Chapter 38 Xiong Luo City

Chapter 38 Xiongluo City

Chu Nan seemed to be muddleheaded. He once again turned into a madman, who seemed to have no idea what he was doing. As long as he woke up from the coma, and as long as there was still a breath left in him, he would continue to stimulate the Original Force of Restriction in the Five Elements, regardless of whether he would fall into a coma forever in the next faint...

He was using pain to stimulate himself. He was dicing with death!

When he woke up from the coma again, Chu Nan seemed to feel that his body had reached its limit. He felt that if he tried again, he would probably fall into a coma forever and completely leave the world that he was still longing for...

"Does it make sense to live humbly?"

Chu Nan asked in his mind. He opened his eyes and looked at the terrible scene on the ground. He said in a cold voice, "It's better to die than to live humbly!"

Chu Nan took a deep breath with difficulty. He decided to face death directly, then he closed his eyes again, and tried desperately to stimulate Original Force of Five Elements again...

The pain, which was like being hacking by thousand cuts, hit him hard like a flood breaking a dam...

At this moment, Chu Nan seemed to step into the door of death!

His determination, which had always been strong, had turned into a daze and a trance. Chu Nan seemed to no longer feel any pain. He had forgotten where he was, the Blood Python, the waterfall, and the boulder...

Chu Nan even had forgotten himself...

At that moment, Chu Nan actually smiled. "Is death coming?" Chu Nan faced it calmly and was not afraid of all miseries!

Suddenly, at the moment when Chu Nan was dying, he could not help but tremble violently. A heart-wrenching pain suddenly spread from his chest to his whole body...

In a trance, Chu Nan seemed to hear a "fizz"!

Then, the Original Force, which had no reaction in his body at all, actually spread in Chu Nan's body like little snakes, from head to chest, to belly, to foot...

The Original Force, which was like seeds sprouting, developed in every part of Chu Nan's body, including his flesh, blood, bones, internal organs, and so on...

It was like a flood, spreading his whole body. It was like a big fire, suddenly burning to his whole body in a destructive manner; It was like thick soil, piling up...

It was like that an ancient beast that had lived for hundreds of millions of years revived in Chu Nan's body. It was roaring and boiling...

Suddenly, Chu Nan opened his eyes, which were so bright!

Chu nan stood up and held the heavy sword, which had already weighed 1,600 jin. Chu Nan transformed the Original Force in his body into the Golden Original Force, then injected it into the heavy sword. All the muscle power of his body was also gathered in the heavy sword. He fiercely attacked the sword to the ground and shouted loudly, "The first move of pushing the sky!"

"Boom!" A loud explosion sounded in Free Town!

In the sound, a huge sword pit about twenty meters long and three feet wide appeared on the ground.

At this moment, gravel and dirt seemed to have infinite power, exploding in all directions. The gravel with great power actually cut several blood marks on Chu Nan's perverted face. Although these blood marks had no effect on Chu Nan at all, it could be seen that the power was extraordinary.

Chu Nan's eyes were fixed on the sword pit in front of him. He had also used the first move of pushing the sky before. However, it was not as so powerful as it is now at all.

"Is this... The power of the first move of pushing the sky? Is this the power that can be unleashed using the Original Force?" Chu Nan remembered that without Original Force, when he used the heavy sword to hit the ground, he could strike a mark on the ground at most reling on the weight of the heavy sword. But now, it was a huge sword pit!

A sense of pride rose from Chu Nan's heart!

From this moment on, the sky was no longer the previous sky, the earth was no longer the previous earth!


Chu Nan roared again. At this moment, he wanted to tell the whole Tianwu Continent that he, Chu Nan, could use the Original Force!

He, Chu Nan, was no longer a waste!

He, Chu Nan, was about to become a peerless powerhouse!

"If the sky oppress me, I will split the sky. If the earth blocks me, I will crush the earth. How can the sky and the earth stand high above me? I want what I say is what the sky and the earth say!" Chu Nan said so!

On a narrow mountain road, a figure walked alone...

The scenery on the mountain had a special charm!

But this figure's eyes only looked forward.

He was Chu Nan.

Chu Nan's eyes were as sharp as a knife and his back was straight. His imposing manner was completely different from before. He was like a sharp sword out of its sheath, giving people a sense of sharpness!

After experiencing countless pains and accumulating endless anger and hatred, Chu Nan, who was like the iron tree in blossom, owned the Original Force!

However, at the moment when the dream came true, Chu Nan, who had just turned 17, had no joy at all, only a great deal of anger!

He wanted to find the murderer who destroyed the Free Town. He wanted them to pay this blood debt back. He wanted to avenge his five masters, who were his five seniors, in order to repay their kindness of taking care of him for the past six months.

In Chu Nan's heart, five seniors were his masters. Without his five masters, he would have no food to eat or even a place to live. Without five masters, his power could not have become so strong. Without five masters, his body would not have had the first stage of Five Elements training...

Even Chu Nan was able to stimulate his Original Force because of the five masters!

That night, after Chu Nan performed the first move of pushing the sky, his body immediately became extremely weak, as if all the Original Force he had stored in his body was exhausted with that sword!

After that, Chu Nan regained some strength slightly and dug several pits with his heavy sword to bury the corpses. Although Chu Nan hardly knew or spoke to those people, he had stayed in the Free Town for so long, and he thought that he should do those things.

There were no corpses of five masters in those corpses. Chu Nan did not know whether the corpses of five masters had been burned to ashes or taken away. But Chu Nan knew that no matter what the outcome was, he had to find the real culprit.

After dealing with everything in the Free Town, Chu Nan went to see the huge stone forest and the waterfall, and then walked down the mountain.

Chu Nan had a storage ring on his hand. Although this storage ring was taken from the elder of the Poison Sect, after hearing the introduction of the Crazy Old Man, Chu Nan had already understood what the storage ring was. Besides, the storge ring had refined again by the Crazy Old Man. Now no one would recognize that the storage ring was from the Poison Sect.

After owning the Original Force, Chu Nan opened the storage ring according to what the Crazy Old Man said and saw that there was a full five cubic meters of space inside. It could be considered a medium-grade storage ring.

After Chu Nan could use the storage ring, he was much more relaxed and convenient. The Dragon Teeth, the Dragon Tendons, the Dragon Reverse Scales, the heavy sword with 1600 jin, the Mixed Elements Ring that master Devil Dao left for him, and the package that Third Mother Ji gave him in the end, were all stored in the storage ring.

Third Mother Ji sent him the package because she knew that Chu Nan could not use the Original Power. The package contained several books about alchemy, weapon forging, and Third Mother Ji's 18 moves of shattering earth, and some good elixirs, all of which were for strengthening the body, stopping bleeding and replenishing energy. There were even some gold coins in the package.

Chu Nan looked at the contents of the package and knew that the five masters still had expectations for him!

"Masters, I can already use the Original Power. I won't let you down. I won't. I will find out what happened to the Free Town and who laid murderous hands on you!"

Chu Nan said in his heart, and his eyes filled with determination!

On the way, when Chu Nan was hungry, he took out the energy elixir that master Lengmian Yama had left for him. He ate one elixir, which was already equivalent to eating dozens of jin of meat. Chu Nan knew that master Lengmian Yama had specially made these elixirs for him, but Chu Nan did not know that the ingredients in these elixirs also contained the blood flowing out of his body.