Chapter 36 Cataclysmic Change

Chapter 36 cataclysm

However, Chu Nan was so fearless that he let the Yin water into his body!

Just after being swept away by the sharp Gold Origin Force, Chu Nan felt the Water Origin Force of the Yin water directly froze him the moment it entered his body, as if even his thoughts were frozen.

The blood on Chu Nan's body no longer seeped out. Seeing this situation, Lengmian Yama even said "Ah", which caused others rolled eyes to him.

Chu Nan, who was practicing the Martial Sutra of Reverse Qiankun, did not use the Fire Origin Force in his body to attack, but endured it, gritting his teeth and trying to bear it.

This time, Chu Nan did not ask more Yin water, because it was too strong!

After trembling for a whole day, Chu Nan looked at Lengmian Yama.

Chu Nan already had four natures in his body: fire, earth, gold, and water. He only needed Wood Origin Force now.

Originally, Wood Origin Force had very strong functions of healing, repairing, and even regeneration. The power of attack was relatively weak!

However, as soon as the Wood Origin Force entered Chu Nan's body, Chu Nan felt that the sharp pain was a hundred times more severe than the thousands of cuts made by Gold Origin Force.

But this kind of pain was a process of growth. Just like a chrysalis breaking out of a cocoon, it needed to experience some unbearable pain, before it could feather into a butterfly and swim among the flowers!

Of course, only when he could bear it, ccould he have a new life; if he couldn't bear it, then he could only die!

The blood on Chu Nan's body was not oozing, nor was it flowing like a stream of blood, but a splash, a burst...

Even his bone was cracking!

So, it was imaginable what kind of pain this was!

Lengmian Yama also controlled the Wood Origin Force wholeheartedly, because he knew that if anything went wrong, this miracle would be ruined in his hands.

For this reason, Lengmian Yama, who loved Chu Nan's blood, didn't pay attention to Chu's blood. Suddenly, he said: "Take it!"

Knowing what he meant, Heixin Yama reached out to grab his pill bottle and collected Chu Nan's blood for him. The crazy old man and others also helped to collect it. Jin Jue took the blood and imitated Lengmian Yama. He smelled it and said, "His blood smells good."

With that, Jin Jue really drank it!

As soon as the blood entered his stomach, Jin Jue immediately felt a strong force of medicine spread out, and his face changed greatly. Of course, it was because of joy. He also said, "Crazy old man, his blood can be compared to the pills of Lengmian Yama. He is too abnormal. Maybe his whole body is a treasury. I wonder how much the power is in his meat..."

"You are insane. You drink his blood and now want to eat his meat." Third Mother Ji said angrily, "Jin Jue, I warn you, if you have any bad intentions towards Chu Nan, don't blame me for being rude to you."

Third Mother Ji's tone was full of the intention of defending Chu Nan, which was also because what Chu Nan did. He persevered in that kind of pain, which left Third Mother Ji with a deep impression. Besides, Chu Nan was alone, which made Third Mother Ji's maternal instinct explode.

"Third Mother Ji, you can't win me." Jin Jue said disapprovingly.

"But I can attack you with my eighteen moves of cracking the earth." Third Mother Ji retorted, and the Heixin Yama said, "I am the one who bring him in!"

Jin Jue sighed. "Who do you think I am? I just take a sip of blood. Do you really think that I will eat him? I haven't seen you guys talk to he much, and all of you defend him. At first, we are just curious that he's still alive without meridians, and that he is able to lift 400kg of heavy sword..."


When Jin Jue was talking, Chu Nan cried out in pain. The scream was so loud that it seemed as if it was from the hell.

The screams continued. Accompanied by the screams, the blood was splashed everywhere, with great force!

The clothes had been torn, and the veins on Chu Nan's body had burst out in a ferocious manner!

The shrill cry made Third Mother Ji feel heartbroken, and the crazy old man couldn't bear it. Jin Jue's eyes were filled with admiration...

It lasted ten minutes.

At this time, Chu Nan's face had already turned red, and Lengmian Yama had also stopped. All five of them stared at Chu Nan with expectant eyes. They wanted to know after two days and two nights of hard work, whether Chu Nan would succeed and whether the miracle could happen at this moment.

Fire made earh, earth made gold, gold made water, water made wood, wood made fire, then fire made earth...

Chu Nan had Five Elements now. And they already had a cycle, and it circled all the time.

Chu Nan, who had been tortured by the five Origin Force, felt the vitality in his body. The powerful power was thick as a mountain, flexible as water, sharp as gold and so on...

An indescribable feeling filled Chu Nan's entire body!


Chu Nan roared again, excitedly. He felt as full as he had ever felt before, and as powerful as ever. That vast power filled every part of his body. Chu Nan felt that he could use Origin Force!

According to the Martial Sutra of Reverse Qiankun and teacher's idea, Chu Nan incited the Origin Force...

Unfortunately, the Origin Force still stayed in his body, without any sign!

Chu Nan didn't believe it, so he tried again and again. But the vast Five Elements were still in his body, no matter how hard Chu Nan tried!

"Does it have to need meridians? Do I have to create a meridian?"

Chu Nan thought in his heart, and a cruel look flashed. "Then I will rebuild a meridian!"

If Chu Nan let the five people know his thoughts in his heart, it would definitely let them be astonished again!

Do what he wanted!

However, Chu Nan's hopes were dashed again.

Five Origin Forces were just staying there quietly. Chu Nan could feel them, but he could not use them.

After several hours!

The miracle didn't happen.

Chu Nan was silent, and the pain in his heart was countless times more intense than the previous pain suffered by Five Elements!

The five of them were silent, and Third Mother Ji couldn't bear it. She comforted him and said, "Chu Nan, it's okay. Even if you can't use Five Elements' Origin Force, you are still a strong person with your body."

"That's right, Chu Nan. Maybe it's because Five Elements are not powerful enough. When you can endure the pain of the nirvana fire, I'll temper it for you again. Maybe it will work that time..."

"It's nothing. You have to remember that you are a freak. You can blow away a huge rock with one punch. Ordinary people can't take a punch from you." Jin Jue also comforted him.

"Hold on!" Lengmian Yama spat out two words!

Chu Nan was moved. He bowed and said sincerely, "Five seniors, thank you. I will not give up. I will never give up..."

Just as he was speaking, there was a sudden noise outside. "The Demonic beasts are back, the Demonic beasts are back..."

When the five of them heard this, they looked at each other and rushed towards Shiwan Mountain...

The Demonic beasts were back!

The Demonic beasts of the Shiwan Mountain were back!

With the return of the Demonic beast, Free Town began to recover its vitality and became more and more lively...

However, all of this had nothing to do with Chu Nan. Chu Nan was living a life of ascetic monks, and the Five Elements gathering still could not inspire Origin Force, but it did not make Chu Nan depressed.

On the contrary, it strengthened Chu Nan. While he was thinking hard about how to stimulate Five Elements, he was also working hard to exercise his strength, because this was the foundation of survival!

The heavy sword on his back became more and more heavy after the crazy old man's practice. The crazy old man had the ability to refine some Origin Force in the heavy sword, but it was also the most basic, because those powerful ones all needed to be activated with Origin Force.

Even if he couldn't practice martial arts, Jin Jue still taught Chu Nan "The eighteen moves of pushing the sky." Chu Nan waved his heavy sword under the impact of the waterfall after punching the huge rock every day...