Chapter 35 Collect Blood

Chapter 35 Blood Collection

Chu Nan did not answer that, but said, "That's what the Martial Sutra said..." Then Chu Nan recited the Reverse Qiankun.

After they heard that, Third Mother Ji sighed, "It's not cultivation but trying to kill yourself!"

Jin Jue and the others nodded. Lengmian Yama said, "You are too hard on yourself!"

"It was no wonder that you try so hard!" The crazy old man sighed.

"I hope you can help me finish refining the Origin force of five attributes!" Chu Nan knelt on the ground and said sincerely. To a certain extent, Chu Nan had already regarded these five people as his masters!

These five people looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

"Since you are not afraid of death, it is kind of fate for you to come to Free Town and meet us. Then we will help you and witness this miracle!" Jin Jue put it bluntly.

"There are inter-promoting relations in Five Elements. You have just finished refining Fire Origin Force. Then the next is Earth Origin Force. Are you ready for it?" Third Mother Ji asked, with her eyes filled with affection. She remembered how Chu Nan kept his resolve when buried underground!

Chu Nan sat cross-legged and said firmly, "I'm ready!"

When Chu Nan was buried underground, although it was extremely difficult for him to breathe and he even suffered from the danger of suffocating, he could still persist.

But when Third Mother instilled the strong Earth Origin Force into Chu Nan's body, he immediately fainted in pain. Blood oozed from his eyes, nose, and mouth.

Lengmian Yama immediately stepped forward. He let him take the pill. Jin Jue said, "Third Mother Ji, what are you doing? Do you want him to die here?"

"Isn't this the way how he cultivated Martial Sutra? The more painful it is, the more likely it is to succeed..." Third Mother Ji argued with a lack of confidence.

"But you can't just let him die in a short while!"

"How did I know this would happen? He can be buried 50 meters underground for three days. Why now..."

"Then why don't you think about whether it's the same Earth Origin Force as the Earth and you cultivate? Is that the same thing? You are the Martial Governor and are still at the peak of the later stage. You would be enough to be the head of a small sect. Who could stand it if you use all your strength?" The crazy old man complained.

"Okay. I'll just pay attention to it next time." After listening to Chu Nan's words, Third Mother Ji was a little anxious to see if he could succeed. She was so excited that she did it with all the strength.

A few more hours passed. Chu Nan woke up and sat cross-legged again. "Senior, you can do it now."

Third Mother Ji didn't say anything. This time, she slowly instilled the Earth Origin Force into Chu Nan's body, and then slowly exerted her strength...

Even so, Chu Nan felt that suffocation was hundreds of times heavier than that in the dirt. It was the suffocation from the inside of his body. It seemed to have soaked through his first cell. The reason why he fainted earlier was that the strong Earth Origin Force instantly suffocated every part of his body, including his consciousness...

Third Mother Ji saw that Chu Nan's complexion was getting more and more livid. His bronze-colored skin was turning to bruise, and his whole body couldn't stop twitching. She asked, "Can you stand it?"

"Yes. You can use more strength!"

"You want more?" They were stunned. Jin Jue said, "The Martial Sutra is not something that ordinary people can cultivate. People all say that driving oneself into the fatal position and he will come out alive. But by cultivating the Martial Sutra, after driving yourself into the fatal position, you may not come out alive!"

Third Mother Ji added more strength. Chu Nan trembled even more. These five people even saw Chu Nan's muscles shaking in waves!

An hour later, Chu Nan, with blood oozing from the corner of his mouth, said, "Please add more strength!"

It was so silent in the room. Third Mother Ji did what she asked.

Three hours later, Chu Nan requested more strength again.

At that moment, Chu Nan had been forced to bleed from all his pores by the Earth Origin Force. The crazy old man said, "I don't know what he is suffering from. To be honest, I only admired two people in my life. One is Devil Dao, who had been famous in the Tianwu Continent for decades of years. If he hadn't been killed by the traitor, Devil Dao would have been the Martial Saint. Another one is this boy. He is firmer and more tenacious than the ten-thousand-year-old refined iron..."

