Chapter 41 The First Test

Chapter 41 The first level of test

"Why it's the last chance?"

"In a few months, I'll be 18. If I'm older than 18, the Yunluo Sect won't want me." Chen Xiaofeng was still worried and said, "By the way, Lin Yun, how old are you now?"


"Well, if you're over eighteen, then it will be a pity. People in the Yunluo Sect are majoring in pills, and the age limit is a little wider. If you are older than 12 years old, super large sects like the Tianyi Sect and the Sword Sect won't want you!"

As Chen Xiaofeng was speaking, a deep voice coldly occurred, "Quiet!"

As soon as that man finished speaking, the discussions like those in the market had disappeared in an instant. Countless people looked excitedly at the ground one by one. The person who spoke was a young man of twenty-five or twenty-six years old. Looking at the applicants, a trace of disdain and pride flashed in his eyes. He said coldly, "Today is the day for Yunluo Sect to recruit the disciples. As always, we only need who is under eighteen. Don't trick. Whoever lies will be severely punished!"

After this, a cry was heard from the crowd, apparently from those were over the age of 18; after a while, most of the people left, and the rest were young people under the age of 18.

The young man glanced at the rest of them again. Finally, he looked at Chu Nan.

"You, leave!" The young man shouted at Chu Nan.

Before Chu Nan could speak, Chen Xiaofeng said, "Lin Yun is only 17 this year, not 18 yet."

The young man gave Chen Xiaofeng a sideways look and shouted, "What you said is not reliable. I think he's over 18, and the truth must be this. If you say anything else, I'll let you go with him."

Chen Xiaofeng wanted to say more. Chu Nan stopped him and asked coldly, "How do you know I am over 18?"

The young man was very unhappy to hear Chu Nan's question. "If I let you go, you must go. If you don't leave, don't blame me for being rude!"

"I want a reason!" Chu Nan asked persistently. Chu Nan knew that after all these things, he was very mature from his appearance.

The young man was about to say something when a voice came from inside. "Danyan, it's time!"

"Yes, master." The young man gave Chu Nan a scornful look and called twenty people in. Danyan followed them in. Chu Nan still did not leave. Chen Xiaofeng comforted him, "Lin Yun, it's okay. This person is not the one making the decision."

Chu Nan smiled and asked, "Do you trust me so much?"

"Yes, I believe you! Moreover, I have a hunch that you are extraordinary, that person must be jealous of you..." Chen Xiaofeng said without hesitation. Chu Nan looked at Chen Xiaofeng again, his mood a little different. He was a little touched and felt warm in his heart.

After an hour, the first twenty people who went in came out crying, because they were all unqualified. Danyan called twenty more people in, and about an hour later, they all came out, unqualified again.

There were still hundreds of people here. Chu Nan and Chen Xiaofeng arrived late, so they were at the end of the line. Ten hours later, it was their turn. Only eight of the previous hundreds passed the first level of test, and the others all failed.

Chu Nan saw that Chen Xiaofeng was a little nervous and comforted him, "You can do it."

"Yeah." Chen Xiaofeng waved his fists and walked inside. Chu Nan walked behind him. Chen Xiaofeng walked into the courtyard, but Chu Nan was stopped by Danyan. "I tell you to leave. Don't you hear me?"

"Why can't I take part in the test? I meet your condition and have the eligibility for competition." Chu Nan was full of persistence, and Chen Xiaofeng was also saying, "That's right. Lin Yun is not 18 years old yet. Why don't you let him take the test?"

"Who says he isn't 18?" Danyan said contemptuously, "And do you think he can become an alchemist with such poor talent? Our Yunluo Sect doesn't accept mediocrity!"

"Who says ordinary people can't become alchemists?" Chen Xiaofeng was not convinced, because his talent was also not too good, otherwise he wouldn't have failed for three years.

"If you keep yelling, you'll be disqualified." Danyan shouted, staring at Chen Xiaofeng.

Chu Nan looked at him coldly and said, "Are you qualified to make the decision?"

"I..." Danyan just said a word and someone said inside, "Danyan, what's wrong? Call them in soon."

"Master, this man is beyond 18." Danyan pointed at Chu Nan and said.

Danyan's master looked at Chu Nan. Chu Nan's muscles were slightly bulging. And he was taller than his peers and even a little taller than Danyan. Danyan's master asked Chu Nan coldly, "Are you over 18?"

"A few days ago, it's my seventeenth birthday!"

"Impossible..." Danyan said hurriedly. "You're obviously lying. Can you be like this at 17?"

When Danyan's master saw the scars on Chu Nan under his sleeveless vest, he was a little touched and looked at Chu Nan, "I don't think he's older than 18."

"Master, he has no talent." Danyan said again.

Danyan's master looked at Chu Nan again and frowned. Chu Nan was indeed a little untalented, but when he saw Chu Nan's firm eyes and the mess of the people who were about to go in for the test, he said impatiently, "Forget it. Let him in. If he doesn't pass the test, he will leave. And if we don't let him take part in, others may slander our reputation."

"Yes, master." Danyan said respectfully, and then shouted at Chu Nan, "Hurry up and get in. Don't think you're a disciple of our Yunluo Sect because of this. Didn't you hear my master say that you will leave yourself?"

Chu Nan stared at Danyan angrily. Danyan and Chu Nan looked at each other, and there was suddenly an inexplicable feeling in Danyan's heart. He actually felt a little scared. Danyan was very angry at this feeling and wanted to say something angrily. Chen Xiaofeng pulled Chu Nan away and said in a low voice, "Lin Yun, no need to pay attention to him."

They walked into the courtyard, signed in, and received the test board.

Then he went to the test site, and Chen Xiaofeng pointed to someone who was holding the iron stone over there and said, "Lin Yun, those iron stones are the most basic tests. We must lift iron stone weighed 150 kilograms before we can pass. The heaviest one of those iron stones is 750 kilograms. I can lift iron stone weighed 150 kilograms now, so I'm sure I can pass the first level..."

"It's only the first level. The next level is fire."


"Yes, in the second level, we have to stay in a room that is burning with the True Fire for half an hour before we can pass the test. This is because we have to use fire to refine pills. In the past, most people failed in this level. Last year, during the test, there was a person who stayed in a room with Three Meis True Fire for an hour. He's really a genius..."

When Chen Xiaofeng was sighing, it was his turn. "Chen Xiaofeng!"

"Here!" Chen Xiaofeng answered in a loud voice, then turned to Chu Nan and said, "Lin Yun, I'll go first."

Chu Nan nodded. Chen Xiaofeng ran straight to the iron stone weighed 250 kilograms. He hugged it with both hands and his face was red, then the stone was lifted.

"Chen Xiaofeng passes the first level and waits for the second level."

When the voice sounded, Chen Xiaofeng put down the stone and ran to the other side. The man who had just spoken said in a low voice, "This Chen Xiaofeng, is this his fourth time to take part in the test? He's really persistent."

"Yes, he's not so talented, but he's quite persistent." Another person replied, "Alas, none of the people who took part in the test this year seem to be very talented. There are so many people, but only eight of them are qualified."

"Yes!" The man said and shouted, "Lin Yun!"