Chapter 42 A Silent Slap

Chapter 42 A Silent Slap On The Face

"Here!" Chu Nan responded and walked towards the ironstone. Chen Xiaofeng made a clenched fist gesture at Chu Nan and shouted, "Come on! You got this!"

Chu Nan nodded and walked to the iron stone weighing one hundred and fifty kilograms. He paused for a second and heard Danyan say, "A hundred and fifty kilograms, can you lift it?" His voice was filled with contempt.

Chu Nan continued to walk ahead. He walked past the two hundred and fifty kilograms one and the four hundred kilos one, and finally stopped in front of the five hundred kilos ironstone. Seeing this, Chen Xiaofeng was very worried. He said softly, "Brother, don't flaunt your superiority."

Others didn't believe Chu Nan was capable of that, either. Danyan mocked, "With his strength, how could he possibly lift five hundred kilos? If he could lift five hundred kilos, I'll change my last name."

"Remember what you said." Chu Nan turned around and said to Danyan. Then walked to 750 kilos ironstone...

When Chu Nan walked towards the 750 kilos ironstone, Chen Xiaofeng was too stunned to do anything about it. To say "you got this" seemed a little unrealistic. Even with Origin Force, only a great martial master could do that. The ridiculing laughter of the others was even greater, especially that of Danyan, who laughed as if he had already seen Chu Nan make a fool of himself!

Then, Chu Nan put his arms around the stone, and Danyan laughed boisterously!

Then, the stone left the ground...

Danyan was stupefied, and at the same time, he began to curse secretly, "Fall down, fall down..."

Unfortunately, Chu Nan did not fall. Instead, he raised the ironstone above his head and held it straight, motionless, like the ancient tyrant holding up his cauldron!

Danyan's two eyes widened as if his eyeballs might pop out their sockets, and everyone was stunned!

Only Chen Xiaofeng, after he came back to his senses, smiled and said, "Brother Lin Yun, I knew you were the best!"

Chen Xiaofeng's holler brought back everyone else's senses.

The Yunluo Sect disciple in charge of the test looked at Chu Nan as if he had discovered a genius and quickly said, "Lin Yun, first round, excellent! Prepare to pass the second round!"

However, upon closer look, they began to worry, because Chu Nan's talent did not seem to be very good.

Chu Nan stared at Danyan whose mouth was wide open. Although Chu Nan did not say a word, his meaning was obvious. "According to what you just said, I lifted it, so your last name is not Dan anymore!"

The silent slap on the face was so loud that Danyan's face turned red. He wanted to say something, but after a while, he didn't spit out one word. However, he looked at Chu Nan with resentment!

Chu Nan didn't care at all and only sneered.

"Brother Lin Yun, I knew you were special. I didn't expect that you have such hidden power. I'd like to see what else that man could say now. Look at him, so embarrassed this time. I don't know what his new last name would be now that it's no longer Dan."

Chen Xiaofeng's volume wasn't particularly high, but it was just enough to be heard by Danyan. He became even more embarrassed.

Next came the second level, the fire challenge. Five people in Chu Nan's group failed to pass the first challenge. Most of them lifted the 150 or the 200 kilos, but there was also one person who was even stronger than Chen Xiaofeng. He lifted 350 kilos, and his name was Yu Dahai.

The second level didn't let them try one by one but arranged a group of people in one staged room. Those who could still remain in that room half an hour later were considered to have passed the second level.

At the moment, a examiner looked at Chu Nan and sighed, saying, "If you have better talent, Yunluo Sect would have another genius level martial master..."

Another person beside him said, "Diligence makes up for deficiencies. Simply being able to lift 750 kilos alone is exciting enough."

"We shall see, I wonder if Lin Yun can pass the second round."

While they were talking, Chu Nan said, "Can I not go into this room?"

Hearing this, the three people in charge of the challenge frowned. They all thought that Chu Nan wanted to skip the second round because of his good result from last round.

Therefore, one person said very impolitely, "You must go through this challenge. No matter who you are, it doesn't help that you just lifted 750 kilograms. Even if you lift another one thousand kilos, you'd still have to go through this challenge. The rules must not be changed, unless you are some once-in-a-generation genius..."

Danyan, who was feeling humiliated, heard the conversation, and a vicious smile appeared on his face. He quickly added, "If he were a genius, why would he still be afraid of the Fire of the True Sun?"

Chu Nan turned around and glanced at him coldly.

Danyan felt uneasy under his gaze and said, "Be careful not to be burned to ashes by the Fire of the True Sun. This is a strength competition anymore!"

Chu Nan looked back at the disciple in charge of the challenge and said, "I heard that the challenge has both the Fire of the True Sun and Three Meis True Fire. I want to go in the Three Meis True Fire!"


Hearing Chu Nan's bold words, everyone was shocked again. No one expected that Chu Nan's previous question meant this.

Danyan's mocking face froze again, but his mouth said uncontrollably, "Three Meis True Fire? Who do you think you are? As soon as you get in, you'll be burned to death. No one can save you!"

"Danyan, shut up!" Danyan's master shouted. He felt that there's something strange about Chu Nan. If he let his disciple continue, he might make a powerful enemy.

The disciple in charge of the challenge couldn't believe it and confirmed once again, "Lin Yun, you mean you wish to go into the room with Three Meis True Fire?"


The three examiners looked at each other and one of them said, "Well, you can go into the room of Three Meis True Fire. If something goes wrong, call for help immediately. Don't try to be a hero. Otherwise, if something happens, we won't be responsible."

Chu Nan nodded, said " we got this" to Chen Xiaofeng, and then walked to the room of Three Meis True Fire. Chen Xiaofeng looked at his brother Lin Yun, clenched his fists tightly, and cheered for himself in his heart. "I can make it."

Other than Chu Nan, all the other challengers entered the room of True Fire of the Sun. The eyes of the Yunluo Sect disciples were all on the room of Three Meis True Fire. They wondered how long this person with terrible talent but great strength could stay in the room!

And Danyan, without doubt, cursed Chu Nan over and over again in his heart; Danyan knew very well that if this Lin Yun came out of Three Meis True Fire after spending half an hour, it would be another silent slap on his face!

Ten minutes passed, and no one came out of either room, nor was there a cry for help.

Twenty minutes later, in the room of the Fire of the True Sun, nearly ten people could not hold on anymore. Chen Xiaofeng's face was a little abnormal too, but he gritted his teeth and held on. This was his only chance. If this time he did not succeed, he could only return to that village...

Almost half an hour later, Chen Xiaofeng and Yu Dahai were the only two people left in the room of the Fire of the True Sun, and the other contenders all retreated in dismay...

However, there was still no movement in the room of Three Meis True Fire, and everything was extremely quiet.

Forty minutes later, Chen Xiaofeng couldn't hold on any longer. He fainted and was carried out of the room. Yu Dahai was still holding on!

An hour later, Yu Dahai also walked out of the room of Fire of the True Sun!

But the room of Three Meis True Fire was still quiet and there was no call for help...

Danyan kept saying, "He must have turned into ash. He must have turned into ash..." However, Danyan himself did not believe what he said, because if something had happened to that person, his master and uncle masters would have found out.

"This Lin Yun is so strong. Even if it were me who stayed in a room full of Three Meis True Fire for an hour, I would have troubles!" Danyan's master thought to himself.