself. "My body was trained with the Fire Original Force, but why can't I perform the Original Force? I know that meridians are like streams, and the body is like the earth. Is it true that to use the Original Force, I need to rush the earth with the streams and get water from the streams? Is it not possible to directly have water from the earth? Or is it useless because I was only trained by one attribute of the Original Force, but not all five of them?"

Chu Nan was so concentrated on thinking about stimulating the Original Force that even the pain was not that distinct.

Chu Nan suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood until the Crazy Old Man felt something was wrong and stopped performing the Ture Fire. The blood splashed on the heavy sword. The Mad Old Man took him and hurried to the Lengmian Yama's place.

The Crazy Old Man briefed the Lengmian Yama with the simplest language. The Lengmian Yama grabbed Chu Nan's hand, forced the Wood Original Force in, and examined it carefully but couldn't find out why. He frowned deeply, fed Chu Nan the pill, and said two words: "Discuss Now!"

This was the second time that the Lengmian Yama said two words because of Chu Nan. The meaning was to gather the five people and try to find a solution.

Soon the five people were gathered in the Lengmian Yama's territory after the news was out.

"Crazy Old Man, you said this weirdo was burned by you for eight hours with the Ture Fire before he fainted?" Jin Jue said with a doubtful face.

"Why do I have to lie to you?"

"Well, then even if he can't stimulate his Original Force, this weirdo would be a terrifying existence with his strong body strength alone. How many people do you think on earth can take the burning of the true fire for Sixteen hours?"

"The person who touches the Ture Fire would be dead if he is below the level of the later-phase martial master!" The Heixin Yama said coldly.

"Our original plan was just to see how strong his body power could be, and also to see what kind of existence he is without the Original Force and his meridians!" Then The Third Mother Ji made a bold assumption. "If Lin Yun's body is trained to the extreme and he's not even afraid of the Nihility Fire, then he..."

"We have to ask him when he wakes up. The kid has more secrets than we do!" Jin Jue said.

"Yes, look at the thing hanging around his neck. It's not even damaged by the True Fire!" The Crazy Old Man echoed.

"Don't you think that thing resembles the legendary dragon scale?"

The five of them fell silent and stared at the mysterious Chu Nan who had accidentally intruded into the Free Town. They were wondering what his arrival would bring to the Free Town!

Chu Nan finally woke up after four hours and saw five pairs of eyes staring at him, full of questions. Chu Nan knew at once what they were wondering.

Chu Nan said, "Five seniors, I was cut off my meridians since I was a child. Later on, because of an adventure, my meridians were completely gone. I accidentally got a Martial Sutra book saying that I could train the Original Force without meridians. As long as I found the right way, I could stimulate my Original Force!"

"What is the nature of the Martial Sutra?" Asked the Heixin Yama.

Chu Nan shook his head and said, "It was neutral! But the Martial Sutra said it had to be trained with the five attributes, which are of wood, water, fire, and earth!"

"In that case, isn't that all-attribute?"

The five people were so shocked after Jin Jue said this. On the Tianwu Continent land, it could be counted as good quality if a person had two attributes; if a person had three attributes, it could be counted as upper-level quality; a four-attribute person was unheard of!

But there was a person who is equivalent to a five-attribute existence right in front of them. How could they not be surprised?

Chu Nan pondered for a long time and said, "Thank you all for taking care of me for the past six months..."

"Don't forget, kid. We saw you as a bit of our fun in life."