Chapter 40 Yun Luo Men

Chapter 40 Yunluo Sect

The banging sound immediately rang out. There were shouts such as "Firecracker fist," "Golden wind chop," etc. Chu Nan only looked back at the battlefield, but did not join the battle group. He turned around to leave.

"Brother, why is this person like this? We're saving him. He left without even saying thank you." Xin said with a crisp voice. She stared at Chu Nan's back and said angrily.

"Xin, it's our business to save people. He can leave as he wants, and..." Situ Yixiao said to his sister during the intermission of the battle.

"But..." Shen Moxin still couldn't figure it out and said angrily, "If I had known, I would have left him alone. He would be beaten by Han Meng and the rest of the guys, and then lost a lot of money."

After Situ Yixiao and Han Meng fought hard, they each retreated a few steps. Situ Yixiao looked at the back of the figure, his eyes flashed. He had a hunch that this man was unusual!

Chu Nan was already far away, and the fight between Han Meng and Situ Yixiao was almost over. Both sides fought to the bone and each got injured. Han Meng asked his men to withdraw and saw that their prey had long disappeared, so he said to Situ Yixiao, "Little Situ, you brought trouble to me. I will definitely get it back from you!"

"I'll wait."

Han Meng stared again, waved his hand, and left with his men.

Han Meng was far away. Situ Yixiao was slightly worried. He told the people behind him, "Pay attention, everyone. Han Meng is narrow-minded and will definitely retaliate."

"Brother, I really don't know what are you think about. Why do you want to help that person? Besides, we now have a grudge against Han Meng." Shen Moxin was still upset.

Situ Yixiao smiled. "Xin, even if we don't save that person, we can't get along with Han Meng well."

Shen Moxin did not answer. Situ Yixiao continued, "There will be a war between us and Han Meng sooner or later Well, it's a pleasure to help others. Let's go back first."

At that moment, Chu Nan had already sat in the inn and ordered a hundred steamed buns...

He did that only to commemorate the master called Heixin Yama.

Hearing that Chu Nan wanted a hundred steamed buns, the restaurant got suddenly silent. The waiter stood on the spot and only reacted after a long time. He said, "Sir, please wait a moment. We'll send them up as soon as possible."

Chu Nan ate slowly, one after another. What he ate was not steamed bread, but yearning.

Those who were curious counted for Chu Nan. "Fifty-two... Sixty-three... Eighty-six... Ninety-nine... A hundred!"

A whole hundred of them had been wiped out so quietly by Chu Nan. The people around them were filled with admiration. A young man who was also seventeen or eighteen years old sat opposite Chu Nan was full of praise. He said, "Buddy, I admire you. I always thought I ate a lot. But I cannot match with you."

Chu Nan buried the sadness in his heart, looked up and smiled at him. "I can still eat."

"Yes?" The young man exclaimed and immediately said, "Brother, my name is Chen Xiaofeng."

"Lin Yun."

"Brother Lin Yun, where are you going?" Chen Xiaofeng did not wait for Chu Nan to answer, and then said happily, "Today is the day for Yunluo Sect to recruit students. Are you go to the Yunluo Sect?"

"Yunluo Sect?" Chu Nan was confused. Chen Xiaofeng kept talking, "I'm here for the Yunluo Sect. This year, I can definitely become a disciple of the Yunluo Sect because I'm already a senior warrior. If you are going to the Yunluo Sect, we can go together later."

When Chen Xiaofeng stopped talking, Chu Nan asked, "What is the Yunluo Sect?"

Chen Xiaofeng rolled his eyes. "Buddy, you don't even know about the Yunluo Sect?"

Chu Nan shook his head.

Then, Chen Xiaofeng shook his head and said, "The North Qi is owned by one sect, two sects and three gates. One sect, of course, refers to the first gate sect in North Qi kingdom, the first gate sect of the North Qi, the first gang of the North Qi and the first gang of the North Qi..."

When Chu Nan heard Chen Xiaofeng say Tianyi Sect, a cold light flashed in his eyes. However, Chen Xiaofeng didn't notice it. Instead, he said to himself, "The second faction is the Sword Chopping Sect, and the third faction is the Tianyi Sect." The three gates are the Tianyi Sect." By the way, there's also a Poison Sect that makes dan, but they mainly make poisons. They are very vicious..."

When Chu Nan heard about the Poison Sect, he was calm. He asked, "I heard that there are some other families in the North Qi."

"Yes, there are four big families, including the Qin family, Xu family, Fan family, and Nangoing family. These four big families are very powerful. For example, Xiongluo City was controlled by the Xu family." After Chen Xiaofeng finished speaking, he looked at Chu Nan doubtfully and said, "Brother Lin Yun, these are common knowledge that every North Qi people can know. You don't know?"

"Oh, I grew up in a remote mountain village. I came out to broaden my horizon."

"No wonder!" Chen Xiaofeng seemed to have a sudden realization, then said, "Actually, I'm from a small town. I live in Shijing village. Do you know it? It's in Lufeng..."

After a short while, Chu Nan already knew what kind of person Chen Xiaofeng was. He was outgoing and talkative. He was able to talk from the village to his childhood. So, Chu Nan interrupted and said, "Don't you still have to go to the Yunluo Sect to register?"

"That's right. If we don't go, we won't have a chance." Chen Xiaofeng smiled and said, "Buddy, where are you going?"

"I'm going to the Yunluo Sect, too."

"That's great. We'll dudes. We have to go quickly..."

Chu Nan shouted inside, "Waiter, I want to check out."

"Five gold coins." The waiter said. When Chu Nan heard it, a smile appeared on his face. He remembered the five hundred gold coins that Heixin Yama collected, which was a hundred times more than the present.

Chu Nan took out the gold coins and saw the dishes on Chen Xiaofeng's table. Considering how kind Chen Xiaofeng had been to him just now and urging him to leave, he immediately understood Chen Xiaofeng's intention, which Chu Nan did not care. He said, "I'm paying for his meal too."

"Seven gold coins in total."

Chu Nan gave him seven gold coins and walked out. Chen Xiaofeng looked embarrassed. "Buddy, you knew my intention?"

Chu Nan smiled and walked out without saying anything. Chen Xiaofeng followed him and said, "Brother Lin Yun, actually I don't want to do this either. But my money was stolen the moment I entered the city. I was so hungry that I..."

"It's nothing. I just did a small favor." Chu Nan didn't take it to heart. "Besides, it's my first time in town. I'm not familiar with a lot of things..."

No problem, brother Lin Yun. I'll tell you everything I know. I'll take you to Yunluo Sect's place where they recruit disciples. "As Chen Xiaofeng spoke, he walked ahead. He wondered, "Why is someone from a small village so generous? And he even has a storage ring! If I had a storage ring, my money wouldn't be stolen. Damn it. If I had caught who it was, I would have beaten him into pieces."

After walking for about half an hour, they arrived at a courtyard. Outside the courtyard, there were crowds of people.

Chen Xiaofeng said, "The Yunluo Sect comes here every year to recruit students. There are only a dozen or so people who can join the Yunluo Sect every year. The standard of recruitment are very strict. First, it requires physical conditions. Then there will be an Origin Force test." I came here three times, and failed three times. I must succeed this time! Otherwise, I won't have a chance next year. This is my last chance, so..."