The crazy old man did not know that the two people he admired were just the master and his apprentice!

Lengmian Yama, seeing the blood flowing out of Chu Nan's body, his eyes suddenly brightened. He reached out his hand to collect all the blood in a bottle, then took the bottle under his nose and sniffed it non-stop...

"Lengmian Yama, what are you doing? Are you even bloodthirsty?" Jin Jue looked at what Lengmian Yama did and asked in doubt.

Lengmian Yama said a word, "Freak!"

"What? Is he a freak? Is there something wrong with his blood?"


Lengmian Yama put the blood away like a treasure, and then focused on collecting the blood from Chu Nan's body, so as not to spare a drop!

The blood in Chu Nan's body was indeed very strange. The strong Dragon Pill Origin Force had transformed Chu Nan's hematopoietic bone marrow at that time. Then he drank so much blood and ate so much meat. The blood that came out of Chu Nan's body, although not dragon blood, was also very extraordinary!

It wasn't until dark that Chu Nan had Third Mother Ji instill her strength five times to refine his whole body with the Earth Origin Force and reach the state of saturation!

After taking a few pills, Chu Nan did not even rest. He let Jin Jue exert Gold Origin Force into his body!

The fire generated earth, and earth generated gold.

The Fire Origin Force was raging like it was going to burn everything. The Earth Origin Force was strong like it was going to suffocate everything. But the Gold Origin Force was sharp and it was going to crush everything!

With the experience of what Third Mother Ji did before, Jin Jue was not reckless. He controlled his strength well and said, "Freak, I know you try so hard, but don't flaunt your superiority!"

Chu Nan nodded and carefully felt the pain in his body. Gold Origin Force was indeed the most powerful attribute of attack. Even if Chu Nan's body had been refined by the Earth Origin Force, and his defensive power was extraordinary, the moment when Gold Origin Force entered into his body, Chu Nan immediately felt the cutting pains!

Chu Nan also knew that the Gold Origin Force was related to the Martial Sutra that Jin Jue cultivated. It was probably also the Martial Sutra of the Xuan level!

However, the pain was not enough for Chu Nan. What Chu Nan wanted was the pain of facing death; therefore, Chu Nan said, "Senior, not enough!"

Jin Jue concentrated his energy and increased the Gold Origin Force. At the same time, in Jin Jue's mind, the figure of Chu Nan hitting with his fist and leaning against a huge rock emerged...

"Senior, not enough!"

Chu Nan's voice rang out in pain again!

Third Mother Ji looked at Chu Nan and really wanted to say, "If you really can't do it, just give up. Anyway, you are***strong enough. Ordinary people can't bully you!" However, she could not say it out. She had no right to stop Chu Nan, who was so committed, from chasing his dreams.

Lengmian Yama was still focused on collecting blood, and the light in his eyes did not dissipate.

Gold Origin Force destroyed Chu Nan's flesh and blood tissue as if it wanted to strangle everything into pieces. But once Chu Nan adapted to the pain at a certain stage, he would ask Jin Jue to increase the input of the Gold Origin Force.

Once and once again, darkness turned to dawn. Gold Origin Force also finished refining Chu Nan's body. Chu Nan took the pills and did not rest for a moment. He turned around and bowed to the Heixin Yama. "Thank you, senior."

"Do you choose outside or inside?"


Chu Nan replied without hesitation!

A man must be cruel to himself!

But Chu Nan was so cruel to himself. Chu Nan did not ask Heixin Yama to use the Water Origin Force that can make people sleep, but directly let him use the Xuanyin water.

After Heixin Yama's Xuanyin water condensed into ice and congealed into a sword, it was enough to act as a counterweight to the nirvana fire of the crazy old man!