Chapter 37 Opening Ceremony

Chapter 37 The first move of pushing the sky

Heixin Yama and the five of them did not give up either. Every ten days, they would train Chu Nan with the original force of Five Elements. Even if Chu Nan could not activate his origin force, he would also make his body as strong as the sharp weapon.

However, Chu Nan found that although the demonic beast had returned, the five seniors, who were like their masters, did not relax. Instead, they were grim. And it was their expression that reminded him of the calm before the storm.

Chu Nan once asked the crazy old man. The crazy old man said, "There is always someone who doesn't want to see Free Town continue to exist."

As for who, the crazy old man didn't say anything; Chu Nan also asked Third Mother Ji, Third Mother Ji looked at Chu Nan with loving eyes and said, "Before that time comes, you should leave!"


Chu Nan suddenly felt that this word was very unfamiliar. Although he knew that he would definitely leave Free Town, for he had a lot of missions; it was just that nearly a year in Free Town made Chu Nan feel warm, and the five seniors had been very nice to him. They regarded him as their junior fellow apprentice. Chu Nan could even read that expectation from their eyes.

This kind of expectation was especially obvious when the crazy old man taught him how to use original force to forge the weapons; when the Lengmian Yama taught him to make pill; when the Heixin Yama taught him how to make delicious dishes!

Chu Nan also asked them why the Heixin Yama said two words, one was "Fate," the other was "Destiny!"

The dark clouds above the Free Town sky were growing thicker...

That night, Chu Nan was buried 100 meters underground. After Third Mother Ji used the Earth Origin Force from the Martial Governor to tempered Chu Nan, Chu Nan could stay under the ground longer and deeper!

Just as Chu Nan gritted his teeth to persevere, Third Mother Ji appeared in front of Chu Nan. She was a little flustered and then stuffed a big bag into Chu Nan's arms and said, "Try to live. You can do it!"

"Third Mother Ji, what happened? It that something that you were worried about?" Chu Nan asked in a hurry.

Third Mother Ji didn't answer. Instead, she pressed Chu Nan down 20 meters below the ground where they were now. Then she looked at Chu Nan reluctantly and said, "Try to live!"

Then, Third Mother Ji appeared on the ground. It was already fulled of flames and screams. An arrogant voice rang out, "You Five Martial Governor, You have been arrogant in Free Town for so many years, it's time to destroy you!"

"Stop talking nonsense. Although you want to take my life, you have to pay the price of blood even if you are a martial king!"

"Don't worry, I won't let the five of you die so easily!" The voice laughed darkly, and the Lengmian Yama squeezed out a sentence, "I will fight it out with you!"

"You are not qualified to fight with me. I am not the only martial king who came back!"

Third Mother Ji and the five of them rushed forward without hesitation. As soon as Jin Jue started fighting, he called out "The eighteen moves of pushing the sky." He used his top killing move. A gold, incomparably wide sword, appeared out of thin air and was about to chop at those people...

Chu Nan was completely unaware of the fierce battle of the Free Town. Now he was concentrating all his energy, all his will, fighting against death. Chu Nan had just gotten used to the pressure of a hundred meters underground. But Third Mother Ji had pushed Chu Nan to a depth of 120 meters. Death immediately surrounded Chu Nan. Because in such a deep place, half a meter deeper than now it was a more difficult world!

No matter what Chu Nan thought, whether he felt anger, sadness, or pain, he had to live first!

Because only when he was alive, did Chu Nan have the right to be angry, to be sad, to enjoy the right to pain!

Chu Nan had to get used to the suffocation and pressure at a depth of 120 meters before he could find a way to get back to the ground. In the past, when he was almost unable to hold on, it was Third Mother Ji who took him away from the ground. This time, he had to rely on himself...

While Chu Nan was struggling to survive, a man on the Free Town said coldly, "Check it again. None shall survive!"

Later, dozens of people answered, "There are no living people here. There is no original force fluctuating in the Free Town!"

"Well, this is a great achievement. Take those five people and let's go!"

A group of strangers left. They did not know that there was a man buried 120 meters underground in Free Town who had destroyed all his meridians and his original force was completely invisible to them!

One day had gone. Then two days, three days...

Chu Nan endured the most painful period with all his might. He opened his eyes and did not hesitate at all. Despite his weakness, he dug up the soil with his hands and wanted to go up to the ground...

When Chu Nan appeared on the ground with blood in his hands after much difficulty, he was completely stunned to see what was in front of him!

What in front of him was a disaster, with broken walls, endless corpses, and flowing blood...

Chu Nan froze and a bloody shrill cry burst out from his mouth!


"Third Mother Ji..."

"Senior Jin Jue..."

"Senior crazy old man..."

"Senior Heixin Yama..."


Chu Nan's eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the corpses all over the ground, all were burned beyond recognition, no one had a complete body! Chu Nan's heart was full of pain and regret because until the moment he was buried in the ground, the Heixin Yama and the five of them were not stingy with the original force to train him!

Chu Nan knew very well that the original force would take time to make up. While in such a short time, even with the help of the origin pill, did they make up for it? If not, then their battle...

"Who? Who did it? What exactly happened here?"

Chu Nan asked again and again, but no one answered him. The crazy old man didn't answer him. Third Mother Ji didn't answer him. Only his own angry voice answered him!


Chu Nan knelt on the ground!

To express his gratitude, he had knelt to his parents, to their masters but had never to God. He was now kneeling to show his gratitude to the Free Town.

It seemed that God could not bear to see such a tragedy. He stretched out his hands to tear open the clouds. Then it began to rain cats and dogs.

It was raining. Chu Nan was still kneeling, motionless, and allowed the rain to hit him...

Tears, rain, and blood mixed together, and Chu Nan was drenched by the downpour. His long hair was wet and stuck to his cheek. he looked like a mess.

Chu Nan no longer roared at the sky. He clenched his teeth with his red eyes in silence. He was in his sadness, anger, stubbornness, helplessness...

The rain was getting heavier!

Chu Nan closed his eyes!

What emerged in his mind was the coldness of the Lengmian Yama, the indifference of the Heixin Yama, the scene of the crazy old man throwing him an iron, the scene of Jin Jue let him hit the stone, and the caring eyes from the Third Mother Ji that was the same as his mother's...

Kneeling in the rain, Chu Nan gathered his original force over and over again. He had gathered the Fire Origin Force, the Earth Origin Force, and the Gold Origin Force...

However, the original force remained in his body as if it could not feel Chu Nan's anger and did not move!

Chu Nan, who filled his body with hatred, never gave up. He tried over and over again...

In the end, Chu Nan no longer followed the principle of Five Elements to run the original force. After he gathered the Water Origin Force, he immediately gathered the Fire Origin Force, then the Gold Origin Force, the Wood Origin Force, and the Earth Origin Force...

He was training with hatred. These were all the original force which restricted to the five elements!

Chu Nan felt the pain after training with the original force which was restricted to the five elements. The pain was to the point of fainting!

As Chu Nan's gathering and running the original force over and over again, he fainted time and time again. His face became paler, his strong body weakened, giving a feeling of dying, as if he could faint at any moment and never wake up again...