Chapter 4 Willpower

Chapter Four Willpower

When Bai Zeyu saw this, a feeling of scare welled up in his heart!

Yes, he had a scare.

Bai Zeyu didn't understand why he would scare. After all, he was a high-level martial master.

And the person he was afraid of was a loser!

Was it because that loser stood up again and again like an undead cockroach?

Or was it because of the bloodthirsty look, crazy spirit of that loser?

"No, I must beat him so hard that he can't get up. Otherwise, this will leave a shadow in my heart, and it will make my path of martial arts difficult!"

Bai Zeyu looked at Chu Nan, who had already become a blood man, and rushed towards him. Perhaps Bai Zeyu was trying to hide his fear. This time, the fire wrapped his arm, and the True Sun fire was even more dazzling.

Chu Nan clenched his fingers into fists and raised his arms with difficulty. Before he could reach his chest, Bai Zeyu's fist of fire landed firmly on Chu Nan's chest. Chu Nan flew out again and landed on the ground...

It really hurt! Severe pain!

Not only was the pain caused by the fracture, but there was also a burning pain in the blood! And the broken meridians began to tear Chu Nan's body from the inside!

On his forehead, arms, chest... Every part of his body was sweating!

This sweat was not ordinary sweat, but blood sweat!

This was because the blood was burned by the high temperature and evaporated out of the body!

"I have poured the True Sun fire into your blood with my Original force. Let's see how you can bear it, and how you can stand up!" Bai Zeyu said savagely, but a trace of worry flashed through his heart. "If he really stands up, then..."

Before he could finish thinking about that, Bai Zeyu said with certainty, "He's a loser. He can't stand up!"

Chu Nan was covered in sweat and blood, and the dust was all over him. It was congealed with sweat and blood which scattered everywhere. It looked terrible!

However, Chu Nan was still struggling to get up, using up every strength in his body, to support his strong bones, like ants moving, like bees building nests, bit by bit, Chu Nan slowly stood up in endless pain...

He didn't know how long it had been, maybe it was just a moment, maybe it was as long as history...

The sweat and blood on Chu Nan's body were no longer like rain, because the blood in his body was almost burned away by the True Sun fire, and the speed of blood production was much slower than the speed of the burning and vaporization.

However, as long as Chu Nan moved a little, such as pulling the corner of his mouth, such as taking a deep breath, the wounds would be torn, and blood would flow out!

Such a slight movement would cause a great deal of pain, not to mention that Chu Nan had to try his best to stretch out his hand and stand up. It was inconceivable how much pain he was suffering.

But these didn't matter, the most important was -

Chu Nan stood up!

Stand or destroy, and Chu Nan stood up!

Chu Nan's eyes were fixed on Bai Zeyu!

The moment Chu Nan stood up, Bai Zeyu panicked. He felt that something was breaking down in his mental world, an unstoppable breakdown...

Bai Zeyu did not know what was breaking down, but he knew that from now on, Chu Nan, this loser, would become his nightmare, the nightmare that he would not forget forever!

"How could this happen? How could this loser stand up? Loser, you shouldn't stand up. You should lie on the ground. You should accept the shame I gave you. You should lie on the ground like a cripple, accompanied by ants and insects. How can you stand up?"

Bai Zeyu roared like a madman!

"Who told you to stand up? Cripple! Your hands are useless, your legs are useless, your body is broken, and the blood in your body is dried up. How can you stand up? How can you stand up? What made you stand up? What is it?"

Hearing Bai Zeyu's hysterical roar, Chu Nan forced a disdainful smile. His eyes seemed to say, "You're scared. You, a high-level martial master, are scared!"

Chu Nan not only stood up, but also burned his life, burning his crazy will, lifting his right leg that was suffering, and taking a step forward! His target was - Bai Zeyu!

Chu Nan was going to attack again!

This step, let Bai Zeyu even shouted "Ah" and beat his chest, "Loser, you dare to despise me, what right do you have to despise me as a loser? I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! I want you to die!"

As he spoke, Bai Zeyu walked towards Chu Nan, his eyes and body were exuding a murderous aura!

Before, Bai Zeyu didn't want to kill. He just wanted to humiliate that loser wantonly, just like a cat catching a mouse and then abusing it before eating it, and Bai Zeyu wanted to find the glory of a genius in Chu Nan, especially the kind of arrogance which let him looking at Chu Nan like an ant!